Tuesday, June 9, 2015


So far I've been off Facebook for a week now and it feels great.

Sometimes I'll catch myself typing Facebook.com into the url bar but I'm sure I will stop doing that with time. 

How I can explain what my life is like without Facebook.  When I was in grade school our teacher challenged her students not to watch tv for an entire week.  That was one of the toughest things I remember trying to do.  I was able to do it for 4 days and then I caved in for one of those old school stop motion, "Rudoplh the Rednose Reindeer" , Christmas specials. 

This time around its not that tough. When I attended the Facebook, "authentic names protest" , last week Mark Zuckerberg's team put out water and snacks for the protestors.

I thought that was such a low down move.  He must think we're big pussy's.

Is that the general norm for corporations who are protested, no.

Some of the protesters did take some water but the way I looked at, you can give as much water & snacks away as you want it still doesn't detour the fact that they're policies haven't changed.

The next time Exxon spill oil into the ocean and I protest them, I'll make sure they provide water & snacks because that seems like the kosher thing to do, not.


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