Friday, October 16, 2015

Dear Bus Driver

This poem is dedicated to the cute bus driver who gave me a ride home tonight on the 57.


Dear Bus Driver

I've seen you before but on another bus line.
I thought you were really hot so when it was time
for me to exit the bus, I purposely left thru the front door
so I could see your cute smile.

And I caught you looking at me in your bus mirror,
maybe you were looking at
the bun in my hair,
my kung pao chicken carry out,
my eyes,
piercing back at you,
eating you up alive,
ohhhhh, so delicious

And when I exited the bus and you said, "goodnight"
I acted like I didn't hear you because
I was wearing my headphones,
but you know what, I did hear you,
and I was just acting cherry

Because in my mind,
that was my way of seducing you,
a trick I learned from watching
an old Jeremy Irons Geisha movie,
Madam Butterfly

so the next time I see you,
get ready to pop a boner
because I'm going to rock
your world and say goodnight back.

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