Monday, October 12, 2015

These Dreams

My dreams are so weird.

Yesterday when I finally deleted that bitch's personal messages from my twitter account, the same night I have a dream about her with another comedian.

In my dream I remember seeing her walk this other comic in front of her like he was her dog.

And then tonight, I saw that same comic at the comedy club. 

So I really don't know how to interpret that dream, is this comic her new watchdog?  It just seemed so weird to dream about this other comic and see him at the club the following day.  I have no reason to dream about him.

In college, I was really in love with this guy and when I finally got over him, I remember dreaming about being in a laundry mat and saying to him, "nope, nope ..."  .   I view being a laundry mat as being a place to wash out negativity, bad relationships, and other unwanted junk.

Sometimes I wonder how people dream about me.

* In college, a friend said she dreamt about me that I was dressed like a dragqueen killing zombies with a sawed off shot gun. 

* In 1996, while hanging out in Bullhead City, Arizona, a friend said he dreamt about me dancing under the spotlight. 

* Another time in college, a gal pal said she had a sex dream about me.  (blushes)

For me, I can honestly say I lived out most of my dreams. 

Now what?


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