Monday, November 2, 2015

Dragqueen Blues

Lately I've been feeling the pressure of being a dragqueen and a lot of it has to do with my size.

A couple years ago when I weighed 260lbs, I think I was the perfect size to do drag.

Now that I'm a busting 300lbs, my proportions are getting out of control.

The last guy that approached me on Grindr sent me a text saying he was into, "big lady's" . #fuck #you #asshole

I don't mind being a big girl but I just hate that guys think thats my greatest feature, my fat ass.

And heres whats weird, as a tour guide for the hop on hop off buses, these 
dumb tourist get to revel in my greatest attribute all day but they don't care & don't give a fuck because none of them are trying to fuck me.

Today on the tour buses I had such a great time.  I'm always coming up with great jokes or have some wonderful improv moments to share with my riders.  

Oh well. Tisk tisk. 

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