Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Dream Wedding vs Reality

I've always wanted a dream wedding which included: 

* being married in a big Spanish style hacienda mansion somewhere on the West Coast
* lots of people there, family & friends 
* lots of Mexican fireworks
* an El Mariachi band 
* lots of dragqueens in attendance
* and of course, marrying the man of my dreams

But here's the kicker, all of these wedding plans came crashing down when I think of the reality of the situation:

* I'm single & have never been in a relationship, I've been single for the past 25 years and have never come close to meeting any kind of man to be intimate with
* I would like to invite many people to my wedding but I really don't have that many friends.
* how am I going to pay for this big wedding when I only make $14 an hour, shit, I really doubt that I'm going to put myself in debt over this.
* a proper gay wedding includes dragqueens, now this I could do. I definitely know at least two. 

Oh well.

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