Thursday, December 17, 2015


Somewhere along the way I got the reputation of being a bitch.

This blog is going to be a fun read, so lets flashback to my bitch, "awakenings" .

* While attending Haskell in Lawrence, I remember Joey aka Ron Kelsey pulling me aside at Louise's Bar to tell me that being a bitch was a waste of time.  Looking back, I think that was her way of giving me a gay intervention.  This was my 2nd time knowing Ron, I first met this Navajo queen in 1992 when I was 18 and she was a seasoned queen beyond my years.  The next time around (circ 2000) I came back to Kansas new & improved, and this time I could appreciate & understand Ron and all of her gay ideologies. Heres a classic exchange I remember having with Ron:

Ron: Hi Fish
Me: Hi Cow
Ron: Bitch .....

Haha, like I said, I was new & improved and ready for any kind of shit.

* I have to credit Adrian for sharpening my wit, another seasoned queen who took this sloppy, uncouth, raw but full of potential young queen (me) to new heights.  I really think I was ready to match wits with anybody as soon as I could go toe to toe with Adrian.  Heres another classic exchange I had with Adrian had in Peach Springs while driving around in Wesley's truck. (circ 2000)

Adrian: Hi Dorothy
Me: Hi Toto
Adrian: shit.

I think this is when I knew had the talent to the turn tables and be the bitch to have the last word.

* When I think of bitch, I also think of my friend Chasity.  She really turned into a bitch when she wasn't drinking.  As much as I liked her and wanted her to be sober, she was much easier to be around when she was drunk.  And since I sobered up in 1998, I began to understand how being an irritable bitch went hand and hand with sobriety.

* Also, Ms. Wahnee really changed my life, she helped me sober up and settled me down, not an easy thing to do.  So since she became my mentor, its no coincidence I took up some of her attributes.  She was certainly strong willed, smart, stubborn, crafty, knowledgable, and didn't put with shit.  Ms. Wahnee had the reputation for being a non-sense teacher, she didn't give away her trust so easy, she made people earn it.  Some how I managed to come under her wing and I remember other students saying to me, "everybody knows your her favorite" .  Damn right I was.

* And then, another one of my Haskell teachers said that when I missed a semester, she said everything seemed to went to shit.  Wow.  She really called me one of the pillars of Haskell.  That was so bizarre for her to say that because many times thats how I felt.  Thats the image I wanted to project, being reliable, respectable, trusted, knowing, a being a person who gave a sense of social security to the Haskell community.

And then I graduated in 2003, decided to come home and be a comedian. I've been doing comedy for 12 years now and still, I'm getting a reputation for being a bitch.

Still on track.


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