Monday, December 14, 2015

Love, not perfect

This upcoming year, I'll be celebrating my 42nd birthday and I'll be reaching my mid-life without ever having been in a short term or long term relationship.

Looking back, I guess I'm okay with how everything turned out.

It looks like a lot of it wasn't meant to be, meaning I had my chances with the menz over the years and it never ... and I mean never, never worked out for me.

When I look back at all of the hetero people I went to school with, many of them friends I met from different Native American boarding schools, 95% of their love life's different work out either.  On the upside, a lot of them did end up having beautiful children with their partners, I guess that was their way of giving the best part from each other after going their separate ways.

I can think of a handful of couples that made it.

I like to think if I ever met, "the one" , that could've been my life.

I remember a friend saying to me a while back, "I really thought you would've ended up with somebody"  .  And I thought to myself, "I probably would have if I took just anybody off the street"  .

Nope, I was waiting for something special.

But instead, fate would have another plan for me, I turned into a fabulous dragqueen with big fake titty's.

I'm okay with that.


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