Saturday, December 26, 2015

Mother Nature

Since last month, because of El Niño, we've been getting a lot of rain in the Bay Area, it's a welcomed sight, California has been in a drought for the past four years so we're really enjoying any rain that we can get. 

Now here's the kicker, because we're getting the cold rainy weather here on the West coast, the East coast is currently getting no snow & today it was 70 degrees in Washington D.C.

Because the Pacific Ocean will be sending in cold air from the West this season, I knew it was going to cause severe tornado weather with the warm air of the Midwest.

Today, several deaths were reported in Texas because of terrential tornado weather. 

I look at this a couple ways.  This is Mother Earths way of saying, you cannot take without giving.  So in order for us to have water here in California with the rain storms and the cold winds, that was her (earth) way of keeping the balance by offsetting the weather in the Midwest.

For all the people living East of our Sierra Mountains, please stay safe and watch for weather reports!! 


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  1. Felt a little wave from a Fredonia quake here in Supai.. i asked a fren if he felt it 40 miles north of supai .. he said i should take vit d for shakes. Lol ((hi))