Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Star Wars 7: Force Awakens Movie Review

This past weekend, Star Wars 7 (Force Awakens) opened and it became the biggest movie of all time.

To be honest, when I first saw this movie on opening day, it took me back to my childhood and made me fall in love with those characters all over again.  I think the Director - JJ Abrams did a great job picking up the franchise and here are some points in the movie that made me raise an eyebrow!

* When Kylo Ren captured Poe Dameron in the movie and he said, "I didn't know we captured the resistance's best pilot" , thats when I wanted to yell out, "yeah and you guys captured Apocalypse too"  ! If you don't know, Oscar Isaac who plays Po, is set to play one of biggest villains of all time in the next X-Men movie!

* I loved how C3PO cockblocked the reunion between General Leia and Han Solo.  What a dick.

* I did think the plot of this movie was totally unoriginal, I mean hello, the goal of this movie was to destroy reactor inside the, "Star Killer" , planet so they could stop it from firing again.  Didn't they do that already in Star Wars 1 when it was called the Deathstar?

* OMG! When Fin came back to Janku and he needed water from walking in the desert, did anyone else find it disgusting to see the asshole of the animal drinking from the watering hole too?  I'm starting to regret watching this movie on the IMAX.

* Did anyone else admit to watching this movie once this weekend when really they watched it 5x?

* Was anyone else loving the, "Vanilla & Chocolate Swirl Romance" , between Fin & Rey!  Hey girl, hey !!!!

* Carrie Fisher complained that she had to lose 30lbs to reprise her role as Princess Leia. Thats nice but really she needed to be eating Halls mints so that her voice didn't sound like a husky chain smoker.  For reals.

* As the old Star Wars characters were revealed in the part 7, all of them got applause breaks except for Luke Skywalker.  Did anyone else think it was strange that when Luke Skywalker finally appeared at the end of the movie that no one in the audience clapped, hooted or hollered for him?

* Which character from the previous Star Wars movies were you most disappointed in from not seeing:
- Yoda/dead
- Jabba the Hut/dead
- Darth Vader/dead
- Queen Amadala/dead
- Jar Jar Binks/wish he was dead

* Lena Dunham is more than likely planning another season of a fucked up romance with her, "Girls" , love interest Adam Driver.  And you can bet shes going to plan a sex scene where she blows Adam just rub it in everyones face that shes currently has the best man in Hollywood this year. #GoLena !!!

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