Friday, October 3, 2014

Korina Korina !!!

Oh no, Korina Emmerich (Puyallup) just got her ass handed to her on National television via Project Runway Season 13 Episode 11 and also online from the PR fans. 

In my personal opninion, I really thought Sean or Sharkita should have went home for their non-functional designs in this episode, "The Highest Bidder" , because their models couldn't even walk in their outfits, I mean really, did no one else notice he sent a lamp down the runway?

And then PR judge Nina Garcia goes after Korina's colorful knit when Sharkita has done the color blue in her dresses for how many episodes this season?

But I will give it to Nina Garcia for calling out Korina's outfit as being outdated.  Thats not a bad comment and really, the industry did the same thing to Coco Chanel with her last line before she came back and dazzled everyone with contemporary tweed, so it can be done.

I'm glad Korina stuck to her Native inspirations but like the other PR judge Zach Posen said, "we've seen this look from her but I haven't seen it evolve yet" , so fair is fair, its time for Korina to take her Native designs to another level!

I am not and I will say this again, I am not excusing the way Korina handled herself on Project Runway, she definitely got sucked in the competition and gave the PR producers definitely what they wanted for their viewing audiences, drama.  But isn't that what makes this show so great?  If Korina and countless past PR designers didn't show their asses on this series this show would be less entertaining and interesting.

I understand why so many of the PR fans sent her hate mail, of course no one likes negativity or mean girls but what would Disney fans be without their Wicked Queen, Maleficent, & Madam Medusa.

Fortunately I am a person not to jump to conclusions so quickly, if she does comes back for another PR season and doesn't change her attitude, then yeah, I will go with the majority on this one.


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