Monday, April 30, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 61

Alright, its Monday and I'm heavily drinking soda until the end of the day. I have exactly 30 days to get my act together for Florida. Hopefully I will have lost that last 10 lbs thats been eluding me.

So today I'm splurging and tomorrow I go back to drinking water again and eating a shit load of oatmeal, if I had any stresses this week, they're gone tomorrow!

- banana nut bread
- 2 coke cans
- left over steak quesadillas
- mcdouble with mac sauce
- small fries
- large coke

Happy Dieting!


Food Anonymous Diet Day 60

Lets see, what did I eat yesterday. I know I've been drinking a lot of soda, thats for sure, not so much on the solids.

- 4 coca cola's
- spicy dorito's
- steak quesadilla
- and something else???

I knew I should have blogged this lastnight. I'm so tired of blog dieting everyday but a deal is a deal.

For my last 30 days of blog dieting, I know this is going to be tough!

Happy Dieting!


Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sheree Whitfield/Ex-Housewife

After 4 seasons with the Real Housewives of Atlanta, reality show cast member Sheree Whitfield called it quits and is now leaving the show that made her famous, apparently she is tired of the cattiness and wants to be on a new show that reflects more positive and healthy lifestyles to women.

Now, thats what Sheree said but we all know shes leaving the show because shes probably is in some serious shit with her finances. We all know shes been trying to build her dream home which never materialized, toppled along with a non-paying divorce, and a clothing line that went nowhere.

Its funny that she wants to leave a show especially now after shes continuously dogged out all her cast members repeatedly episode after episode. Its probably a good idea for her to leave the show with her dignity intact instead of giving her cast members the satisfaction of digging away at her current faults. I don't blame her, shes in a precarious situation.

But if I were Sheree, I would have stayed and did some damage control. She might not have had the money to pay for her dream home now but whose to say if she didn't change her business tactics that she could have used the Housewife platform to parlay her castmates with better business ventures. And honestly, how hard is it for a celebrity to get her clothing line on QVC?

Oh well, I guess we'll never know, good luck to Sheree and we hope she lands something prosperous down the road.

Goodbye Sheree, we'll miss your negativity but yet entertaining remarks.


Food Anonymous Diet Day 59

Amazingly, I'm still on track for my 90 day diet. Its been rough these past couple of days, lots of ups and lots of downs. It looks I'll be going strong on May 1st. I always start my best on the 1st of the month. So for now, I'm on a light splurge binge!

- 3 cokes
- dorito taco with nacho cheese
- cheesy gordita taco
- large coke
- large pepsi
- mcdouble
- mcchicken

I know its ridiculous for me even to list the things I've been eating lately especially since this is supposed to be a, "diet" . But I'm going to be honest and blog exactly what I'm really eating, otherwise what would be the point of keeping track.

Happy Dieting!


Dear Haters

They are people in this world who I obviously I don't like and don't care for on a personal level but know this, I will never ever spend one minute wasting my time blogging about their short-comings, mentioning their names, or blubbering anything about their asshole existence, why, because that would take time away from blogging about me, so with that, and if you're one of my haters who enjoys reading my blogs, then please keep reading because your hate keeps making my blog counter go up, which I like, its nothing personal, its a business thing.


Friday, April 27, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 58

Today was a doozy so I let myself fall off my diet, so in the mean time I'm off to celebrate my long over due job change, when one door closes, another one opens.

- cheesezits
- big mac
- medium fries
- large coke
- doritos
- bacon wrapped hot dog
- double oreo's

and hopefully that'll be it for today.

Happy Dieting!


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 57

Amazingly after how I ate like a fuckin pig this past week, my weight stayed the same.

Todays Weigh in: 271

I started off really good today, I hope I can keep this going for 35 more days!

- oatmeal with blackberry sauce from Jamba Juice
- salad from work, steak, corn salsa, cortija cheese, with apple chip vingairette.
- Greek salad from Extreme Pizza with blue Cheese
- green apple
- 2 cookies
- candy bar

I know, wow.

Usually I have to blog in later and update what I ate from the day but this is all I had so far.

Happy Dieting!


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Gotye - Somebody That I Use To Know

The 80's are officially back !!

Food Anonymous Diet Day 56

Today is my last day to splurge, for the last 30 days of my 90 Day Blog diet, I'm going to hit it hard and by that I mean, run 3x a week and watch what I eat. I think I've been getting the portion thing down, I just have to follow that with excercise and good eating habits.

- pizza slice from blondies
- large coke
- rice/beans/pico from work
- payday candy bar
- big coke
- Big Mac
- french fries

Happy Dieting!


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 55

I've been binging these past couple of days but I think I'm back on track. Even though I'm eating crappy food, I'm watching my portions.

- shortbread cookie
- small ice cream from Baskin Robbins
- large cupcake from cupcake truck
- big bag of doritos
- large coke
- doritos taco with nacho cheese inside

Amazingly I took a good crap after eating all this, I think it was the ice cream.

Happy Dieting!


Monday, April 23, 2012

Chelsea Handler - Gossip Queen

I just read an interview in More Magazine where Chelsea Handler completely bashes Angelina Jolie. I guess because Chelsea is BFF's with Jennifer Aniston that gives her the right to smear Angelina's name in the mud, whatever.

It amazes me what celebs will say about other celebs to keep their names in the press.

Hey Chelsea, how about giving an interview with some real substance like charitable work, giving back to the community, making a difference in peoples lives?

Who cares if Angelina took Brad away from Jennifer Anniston, you snooze you lose.

I suppose Chelsea is meriting her argument by calling Angelina a homewrecker, I don't think so, you can't really homewreck a relationship thats already been homewrecked. If it wasn't meant to be, it wasn't meant to be.

And it sounds like everyone has moved on except Chelsea.

I really love how Chelsea said, 'She can rescue as many babies from as many countries as she wants to. I don't f**king believe you … She gives interviews, 'I don't have a lot of female friends.' Cause you're a f**king c**t … you're a f**king b***h.' - (more magazine)

Wasn't it Jesus who said, "let ye who has not sinned, cast the first stone" ? (bible)

Sounds to me like Chelsea is casting stones like a mother fucker.

Oh but wait, as it turns out, Chelsea doesn't know the whole story, heres a comment I got from a reader:

"I wish I could post a link to the MANY years old interview with Rolling Stone that JFK Jr did. This was obviously pre-Brad and Jennifer. It described at one point how hard Jen Aniston tried while on a plane to flirt with a very married JFK Jr. She threw herself at him. So years later when her hubby left her, I had no sympathy. Still don't. Team Angelina!"

I am also going to have to take Angelina's side on this one. Fortunately for me, I do have many women friends and I know how they can be bully's if they don't get their way and thats when they bunch up with their gal pals, cast group judgement, and try to alienate their victims from everyone else. And if you ask me, thats some punk ass cowardly bitch shit.

Well you know what, fuck em.

If Jennifer lost out to Angelina, then she needs to get over that shit.

And the question I've been asking myself is how does this affects Chelsea in anyway, it doesn't.

If you read the article, Chelsea says, "You just know as a woman when you see another woman if that's a woman you can trust. She doesn't strike me as someone I would have a close friendship with."

I'm beginning to think this is Chelsea's odd fucked up way of reaching out to Angelina and actually wants to be her friend, otherwise why else would she care?

What I love about Angelina is how she hasn't used the press to respond back in any kind of way to Chelsea's public comments, now thats the mark of a true lady.

So really, all that matters is Angelina and Brad are doing just fine, everyone else can suck it.


Food Anonymous Diet Day 54

I think its pretty safe to say I have completely fallen off my Food Anonymous Diet, what started out as eating salads and no sugar, I am currently eating fast food and drinking soda.

My body was craving it this past week and I decided to give in. My intentino was to run this week but I got called into work and work comes first for me, at least for right now.

- left over small pizza
- beef meximelt
- dorito taco with cheese
- medium pepsi
- ground beef sliders from work
- deep fried chips with melted cheese on top
- large sweet tea
- mcdouble
- 3 oatmeal cookies

Hopefully even though I've been back on the fast food, I can still manage my portions because thats what it boils down too!

Happy Dieting!


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 53

Its Sunday and I completely feel off my diet lastnight. I finally gave in to pizza and coca cola! I should feel bad about it but I don't. I still feel like I'm in control. My plan yesterday was to go running but I was online the whole day doing marketing promotion for my upcoming show in Florida. I was serisouly going to run today but then my work called me in. I know, its sounds like I'm making excuses but I need to make that green.

- pizza slice left over
- rice/beans/pico from work
- mcdouble
- small ff's
- mcchicken
- large sweet tea
- small coke

If I get called into work tomorrow, I'm going in to make money and put my running on hold. I still have my last 30 day workout blow up coming so I'm not worried. My goal now is just to 10 lbs and get down to 260! I can do this!

Happy Dieting!


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 52

I'm enjoying my Sat at a cafe, which has become my usual for a while now. Today is my first day off this week and I'm soaking the good weather before I head back to work. I'm waiting for it to cool down before I go on a run.

- dorito taco with cheese sauce inside, yum
- beef meximelt
- small fruit punch
- banana nut bread
- small caramel frappicino
- 5 slice of pizza
- parm bites
- large glass of coca oola

My day is not over so I gotta watch what I'm going to eat for the rest of the day!

Happy Dieting!


Friday, April 20, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 51

I started off good but:

- rice/beans/pico from work
- big chipotle salad which made me take a delish
- movie nachos with extra cheese
- medium slurpee
- chocolate rice crispy
- 2 candy bars

Its looks like I have to resort back to my running for this last 30 days... oh well.

I'm a little down because I'm not getting where I want to be, who knows why I'm not committing myself, I'm there, I just have no or little energy to see thing threw.

I still got 30 days to drop 10 lbs. Thats 2 lbs a week!

Happy Dieting!


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 50

I'm pretty devastated, I'm up 2 lbs.

Today's Weigh in: 271

The scale almost said 3 lbs but because the scale didn't tip over, I'm going to leave it on what it says.

I'm going to have to get out of my funk and take my weight loss more seriously.

I've been trying to wane myself off the food diet but that hasn't been working, so it looks like I have to go back to what was working in the first 30 days of my diet. I'm going hard this time, I want to look and feel good for Gay Days later in May!

- rice/beans/pico
- big salad from Chipotle
- chocolate fondant
- chocolate cream puff from Papa Beards

Happy Dieting!


Food Anonymous Diet Day 49

I pretty much ate like a fuckin pig today and it shows.

- leftovers from Everett & Jones
- 2 large thai ice teas
- combo Thai dinner with sweet chicken and beef, noodles
- reeses pieces
- small mixed ice cream from Cold Stone!

Oh crap.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dan You Dumby

Hey guys, I was reading Dan Savage, one of my favorite sex column writers and he personally blew it for me this week. In this weeks column, a gay virgin teenager wrote it and asked for gay sex advice for him and his boyfriend. So below is the young gay questions followed by Dans advice, under that is what I wrote in to Dan, enjoy.


I'm gay and a junior in high school, and I've had a boyfriend for a year. (He's one year older than me, Dan, so relax!) We are out to our parents and everyone is supportive. We are not bullied or suicidal or using drugs. But we are frustrated! We had sex education in our schools, but they didn't cover gay sex. (Big surprise!) I tried to talk to my mom about gay sex, and all she said was "please use condoms." We tried and we used condoms, but I think we must be doing something wrong because we can't do it. We are ready to start having real gay sex—with me on the bottom, at least for now!—and we are frustrated and feel like failures as gay men. Any advice?

Tell Us Something Helpful

P.S. Do we really need to use condoms? We are both virgins and each other's first boyfriend.

(from Dan Savage)

You and your boyfriend aren't failing gayness, TUSH.

Gay men and boys can be successes in life, in love, and in the sack without acing—or even enjoying—anal intercourse. Anal doesn't define you as gay men and it certainly isn't all there is to gay sex. There are so many ways that you and your boyfriend can get off together—mutual masturbation, oral sex, frottage (aka "wet humping")—that are just as pleasurable, just as "real," and just as gay as anal intercourse. But if you and your boyfriend want to give anal another go, TUSH, here's a crash course in anal sex ed...

First, experiment on your own. Use fingers and toys and lots of lube. I recommend that you get your hands on a butt plug, get your ass on that butt plug, and get yourself off with that butt plug in your ass. Exploring anal penetration solo will allow you to experience anal pleasure without any pressure or expectations, TUSH. You can really take your time and you won't feel like you're disappointing your boyfriend if you have to bail.

Your boyfriend should do the same. I don't care if your boyfriend is a top—or thinks he is, or is topping because you want to bottom—your boyfriend will be a better top if he knows what it feels like to be penetrated and enjoys penetration himself.

Okay! So you've both done some exploring on your own—jacked off with fingers and toys—and there you are, just you and your boyfriend, hanging out. Your butts are squeaky clean and, hey, you've got the house all to yourselves... is it time to fuck? Not yet. Now you're gonna spend some time sticking fingers and toys in your butts and jerking off together. For extra credit, you can experiment with rimming, if you haven't already, as nothing relaxes anal sphincters quite so effectively. (Once more with feeling: squeaky-clean butts!) The point is for you to do anal a few times with the boyfriend and for both of you to get off—you and the boyfriend—without his dick going anywhere near your ass.

Now you're ready to get fucked.

You're going to need lots of lube, TUSH, and lots of patience. Have your boyfriend apply lube directly to your hole; he should gently rub your hole for a bit, to help it relax, before using a finger or two to push some lube just inside you; you can apply the lube to his dick. Move into whatever position feels most comfortable for you—him on top, you on top, face-to-face, doggy-style—and point the tip of his hard cock directly at your hole. He should apply some pressure: uniform, constant, gentle pressure. You'll feel your asshole begin to open as the head of his cock enters you. Keep breathing as the rest of his dick slowly—a fraction of an inch at a time—slides into you.

Once he's all the way inside, TUSH, your boyfriend may be tempted to start banging away, porn-star style, but that would be a huge mistake. Your boyfriend should instead stay perfectly still for the first minute or two while you breathe and relax. Kiss your boyfriend and stroke yourself during the brief lull before the fucking starts. Then he starts moving inside you—very slowly. He pulls out an inch or two and slides back in, you keep breathing and stroking, he pulls back an inch or two more and slides in. With each successive thrust, your boyfriend will be able to pull out a little farther, TUSH, and before you know it, he'll be fucking the hell out of you. The whole process (the hole process?)—from patient foreplay to full-on assfucking—takes 30 minutes at least.

P.S. You don't have to use condoms, but you should. Using condoms is a good habit to get into, TUSH, and if you have any concerns about cleanliness, well, a condom is your best friend. There are lots of gay guys out there—including guys as young as you—who got infected with HIV by boyfriends, including first boyfriends, who lied or didn't know or fucked up. So listen to your mother and use condoms, TUSH, along with a water-based lubricant.


Heres what I sent in:

I just read the Birds & Bees advice you gave to the High School gay couple and I have to say that was the worst advice on Gay Sex I have ever heard in my life. I don't blame you so much because your advice was given from the stand point of someone whose been a long term relationship, which is fine and all but obviously you didn't sew your gay oats quite enough. There is some merit in your gay sex wisdom but not enough to warrant any real justification. A while back I took it upon myself to write a blog on, "How to Make Love Like a Gay Man" , and to date this is one of my top blogs. How my personal advice differs from yours, I obviously have been around the block more then you and my advice on how to have gay sex has resonated with the gays, women, virgins, and the straights.

Here you go:

Being a gay man, if you can't give good advice on gay sex especially from being an advice columnist, then its probably time for you to get out of the game.
Bigger Ho with Better Advice



I've said this for years, my sole reason for writing that blog on gay sex was to give the information because it wasn't there for me when I was that age.

I've got nothing but great responses from that blog!


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 48

Today was day off, I got a lot of productive stuff done on the web! All the personal success I've achieved so far is because of the effot & energy I put into it, you get out what you put it, which means if I want a bigger career, I need to crack the whip harder, no rest for the wicked.

- small cranberry walnut bread
- small potato salad from Everett & Jones
- small baked beans from Everett & Jones
- small pieces of brisket which was yummo
- small milkshake from 1/4 Pounder

I mostly buy this food for my bro, hes really pickey about what he eats but Everett 7Jones BBQ is really good so never passes that up.

Happy Dieting!


Food Anonymous Diet Day 47

Here's the jist:

- small chow mein
- rice/beans/salsa from work
- chicken broth
- Mcdouble Cheeseburger
- Large Sweet Tea from Mickey D's
- peanut butter sandwich

Damn this food blogging is started to get annoying, its good for me but annoying.

Happy Dieting!


Monday, April 16, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 46

I am slowly coming up to the halfway mark and I feel good about it!
It seems like I don't have time to eat anymore, I'm too busy doing something.

- rice/beans from work
- 3 wings from work
- small fries McDonald's
- large Sweet Tea McDonald's
- strawberry pie McDonals'd
- McDouble no pickes
- McChicken
- candy bar in the morning for a pick me upper!

Amazingly, it feels like I'm only once a day, we'll see this upcoming thurs.

Happy Dieting!


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 45

Finally I'm caught up on my food blogging.

Has anyone noticed besides me that I've taken a break from salads? I should go back to that because I was losing weight by doing that. I haven't been eating salads lately because for one, I'm burnt out on them and two, I want to slowly start waning in other foods. I know its about portioning so thats going to be key for me.

- big caramel frappacino from World Cafe
- cranberry bread with walnuts

Happy Dieting!


Food Anonymous Diet Day 44

Friday was too bad for me! It was Friday the 13th for April, so with that, I was too unlucky today!

- rice/beans/chips salsa from work
- steak quesadilla from chipotle
- chips and guac from Chipotle
- 3 slices of pizza but healthy pizza, it had arugala on it!
- latenight cheese danish
- cherry lemonade

I got threw it, thats all I can say!

Happy Dieting!


Food Anonymous Diet Day 43

This was a high fattening day for me, I wouldn't be surprised if I gain this week.

- cherry lemondae
- chips and salsa
- kids cheeseburger with deep fried chips, melted cheese on chips, yum!
- thai tea
- small portion of cheese fries
- turkey sandwich from 7/11
- 7/11 cookies
- 7/11 vanilla waifers!

I think I was so happy my weight stayed the same, I just to eat!

Got think better on my eating habits!

Happy Dieting!


Food Anonymous Diet Day 42

Lets get threw this bullshit, I'm behind so here we go:

- ground beef sliders and buffalo chips from work
- payday candy bar
- chips & salsa
- cherry lemonade

I know I ate some other shit but I can't remember, but this was the main stuff.

Happy Dieting!


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 41

Okay, now I'm caught up with my food blogging. Because I'm watching my bills, I have to eat cheap today, so I went to McDonald's and ate:

- McChicken
- McDouble
- large Sweet Tea

so now because I'm eating fast food until I can afford a better lunch, I'm going to have to really watch my calorie count!

Happy Dieting!


Food Anonymous Diet Day 40

lets see if I can remember from yesterday what I ate, yes I'm slacking, I'm beginning to resent daily food blogging ... *ugh*

- large frappicino
- small banana bread
- McDouble with no pickles
- 1/2 pint of baked beans from Everett & Jones
- 1/2 pint of potato salad from Everett Jones
- small portion of beef brisket and ribs from Everett & Jones

I'm slowly starting to slip completely off my diet, I'm watching my portions but I'm not eating my usual yogurt or salads, an my morning oatmeal is becoming less frequent. I won't trip as much if I lose weight this week, we'll see.

Happy Dieting!


Monday, April 9, 2012

Hella Gay Comedy Show All Stars 4/8/12

Wow, we had an amazing night of comedy & magic for our first opening of the, "Hella Gay Comedy Show" , in San Francisco, California.

We kicked off our first show packed with a great crowd, heres who was on tonights bill:

Johnny Kearns - a very talented young magician who dazzled everyone with his juggling and keen wit.

Raj Dhar - my favorite metrosexual from the Mission, I luvs Raj, hes such a sweetie!

Jessica Sele - the new powerhouse Lesbian comedian of the Bay Area, expect bigs things from her in the future!

Andrew Holmgren - our resident noted Hipster comedian whose always a pleasure to have on the show.

Danny Dechi - the host of Rockit Room who provided us with a amateur stripper sketch, that was fun! Thanks Danny for making our first show legendary, people are going to remember that strip dance for a long time!

Kristee Ono - the Daria of stand up comedy.

Justin Lucas - a young Queer Filipino phenom comedian who got some serious vocal range.

Fred Anderson - our veteran comedian/magician who juggles dildos like no other!

What I loved about our show, it was really mixed!

You could tell our show was mixed by who was in the line up and who was in the audience, it wasn't too gay and it wasn't too straight, it was just right. The audience was comprised of friendly supportive people who came out to have a good time. This is every show producers dream, to have a cross over audience that represents everyone because this show was everyone, truly it was!

Thanks to everyone who came to the first show in SF, we'll see everyone again on May 13th for the Mother's Day Comedy Show Extravaganza!


Food Anonymous Diet Day 39

Lets get threw this,

- 1 1/2 peanut butter & honey sandwich
- large caramel frappicino
- 1/2 slice of pepperoni pizza
- 1 hard boiled egg

The good news is that I've been able to still take a big crap without eating my usual salad. It must be the oatmeal that has been getting me going.

Happy Dieting!


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 38

Lets keep it short today:

- instant oatmeal
- 4 pieces of Easter Chocolate
- BBQ from the new Everett & Jones on High St.
- big cookie from Laurel St. Cafe.

Gotta go!

Happy Dieting!


Break Through

My thoughts on free speech & comedy: Where do I cross the line? There are some subjects I am unable to talk about in my comedy because I feel so deeply rooted about them like my Native spirituality, my brothers schizophrenia, being molested as a kid, my personal bout with alcoholism and so on but none of these things has ever stopped me from trying to find the humor about these topics because I know other people have shared my circumstances or worse, so if I can somehow face the darkness thats haunted my life and find a way to shed light on it, I'll know I did the job to lift the heaviness for myself, others, and hopefully try to make everyones day a little bit better. ♥


Charlie K. Ballard

Friday, April 6, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 37

Today started off good, I feel my waistline shrinking. Its weird that when your dieting successfully and you can feel those subtle little changes happening all around your body, it feels great.

This morning when I looked at myself naked in the morning, I actually loved the curviness to my bod, I thought it was very feminine, which I love.

Heres what I ate so far:

- chicken sandwich from Starbucks
- 2 pie cookies
- salt caramel chocolate
- rice/beans/salsa from work
- chicken broth
- fruit punch *large and small*
- onion rings from Carls Jr.
- a couple of fried zuccini from Carls Jr.
- half of a jumbo hotdog with chili, cheese, onions, pico from 711

I'm trying to lose atleast 3 lbs this week, so I have to tell myself not to binge this week!

Happy Dieting!


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 36

OMG you guys, I lost 1 lb this week and I can't believe it!

Todays Weigh in: 269

I'm so happy to be in the 260's, I thought I was going to have to wait until next week.

Heres what I ate today:

- small instant oatmeal
- 2 candy bars
- chicken broth from Tortilla Soup
- Chicken & Steak fajita's, with a little bit of guac, tomalito, and some onions
- roast beef sandwich from a Middle East Deli in the SOMA, why not, a sandwich is a sandwich
- frito pie from pop up hot dog stand, this lady makes them sooooo good!
- Chicago dog with all the trimmings

I'm hoping for weight loss next week, yay!

Happy Dieting!


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 35

I feel a lot better today, this one week cold kicked my ass.

Dang, and I was doing so good up until now.

There was a meeting at work and they had Krispy Kremes left over, yummie, they were so good!

- orea cakesters
- 4 Krispy Kreme donuts I think
- tortilla chicken broth soup

My weigh is tomorrow and I'm not looking foward to it, I know I gained. *ugh*

Happy Dieting


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 34

Dang, I'm still struggling with my cold, I feel a little better but not much. Had to suck it up today so I could get threw work.

- candy bar "whatchamacallit"
- rice/beans/pico from work
- chinese food mix from Lee's Deli in SF
- fajitas from San Jose Taqueria in the Castro, steak, beans, rice, guan, torts, shrimp
- large horchata
- flan

I'm sure I gained this week, that bucket of popcorn I downed this week didn't help my cause, gotta keep going!

Happy Dieting!


Monday, April 2, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 33

This morning I woofed down:

- King size Reese Peanut Butter cups (4)
- Big salad from Chipotle with steak, barbacoa, pico de gallo, beans, and apple chipotle vinaigrette
- rice/beans/pico from work
- cup of clam chowder from Dave's Bar
- big nachos with chips and cheese, yummo, that the spot
- frappacino from Coffee Bean

and amazingly I still feel full, it must be from still having a cold.

I'm still waiting to take shit for the day, hasn't happened yet?

Happy Dieting!


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 32

I was supposed to be going hard so I think tomorrow be a better day start, I'm still struggling with my cold which is going away.

Heres what I ate so far:

- fancy taco salad from Chile Pie on Church St.
- large Horchata drink
- flan
- bowl clam chowder
- thai ice tea
- medium fruit punch drink
- small fries with cheese from Carl Jr.

Lastnight I drank 2 large sweet tea's from Mickey Dee's, that shit kept me up all night, which was fine because I was on the lap top promoting my shows in Florida. I actually got a lot down last night and this after noon.

I suppose its good my body got sick, it needed a mini break!

Happy Dieting


Food Anonymous Diet Day 31

Okay, my cold didn't get better during the day, I stayed on my diet until this evening, thats when I went to the movies and busted out with the large bucket of popcorn, slurpee, and giant hot dog made me feel tons better. Okay, the plan was that I was only going to eat like that tonight, but then I threw in a double cheeseburger, 2 large sweet tea and 3 cookies from Mickey D's.

And thats not counting the Oatmeal, peanut & honey sandwich, rice crispy, chocolate cake pop, and fruit/cheese plate from Starbuck's. I think thats when I was like, "okay, I must be kidding myself, I'm going to eat to make myself feel better" .

Whats weird is, I finished that whole bucket of popcorn off like nothing, I usually eat until I feel full and I couldn't feel the fullness.

As of now, I do feel better but I am starting to feel the heaviness of what I ate tonight. Hopefully it'll knock me out when I get home.

Tomorrow is April 1st and hopefully I'll be feeling better! I'm gonna be hitting it hard for April!

I didn't do too bad this month, I lost 5 lbs and only ate 2 cheeseburgers, I'm proud of that.

Happy Dieting!