Sunday, February 28, 2010

Really Happy

Hey everyone!
Thanks to all my blog readers who've been checking in on me.
My myspace blog hit counter dropped off by a couple hundred hits but that's probably because I haven't been advertising.
Great things are happening right now so be on the lookout for some great blogs this year. Right now I'm under contractual obligations not to mention who I'm working with but when they give me the green light to start blabbing away, I'll post it here first. Thanks for sharing this with me everyone!

Aspiring Comedian

Hey guys, I just got this email from an aspiring comedian.
"I wanted to write to you to ask about your career in stand-up. I am interested in doing stand-up comedy, but I don't want my sexuality as an openly gay man to put me in danger of being harassed or becoming a victim of a gay bashing" .

How do you deal with homophobia while touring and performing? How do you manage your bookings at clubs? Is being an openly gay comic hurt or helped you? Do you do most of your own writing? Any advice you could give would be great.

Break a leg and best of luck to you! Would love to see you live here in South Florida.

Thanks for the email.
I've been doing stand up comedy for 7 years and it's finally starting to pay off. I put a lot time, energy, effort into making it happen and it's nice to see all my personal investments coming into fruitation.

For the first couple of years I wasn't making any money because there's not much money in being a new working comedian, so I kept working towards the goal of being a headliner, that's where the money's at. Stand up comedy is one of those things were you have to pay your dues and there are no short cuts. There's plenty of stand up comedy books out there like:
"Stand Up Comedy" , by Judy Carter.
"Comedy Writing Secrets" , by Melvin Helitizer.
There's even some stuff online material called, "How to be a working comedian" .

All of that is good starter stuff. There is no right or wrong way on how to approach this. You just have to learn the game, motivate, and teach yourself the different ways on getting to the top. As you get there, all the secrets of success with reveal themsevles to you on your journey.

Like I said, it's nothing I can explain, it's a trial/error thing, it's called paying dues.

As far as using my sexuality in my act, that was my choice. I know some gay performers who don't incorporate their gayness into their act because they don't want to be branded as a gay comedian. And that's fine because at the end of the day you have to consider yourself a marketing package, and you want to do what's right for you, by making the most money out've it and being happy with youself.

With that, good luck with your endeavors! I have no more advice because no one can tell what your experieces will be like when you break into stand up comedy, you just have to see and find out for yourself.

All the best,

Charlie Ballard

Thursday, February 25, 2010

What's his problem

A couple of weeks ago, I ended a friendship with this comedian because he said I was getting too comfortable with him, he was refering to me being a big flirt because I was over flirting with him. Did I mention he was straight?

So anyhoo, after he told me this I sent him a note saying I didn't feel comfortable talking to him anymore because I didn't want to give him the wrong impression about me.

I mean, it's not like I said, "hey, let me suck your dick" or "hey, do you know what would go really good with this cheeseburger, your balls" . No, I've never said anything like to him.

So now after having brushed him off, he's still coming around trying to talk to me like nothing ever happened. So what do you guys think? Does his behavior sound like an omission of guilt on his part?

You know, if guys are going to treat me this way, I might as well give them a reason to diss, I should start being a big messy queen and really show them how wild I am.

Oh god, I think maybe I am a big mess.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oh Canada

Hey guys, I just word that I was picked to compete in the Great Canadian Laugh Off Comedy Competition in Toronto, Canada. This event will happen in mid March.

Isn't that exciting and I have absolutely no idea how I'm going to get there.

I'm still waiting for my passport to arrive but yup, I'm taking my comedy career via International style with a touch of maple syrup and hopefully with a hot Canadian bear!

So all you Canadian guys better watch out, I'm putting you on notice!


Monday, February 22, 2010

Made it Home

Oh goodness, we got home a couple of hours ago and everything is chill.

I have to say, that was probably one my best trips down to L.A. in a while.

Some pretty fabulous things happened down there but because of contractual obligations, I can't say nothing.

There was another great opportunity that presented itself but I can't comment on that either because we're still in negotiations.

Okay, so besides all the hype, let's back up and recap what I did Saturday night. This time around, I wasn't going to play around with L.A. traffic so I was sure to take off around 5:30pm. We weren't supposed to be in Long Beach until 7:30pm but as luck would have it, the weekend traffic was great and we arrived 2 hours early. So with time to spare we stopped by the Super Mex restaurant off Broadway and had some quick Mexican food. I knew where this place was because Juicely's other bff "Andy" - the Price is Right guy took me there for take out. Well actually Andy wanted to eat inside and but I was like, "honey, I got places to go, we're getting take out" , so anyhoo, lastnight we had a really nice dining experience. Afterwards I went across the street to get Tina Kim a big bottle of Cabernet wine. She's a big wine drinker and I just wanted to show my gratitude for her letting me be in her show.

Okay, so when we got to the Hot Java Coffee House, I thought it was going to be a small venue but I ended up performing in front of a large mixed Straight & LGBT 100 plus crowd. The crowd was awesome. Carlease had the first two rows of seats blocked off for the hearing impaired and the gay sign language interpreter, and you guys know I couldn't pass up this opportunity to have some fun with them. So just for the hearing impaired crowd, I was just rambling on about how I loved penis and balls. Now mind you guys, just hearing those words isn't where the funny is so as I was standing there saying how much I loved penis and balls, the funny part was watching the sign languarge interpreter interpret how much I loved penis and balls in sign langauge. When I was saying into the microphone how much I love dick & balls, the gay sign language interpreter was doing this licking balls motion and throwing in some tongue. You guys should've seen the faces of the hearing impaired crowd, priceless.

I went first because I had to bolt back up to Universal City to finish off the 10pm show.

The 10pm show went great. I was just trying to get through my set until this cute straight white boy was being bothersome. So I took him onstage to do the heimlich joke, needless to say he didn't make it to the end of the joke. I wasn't expecting him to, I just wanted to try and embarrass him as much as I could on stage. After I got off stage the emcee asked him why he didn't say onstage with me, she said in front of everybody, "you ran off like a little bitch" . I thought that was so cool.

And you'll never believe this, I ended up taking a picture with that same cute frightened white guy and his friend after the show. They both stood on each side of me and I was acting like I was grabbing their crotches. Awesome huh! Another Charlie Ballard classic moment. I wish I had that pic but it was on their camera phone.

Earlier tonight I was sure to send off all my thank you's to all the Natives who attended my show. I'm still very thankful to everyone who came out in support. ♥

After the Jon Lovitz Show, I dropped my mom off back at the room and dragged Kathy to the Arena for Latin Hip Hop night. I love the Arena on a Saturday night. It's soo much for cozier than the Latin night on a Friday inside the Circus Disco venue.

Unfortunately I didn't take as many pictures as I would've liked, so I'm going to leave you guys with one of my favorite memories from the Fubar. I was standing in the back minding my own business, you know, not feeling it until the Ting Tongs came on. I don't know, but her song made me feel sexy
and the next thing you know I was shaking my big phat ass!

I must be in a really good mood because when I went back into my workplace to check my schedule for this week, I saw that cute Mexican guy I've been trying to holla at lately. So I went up to him and said, "hey, I know you're never ever gonna take me out dancing, so let's dance right now by the dish washing machine" . So while he was standing there with his rubber gloves and hair net on, I just started shaking my booty like nobody's business. And really, it was nobody's else business because it stop his wing man from coming over and getting his little kicks on. I hate it when guys think they need their wing man to mack on me. Anyhoo, I made my Mexican man smile and that made me feel good. Who knows, this might lead to something else?

And p.s. when I was shaking my thing for my mexican cook, I was thinking of the song below to help me move.


Saturday, February 20, 2010

L.A Update

Hey Peeps, here's my latest update from La La land.
It's day 3 and as usual, we're having a great time down here. I just got through jogging again on the Santa Monica/Venice Beach boardwalk. There sure were alot of tourist out today.

After my run, I trotted straight to the, "Hot Dog on a Stick" , concession. OMG everybody, they have the best corndogs in the world and then I topped it off with some of the there freshly squeezed flavored lemonade. Needless to say I was heaven.

Oh snap, there were some serious hotties on the beach today. While I was stretching I saw this hot guy practicing on the pommel horse. He obviously wasn't an Olympian but I admire his tenacity for trying pommel his horse and that face that he was hottie didn't hurt his cause either.

Lastnight's show at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club was amazing! I gave myself an hour to get to the club and that still wasn't enough time to get there. I just barely made it to the club in time to perform. My nerves really didn't settle down until after I was done performing. I usually work the best when I'm under pressure. I can't explain it but somehow I'm able to turn all those anxieties into precision timing. It's like there's a huge amount of tension in the room and with the power of my uppending nerves, I'm able to slice threw it like butter.

After the show, I dropped off my ma back at the room, then me & Kathy went to the Fubar. I love going to the Fubar, any night of the week.

Lastnight at Fubar was disco night. To be honest, we were just looking for a place to chill but those darn DJ's got me moving and groovin. The highlight had to be when this fierce fish pole dancer was tearing up her pole platform. I kid you not people, this woman could be in Circ De Sole! She was that awesome. Her best move was when she suspended herself from the ceiling and I was trying to jump off the ground to tip her, she was way up there. After watching that, the rest of the go go dancers in the club just seemed whack.

Alright, just wanted to pop in and say what's up. I'm headed down to Long Beach tonight for an early show and then it's back up to the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club to finish it out!

I love L.A. !!!


Oh Know He Didn't

Okay so lastnight I was hanging out at the Hollywood Improv Comedy Club and was watching the Men's Figure skating final.

I was really sad that Johnny Weir didn't medal. He gave a flawless final long program that went unrewarded. At the end of his performance, one of his fans gave me a head reef made out've roses and when he put it on, it was sooooo him.

So anyhoo, as I was watching Johnny skate, I was literally hanging onto every last breath because I wanted him to do well. Johnny Weir makes figure skating interesting. He has the personality, celebrity, and talent to back it up, and lastnight, he sure lived up to it.

His performance was probaly the closest thing Men's Figure skating will ever see to American flair and flamboyance.

So anyhoo, I was quietly cheering for Johnny under every breath saying stuff like, "you go girl" , for every jump he completed and you guys would not believe who was cheering for Johnny Weir too.

Does anyone know who comedian Bo Burnham is? He's a youtube viral video sensation whose known for his piano comedy songs.

Seriously, Bo was right behind me gasping and clutching the pearls the whole time just like I was.

I actually thought that was kind've awesome.

Here's one of Bo's youtube's video's below. On a side not, he's one tall motherfucker. Seriously. There's a reason why his big ass sits behind a piano, it's to cover his big ass feet.


My Mom's Old BFF

Right now I'm in Santa Ana, California. We just came back from a Chinese Buffet down the street and man o man do I have to take a big shit.

It used to be when I ate spicy Mexican that it used to go right through me and now it's spicy Chinese that's doing it to me. Oh well, on the upside it's good for my colon.

We're in Santa Ana visiting my mom's old bff - Irene. Irene is this crazy ole Sioux woman my ma use to hang with back in the 70's and the 80's. Gheez louise, they made me blush a couple times when they were talking about their old partying days.

Irene knew me and my brother when we were babies and she said she remembers when an incident when me and bro were 2 and 3, and she said we tried throwing everything out've the apartment window. Talk about some raising some bratty kids.

Alright ya'll , I have to go poop.


Fat Tuesday Was A Bust

Did anyone do Fat Tuesday tonight? Fat Tuesday is generally known as the last night to purge your sins before every Christian gives up something for lint.

I did the Castro Mardi Gras this year and I was not feeling the vibe tonight. Last year the Castro was hopping on Fat Tuesday night and tonight it felt like a ghost town.

On the flipside, I was lucky enough to run into Travis's crew tonight. I was actually headed up to the LookOut Bar and I decided to step into the Club 440 for a quick second and that's when I was saw Travis's boyfriend - Thomas, making his rounds inside 440. And the next thing you know, we hopped over to the Mix to watch his friends play pool.

There's two queer native queens that I always look forward to seeing around town and I found one of them tonight.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Big Brother

I normally don't like to blog about my brother because his personal life is none of nobody's business but today is his birthday. He is exactly 37 years old today.

If anything, I'm very protective of him, even in my act. I think I have probaly have one good joke about him in my routine. He knows I do comedy and he has ideas about what I talk about.

Oh, this is funny. If anyone has a reason to hate Margaret Cho, it's my brother. I may have blogged this before but I'm going to blog it again.

When I started doing comedy back in 2003, I use to watch tons of DVD's and tapes of other comedians. And because Margaret Cho was one of my favorite comedians at the time, I use to watch her first one woman show, "I'm The One That I Want" , over and over again until I understood how she put her jokes together, and seriously, I relentlessly watched her tapes until I got her timing and character down packed. And while this was happening, my brother would wonder out've his room into the kitchen looking for snacks in a drunken stooper and he'd see me watching the tube and would say, "Margaret Cho again" ? In fact, it got the point where if I didn't want to watch tv with my brother in the living room, all I had to was pop in a Margaret Cho tape and my brother would high tail back into his room to play his radio.

Is this not the most classic example of brotherly love ever?

My bro came out to one of my shows last year and I thought that was pretty cool. After the show he shook my hand and we all went home. ♥

Monday, February 15, 2010

Pairs Figure Skating

My favorite Winter Olympic sport is figure skating. Normally I'll tune in and watch the ladies competition but I've learned to broaden my horizons to recently include the men's and pair's competition.

This weekend, Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo, the veteran Chinese pair hailing from China finished 1st after the short program.

These two came out've retirement to skate Vancouver. I first saw them skate a couple of years ago and I was blown away by their artistry. The pairs figure skating has long been dominated by the Russians. I actually remember watching the pairs figure skating when I was kid and remember seeing an earlier Chinese pair perform pretty badly, the Chinese guy swung his partner around in a turn and accidently let her go. That was many years ago and now the sport has been dominated by Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo, pictured above.

Everyone really has to see this real life couple skate to feel their magic. I like to think of them as the reincarnation of the fated lovers. When I watch them skate I can't help wonder if they were born to skate together. They do all there moves with such harmony and grace, it's soo beautiful.

In other news, American figure skating diva "Johnny Weir" has been getting death threats to stop wearing fur. I guess Johnny is so shaken up about it that he decided to stay in the Olympic village where the security is better. The PETA people are really going after Johnny. Wow, for Johnny sake, I hope he medals otherwise if he doesn't I'm sure she's going to show those PETA bitches just how fierce she is.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

I need this woman's help

This is Patty Stanger from the Millionaire Matchmaker show on Bravo. She's a tough, no-nonsense, 3rd generation match maker.

I'd love for Patty to hook me with one of her millionaires but unfortunately I'm not rich. I checked her website and she charges 55,000$ a year for her match making service. The other alternative is to suscribe to her database, send in a nice headshot, and hope her team or some gay millionaire likes me enough to pick me.

I'm going to try and be positive about this blog but to any onlooker, Patty does come off as the new Heidi Fleiss of Hollywood. In case anyone doesn't know who Heidi was, Heidi was a high end Madam who prostituted women to the Hollywood elite.

The main difference between Patty and Heidi is there marketing strategy.

Patty is in the business of, "Love" , and she sincerely trys to match her would be singles together at a high end price. I've seen episodes where a lot of the time the millionaire dates don't work out because some of them are straight trainwrecks not yet ready to settle down.

Heidi didn't sugarcoat what she did. She knew there were a bunch of rich lonley old men who in L.A. who needed the company of women and had no quams about placing a high value on it.

My main pet peeve is how Patty treats her non-millionaire clientel. She treats them like cattle and not like people. It's interesting on how she seperates the good and the bad. She almost always picks the hottest and most good looking non-millionaires clients for her club members. It makes me wonder if her version of love is topical rather than having depth.

I can't really say that much about how Heidi handled her affairs except that she was honest about she did. She knew she wasn't selling love, she was selling pussy to the highest bidders. From what I remember, I think Charlie Sheen was one of her main customers. And to think, I use to have a huge crush on Charlie Sheen.

I still belive in love and I know it's out there for the each of us, regardless of price, you just have to believe in it. Don't give up on yourselves, I haven't. ♥

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Estelle Tweeted Me

I am so loving Twitter right now. There's alot of really cool celebs that have been twittering back with me lately. This last one is from Estelle. If anyone doesn't know who she is, she the dope-est thing to come out've the UK since the Beattles. Adele and Amy Whinohouse can't hold a candle to this chick, yup, she's that much of a bad ass. Does anyone who lives under a rock not know the song, "American Boy" ? Normally, when I listen to a new artist first CD, I don't listen to all of there music tracks because most of them are one hit wonders but not Estelle, her whole alblum was dope. I'm series, she mixes so many different types of genres in her music, it's off the hook.

So here were my tweets with her!

@EstelleDarlings Hey Darling, I just watched this American Idol chick kill one of your cover songs for her audition! It was dope !!! xoxo

@EstelleDarlings Hey doll, I have to admit, I rarely listen to any artists CD all the way through, but with Shine, I couldn't put it down

@EstelleDarlings don't worry about making hits, just keep making your music from the heart and you'll do fine! xoxo

@CharlieBallard thats all i ever do...gotta be able to sing em.

@EstelleDarlings I really do love your music but not enough to get a tatoo of you. *winks*

@EstelleDarlings but I will buy an estelle tshirt, which reminds me, the last time I saw you in SF, your merch booth didn't have my size

@EstelleDarlings us big girls like to wear cute estelle tshirts too - XXL !! xoxo

Now or Never

Today's Charlie Ballard Self-Affirmation:

I hate asking questions that I already know the answer to. Regardless of the outcome, here I come Hollywood, we have unfinished business.

Today's Charlie Ballard affirmation is inspired by Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2

"And when I get to L.A., I am going to kill Hollywood" .....


Monday, February 8, 2010

fish in the sea you know how i feel

"Butterflies out having fun you know what I mean" ... - Nina Simone

I'm currently under a Nina Simone spell. I love Nina so much.

It's Monday and I finally picked up my headshots in the Castro. Now I can finally send of my press kit to the Gathering of Nations Stage 49 venue. I wish they'd get with the times and do everything threw email but I think Indians are better off taking care of business the old fashioned way, so I'll be sending my press kit to them by pony.

Oh, it's a Nina Simone update, right now I'm now listening to "Cherish" . I'm feeling so smooth, silky, and soulful right now. It must be Nina doing that to me.

Here's another one of my favorites from Nina - "OOh Child" !!!

luvs it!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Big Things

I'm a little hesitant about writing this only because I don't want to jinx anything that I'm working on.

But since I have so many wonderful readers who are curious about what I do, I'll go a head and spill the beans because it makes my show business journey all the less lonelier.

So, without further adieu, here's what I got on the front burners.

1) I applied to America's Got Talent and the casting people replied. They said they're going to put me on a DVD with some other acts and show it to their executive producers, so if they like me, they said they'll give me a call by May. That's be awesome if this one pans out. I know I'd have to be super clean for that show and fortunately for me I've got tons of material ready to burn.

2) I also put in for the Yuk Yuk's Comedy Competition in Toronto, Canada. The catagory I submitted for was, "American Professional" . We'll see if I get picked to compete for that. This isn't an ordinary comedy competition, the grand prize winner gets 25,000$ and the top 8 comedians get showcased on the Comedy Network, which is like Comedy Central but for Canadians. And to be honest, it'd be nice if I won but for now i'm only shooting for top 8! Tony was telling me that Canada is filled with Southeast Asians and I wouldn't be able to use the word Indian, you know, because there's a lot of East Indians up there. I guess that's why Russell Peters is so big in Canada.

3) Last Comic Standing is starting up again and the L.A. audition is next month at the Hollywood Improv. I tried contacting a friend on the inside and I haven't heard back from them, I've been trying to get a pre-booked audition instead of waiting outside in the cold for 2 days. Of the 3 television credits I'm gunning for, this one I really couldn't give a shit about. I've been burned by these guys before and I know better not to get my hopes up too high. But since this a tv show showcasing my profession, it's just something I have to do.

4) I'll be headed down to L.A. in couple weeks to feature for Tina Kim at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club in Universal City. I'm kind've excited about this one because I have two big Native crowds coming out on both nights. I'm soooooo excited they'll be coming out to support, just thinking about it fills my heart with joy.

5) In April, we're planning a family trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico., for the Gathering of Nations Powwow. This trip is for my brother, we're going this year only because he wants to go. I was chatting with a friend on facebook and he suggested that I perfrom on Stage 49 while in town. Stage 49 is a side venue of the Powwow that features rappers, singers, comedians, and everyone else in the arts. So this weekend I dug up one of my old tapes and I'm going to send it it. Can't hurt.

6) Right now I have 7 colleges that I'm trying to work out doing shows for. I love college shows, the kids are always so nice.

Alright ya'll, it's getting late and I have to work the next 5 days. Right now I'm jamming out Nina Simone. I luvvs here. She sings about depression, sadness, joy, happiness, and what I luvvs about Nina, she doens't sugarcoat her feelings, or trys to over-analyze her emotions, she just sings from the heart!
And so, the essence of my comedy is revealed. ♥

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Here Comes the Sun

I love Nina Simone! I'd like to dedicate, "Here Comes the Sun" , to all my friends who've been having a hard time lately. No worries, everything is going to be alright. We have tommorrow to look forward too! This is one of my most favoritest songs from the Nina Simone collection.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Alex Meraz Tweeted Me

Hey, this is very cool! This is just happened! I follow a bunch of people on my twitter page and one of them is Alex Meraz from the Twilight series! He was one of the hunky wolfpack members. Anyhoo, he was hating on Taylor's new movie and here's how it all started!

Alex Meraz
Sorry Taylor but the movie "valentines day" looks lame and desperate it cries out"look we have all the biggest starz in 1movie pleez watch!" 43 minutes ago

stop hating on Taylor's new movie, I'll remember that the next time I see you casted in a corny romance flick 30 minutes ago

HAHA!!! That's probably true 26 minutes ago

that's how you make your $$$ baby, now get out there and go make your million! xoxo 22 minutes ago

LOL! Your funny i love your spirit 22 minutes ago

Hey Alex, I'm a comedian and I'm going to be at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club in 2 weeks, I can put you down on the guestlist? 4 minutes ago

Alex Meraz
I'd love to go but I'll be outta town but thanks for the invite! Do your thing and may you always shine your light on the world 3 minutes ago

Alright then, I'm going to ask Taylor instead. j/k xoxo 1 minute ago

Okay so the rest of the conversation I was trying to pitch Neyom's BlogTalkRadio to him. We'll see if he does it or not.

But I thought that was really cool he sent me a couple of notes.


Poetry Time

Fallen Leaf
Charlie Ballard

Fallen leaf, blowing in the wind, nestled in the stillness of water
waiting for my next adventure

Today's Horoscope

February 3, 2010

April 19-May 19
You won't achieve everything you want, but today's air trines show you making significant headway. It's nothing to sneeze at.


Okay first of all, doesn't that bull logo up top look scary? OMG.
Alright back to my horoscope. I really didn't know how to intrepret my horoscope today. I know I know, these things are cheesy but sometimes they give me hope.

After reading it today, I was like.. uhm... I'm absolutely going for everything I want because otherwise why go for it? It may not be in the stars for me to have everything I want but it's sure as hell not going to stop me for from trying. ♥


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Great Day So Far

Since 3pm, I'm having such a great day. I can't say why but it's a really big deal, hopefully it'll pan out, we'll see, keep your fingers crossed for me! xoxo

It Hurts

I just broke up with another one of my comedy boyfriends, again. We weren't actually dating or having sexual relations or anything real cool like that. He was just another comedian whose personality I fell in love with.

His words, "you're starting to get too comfortable around me" . I was really hurt when he told me that because I came to him with love. I never tried to bust on a move on him, make or say anything really inappropiate and this is what I get.

And tonight, when I saw him again, he said, "I just want you to know that I have boundaries" .

Well guess what motherfucker I have boundaries too and you just cut me deep.

I can see why love makes so many people bitter and spiteful. It feels like Cupid shot me with his love arrow pulled it out, and said, "oh, my bad, this was meant for someone else" .

Will this last event finally turn me into a lesbian, probaly not. But I'm definitely going to need some time to get over this one.

I hope you guys are having better luck in the love department than I am.


p.s On the brighter side, I found the emotion and inspiration to perform drag to Thelma Houston's song, "Don't Leave me this way" !

Green Chili Stew Recipe

Hey everybody, I'm going to share with you guys one of my favorite stew recipes in the whole world, it's for Green Chili Stew! The Navajo's and Pueblo's make it the best. So here's the recipe, if it doesn't work out, then it's not my fault because I got this recipe from my friend Nina Begaye, who married a Navajo and hence, learned from her in laws.

Cube potatoes, pork or beef (cook first), green chili(will need to have bueno mailed to you) go to the store and get a bag of chopped green chilis, grill chili's, chopped them up and throw them in, then put two tspns of corn starch or flour to thicken, add little bit of garlic, simmer for about until how long you want your potatoes to be soft.

And it's that simple! If anyone has a twist or a little something different, please leave it in the comment box below for everyone!