Monday, May 28, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 87

Today was a junkie junkie, I feel thinner then I've been in a while but when I hopped on the scale, my weight was the same from last week.

Todays weigh in: 272

- big coke
- butterfinger
- cool ranch chips
- oreo's
- big steak burrito

I'm heading to Gay Days on Tusday and regardless of how much weight I've lost on this 90 day diet, 3 lbs, I'm planning on having the best time ever!

Happy Dieting!


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 86

Yeah, 3 more days and I'm done!

- 2 tacos with nacho cheese
- burrito
- large pepse
- 2 big coke
- chips
- medium fried rice
- peanut butter sandwich

Happy Dieting!


Food Anonymous Diet Day 85

I sort of did let myself go today but not too bad, and when I say not too bad, I mean bad.

- big coke
- spicy nacho chips
- movies nachos
- half a hot dog
- super big coke
- fries with cheese
- cheeseburger

I was feeling skinny earlier in the week, so that was my high this past week.

Happy Dieting!


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 84

Today started off great, sort've.

- raspberry cakes
- coke
- small chow mein
- small fried rice
- small sweet & sour chicken

I cannot wait for this to be over! I know I must be really watching my portions because I was looking skinny this morning in the shopping windows.

Happy Dieting!


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 83

Lets keep this bitch short today.

- 2 slices of lasagna *which turned out delish*
- coke
- dorito taco with nacho cheese
- KFC fries
- medium cherry pepsi

Happy Dieting!


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 82

Its Tuesday and I very had very little to eat today.

- coke
- doritos
- candy bar
- 2 slices of lasagna

OMG, am I on the junk food diet or what?

Happy Dieting!


Monday, May 21, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 81

OMG, 9 more days till I'm done dieting, I'm so excited! I don't even care right now that I haven't any weight, I'm just tired of food blogging everyday. Okay, well I do care I haven't lost any weight but still, not being reminded of it everyday sure helps.

I did my 2nd run of the week and I'm feeling pretty good. I have to admit, it made me feel good being out there jogging!

- peanut butter sandwich
- meximelt from Taco Bell
- large Pepsi
- candy bar
- left over soda
- pizza slice with ranch

I'm going to be running all week, I don't know why I didn't start sooner. It feels like at this point in my life the only way I'm able to control my weight is threw exercise.

Alright ya'll, one more week of Happy Dieting!


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 80

OMG, I'm so full. Today was my Birthday and my mom took me to Morton's Steak House near Union Square. It was really nice. Knowing that were probably going to eat a lot, we both almost rolled out of the restaurant because thats who stuffed we were.

Hell yeah I let myself go today!

- New York Steak
- mac & cheese
- garlic mashed potatos
- baked potato
- 3 cokes
- lobster bisque soup
- souffle', large and small

No we did not everything, we had a lot to take home, thank goodness!

Thanks Mom for a wonderful bday dinner!

Happy Dieting!


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 79

I didn't entirely let myself go today but I did order up at the movies. I know I'm going running tomorrow so thats why I allowed myself to do that.

- big coke
- big nachos
- big popcorn
- big butterfiners
- coke
- candy bar
- peanut butter sandwich

Tomorrow is my bday and I'm going to make lasagna, yum!

Happy Dieting!


Food Anonymous Diet Day 78

Thursday was depressing because my weight shot up 3 lbs.
Todays weigh in: 273

That really fucked me up, so now because I realize I have no will power what so ever when it comes to my food eating choices, I have no alternative other then to go back to running to try and curtail my splurging habits. So yesterday I took a run around the lake and it felt great!

- 2$ value meal from Taco Bell
- Fajito Burrito from Castro Taqueria
- Big coke
- rice pudding
- cookie from Brainwash

Happy Dieting!


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 77

Holy shit I ate like a pig yesterday. That wasn't my intention, the idea to was buy some extra stuff and share with my brother, that didn't happen, I ended up eating everything. Amazingly I woke up feeling skinny this morning so I'm sure I just threw away whatever weight I lost this week, dang.

- coke
- banana nut bread

Happy Dieting!


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 76

Today is Tuesday and I'm almost done with my diet! Yes, only 14 more days to go, and thats the day I'm headed out to Florida.

I think all and all, I probably lost 5 lbs since I started started roughly 75 days ago. I'm okay with that. I lost 5 lbs the first couple of weeks and tapered off since.

I've been holding steady for the past couple of weeks so I'm doing alright.

- 1 coke
- potato salad and baked beans leftover from Everett & Jones BBQ
- dorito taco with nacho cheese
- nachos supreme no sour cream, no beans
- 2 chalupa's no sour cream, with baja sauce
- regular taco
- big ass pepsi
- root beer
- cheetos puffs

Okay, just wanted to check in.
I still have a lot to do today.

Happy Dieting!


Monday, May 14, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 75

Yes, my diet will finally be over in 15 more days! OMG.. OMG OMG !! I can't wait.

Monday started off pretty good.

- Strawberry/banana smoothie
- 5 cokes
- small potato salad
- small baked beans

My Aunt B left a comment that my chlolestral is probably up and rightfully so, I've been binging on coca cola for the past couple of weeks.

Amazingly after everything I ate today, I did the #2 twice today.

Happy Dieting!


Gay President Barack Obama

It looks like Barack Obama is going to hit the cover of Newsweek soon with a rainbow Halo above his head. I have mixed feelings about this. For one, its seriously corny and secondly, was the rainbow halo really the best symbol to recognize his supportive stance on gay marriage? How about putting the President in ass-less chaps, or having a big disco ball gleaming above his head.

And besides, I like to think we all have the rainbow halo above our heads, not just he gays.


Mothers Day Comedy Show Extravaganza Recap - May 13, 2012

OMG you guys, what a stressful week it was for me and it could not have ended in a better way then with the wonderful show my performers gave tonight at the Deco Lounge in San Francisco, California.

Originally we were scheduled to be at the 50 Mason Social House this weekend but due to unforeseen circumstances, *and thats putting it mildly*, we ended up moving the show the Deco Lounge on Larkin Street.

First, I want to apologzie to all our audience members who got caught up in the confusion. We really did make the best effort to notify everyone of the last minute venue switch as best we could, so thanks again for everyone baring with us.

Moving forward, we had another packed crowd with some amazing performances, here's how it went down!

Our hostess with the Mostess for the evening was Miss Cassandra Gorgeous. Cassandra was an exemplary host, she kept the crowd energized with her sharp quips and vivacious personality, go girl!

Next up was our first mother comedian Miss Pearl Louise, this sweet ladys subtle approach packs a big whallop!

Jumping out of the red curtains behind the stage to emulate his birth was masterful comedian Casey Ley. Casey Ley was supposed to be my gay husband but oh well, you can't win them all.

Next on the hit parade was Hong Kong comedian Steve Lee. Steve was a pure joy to have on the show, thanks Steve!

Our first banger comedian of the night came courtesy of Sandra Risser. Sandra brought the heat with her thunderous voice and no bullshit approach.

Giving 200% on the stage tonight, the sign of a great comedian was Kat Evasco!

Rounding our last mother comedian for the evening was Helen Pachynski. Helen was amazing, she had the crowd in stitches!

Our headliners for the evening were Andrew Moore and Spencer Devine, these guys did a solid 30 minute set of comedy songs.

Thanks again to everyone who came out to the show!


Food Anonymous Diet Day 74

Today wasn't that bad, I got threw it!

- coke, as in the soda not the powder
- vegan carrot cake
- medium fried rice mixed with spicy beef
- 2 more cokes
- late night philly cheese steak sandwich

As you guys can see, I'm trying to watch my intake for the next 2 weeks, gotta try to look cute for Florida!

Happy Dieting!


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 73

Today I feel better, hopefully at the end of this week I'll be able to report some weight loss.

- 4 cokes
- dorito taco with nacho cheese
- double decker taco
- dorito chips

Happy Dieting!


Friday, May 11, 2012


The word martyrdom has been popping up around me lately and I have never seen a more poignant example of martyrdom then in a recent episode of MTV's reality show, "True Life" , which showcases the sorted lives of teenage angst.

In this episode they featured a former big kid who got gastric bypass surgery to start a new life. He was a big guy who managed shed at least 200 lbs from his frame, the only problem was that after his weight loss he was left over excess skin that drooped from his legs and arms. He was happy that he lost the weight but still really unhappy with the left over excess skin. In his journey, he decided to have plastic surgery to remove the excess skin, he was warned by his doctor of deep scaring but still went for it anyways. When all was said and done, he was still unhappy with the way his body looked afterwards. Knowing this, "True Life" , set him up with a life coach to help manage his anxieties. That episode was really tough to watch because he was putting himself thru so much mental pain just so that he could look, "normal" .

If the younger viewers of MTV ever got their wake up call to watch what they eat, that was it, even after watching this show I was, "scared skinny" .

But wasn't that the point of the show, don't we use martyr's to avoid personal tragedies in our lives?

I'm not a proponent of using someones personal tragedy to be the motivating factor to make my life better but it is effective, just think of how many lives were saved with his life story.

Recently in the news, there is an article about how the country of Cuba is able to keep their rate of HIV infection low because they hand out a lot of condoms and do extreme education by showing examples of the infected to the younger people. It must work because Cuba boasts the lower rate of HIV infection in the world.

I suppose the circling theme in this blog is the motivating factor of fear. I don't support using, "fear" , to motivate anyones life for the better because all you're doing is setting them up for a lifetime of insecurity and strife.

We need to find more positive ways to change peoples lives and trust me, I will be looking.


Food Anonymous Diet Day 72

TGIF and I'm caught up on my food blogging!

Today was good, I really kept it in control but somehow I still feel like I over done it. I'm starting to think I have an eating complex. Its not fair, I see skinny people eating the same food and they're still food. For whatever reason when I eat that shit always sticks to my booty, fuck.

Heres what I ate today:

- cupcake
- pistachio's because Dr. Oz said they help burn fat
- candy bar
- 4 cokes
- small fries from Burger King
- BK Topper with no mushrooms, add bacon
- cheeseburger w/ fries from Sliders

Happy Dieting!


Food Anonymous Diet Day 71

Yesterday I was hoping I was going to be able to stay in the 260's but no such luck.

Todays Weigh in: 270

Thats not too bad considering all the heavy eating I did this past week, what fucked me up was when the Avengers came out last week and I was snacking it up like MoFo at the movie theater.

Heres what I ate on Thursday:

- hot dog with chili cheese and pico
- oatmeal
- cheeseburger with cheese fries
- doritos
- cupcake

Okay, now whatever I ate yesterday didn't settle because I took a #2 all over the place, it wasn't pretty but I'm glad it came out.

Happy Dieting!


Food Anonymous Diet Day 70

Dang, I will be so glad when I'm done with this food blogging thing. I'm slacking a bit on the flipside I am writing down on paper what I've been eating.

- Mini meal from Taco Bell, pepsi, baja taco, and dorito chips

Happy Dieting!


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 69

Finally, I caught up my diet blogging. Even though my daily eating choices haven't been the greatest lately, the important thing for me is to blog is daily so it'll give me an idea of how to change my eating habits in the future.

- 2 cokes
- 3 dorito tacos with nacho cheese

Happy Dieting!


Food Anonymous Diet Day 68

Monday is a little easier to remember because that was yesterday.

- 2 cokes
- parm bites from Domino's
- thin crust pizza from Domino's
- pizza snack rollups
- soda
- cran/nut bread
- Dorito Taco with nacho cheese

Considering I've been eating crap, my portions are good.

Happy Dieting!


Food Anonymous Diet Day 67

Dang, these past days have been a whirlwind. Sunday I went to go a movie and ate lots.

- large popcorn
- large soda
- medium nachos
- cupcake
- chips
- 3 sodas

Dang, thats all I can remember for Sunday.

Happy Dieting!


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 66

OMG, its Cinco Dey Mayo and I'm pretty sure I'm totally starving myself now, yay!

One of my friends from jr. high lost a lot weight one summer because she didn't eat, so it looks like I'm on that diet.

I must really be telling my body not to eat because I haven't really ate nothing today.

- 4 mini white castle cheeseburgers
- 2 cokes

Happy Dieting!


Food Anonymous Diet Day 65

Oh gog, its been a whole day I can remember for shit what I ate yesterday. I did slow down after eating all those movie nachos from the night before.

- large coke
- mcdouble with mac sauce
- candy bar
- pizza slice
- coke bottle

Oh my, my diet has been pretty junky lately.

Happy Dieting!


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 64

Amazingly, after that big ass burrito I ate last night, I still managed to drop 2 lbs this past week.

Todays weigh in: 269

I can't believe it, well actually I can because it feels like I wasn't really eating this past week, which I believe was the trick. Please have always said, "watch what you eat" , and in lamens terms I think what they're trying to say is, "don't eat bitch" .

- fries from Wendy's
- small chili from Wendy's
- large coke
- hot n juicy burger

I was going to run today but it rained so I'll hit the track tomorrow!

Happy Dieting!


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 63

I feel okay today, I was able to relieve some stress, we'll see what comes of it.

- 2 coke cans
- peanut butter sandwich
- banana nut bread
- big ass burrito
- large coke

Happy Dieting!


College Jokes

Hey guys, I'm going to be performing at the University of Illinois next Fall and I'm afraid I won't be able to relate to the college students like I use to, so here are some lines I'm thinking about using:

1) "so.... whose been the STD clinic yet" ??

2) "I'm old enough to be your college professor.."

3) "does anyone know where I can get some good weed" ?

4) "you're paying how much for you college education, 100 Grand is a lot to learn about some plants"

5) "excue me while I snort this"

6) "I use the date the President of your school and when I say date, I mean we had sex in the bathroom"

7) "ladies, when I was in college I use to flush my pads down the toilet too"

8) "college is supposed to be best time of you life, thats why most of you will be too drunk to remember it"

9) "dating your professor is a bad idea, stick with the maintence crew, they're less hassle"

10) "half of you are gay and don't know it yet"

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 62

Today is supposed to be the fabulous start of my last 30 days and I'm already fucking up. After I said I wasn't going to drink soda this month, I already went to the store and bought a 2 liter, I can't help it, it was on sale, huh!

But I did start the day off right with some oatmeal. Also, I'm still recovering my a skin infection so I'm finishing off with the antibiotics I got, I don't know how my antibiotics play into anything but I thought I'd just mention it anwyays, and yes, I'm still looking for an excuse.

- oatmeal
- peanut butter sandwich
- cranberry nut bread
- large coke
- large fries
- 1/4'er with Cheese from 1/4's.

Happy Dieting!