Saturday, March 31, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 30

I just contracted a cold, so hopefully with any luck, it'll help me lose another 5 lbs by the end of the week.

Today started off good.

- small instand oatmeal
- peanut & honey sandwich
- Mexican bacon wrapped hot dog from the Castro
- peeps marshmellows
- candy bar

I really wasn't that hungry today, I wonder if that was my cold working on me, hmmmmm, good job cold.

Happy Dieting!


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 29

Todays Weigh in: 270

I lost exactly 1 lb from lastweek and I'll take it! I was hoping to be in the 260's but I'll have to shoot for that next week.

I think I'm coming down with a cold but oh well.

Here's what I ate so far:

- small oatmeal with banana's, blueberries, raspberries, brown sugar from Jamba Juice
- small salad from Lee's Deli - Asian chicken salad, eggs, croutons, with honey mustard dressing
- small guac from work
- large lemonade with grenidine mix, yum.
- - 3 quaker oat bars, which I think made me take a good shit 10 minutes ago.

Even though I'm feeling sick, my goal date is coming up and I know I can do better.
So this week I'm going to try extra hard not to snack, drink lots of water, and watch my portions.

Happy Dieting!


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rocky's Frybread

A while ago, I was reading the food column in the SF Weekly and I read about a popular Native American whose been selling Indian Tacos out of a shopping cart in-between the alley's of the Mission District in San Francisco, California.

So from then on, I always wondered if I was ever going to bump into him because for a major Bay Area Newspaper to mention a Native American peddling Indian Tacos in the Mission district, there definitely must be something about him for them to do so.

We have good frybread makers all over the Bay Area, all one has to do is visit our local powwows at Standford, UC Berkeley, and other Native cultural events in the area to taste our food.

The question I kept asking myself was why the SF Weekly was so smitten with his Indian Tacos?

Months had past by and I never saw this guy around so on one fateful night as I was scouting a location to produce my, "Hella Gay Comedy Show" , I happen to stop by the El Rio, which is a local nightclub in the upper Mission, and who should be camped out in the back patio of the bar making frybread, thats right, it was Mr. Rocky Yazzie.

At first, when I glanced in his direction, I thought he was a Filipino, which Navajo's are commonly mistaken for in SF, I thought I was in for a treat of lumpia or Filipino noodles.

As I got closer, I was like OMG, is that frybread? And sure enough all the pieces to the puzzle came together as I investigated further.

While I waited in line to say hi to him, Rocky was chumming it up with every customer a head of me. He made everyone feel at ease with his charming personality while taking his time to mingle everybody around him. As I stood there, there were many people that came over who didn't want an Indian Taco but wanted to come over to say hi to him instead. It was easy to see how the 30-something hipster crowd at the El Rio gravitated toward Rocky, he definitely emanated a vibe that he was a man of the people.

When it was my turn to interact with him, the first words out of my mouth were, "what part of the rez are you from" ?

With the biggest Navajo smile I had ever seen, he said, "I'm from Shiprock" .

As it turned out, San Francisco was not his first destination, he first pilgrimage off the rez brought him to Phoenix, Arizona, where he picked up professional chef training at the Le Cordon Blue Academy. "I might as well, the school was on Pima land and they were offering an 80,000 scholarships to Native students so that was a no-brainer. And plus I needed something to distract me from the trouble I was in" .

My first question to Rocky was how he ended up San Francisco, "actually I came out here with my girlfriend and when things weren't working out, we broke up a month later and I ended up staying" .

How has been your experience in SF, "it was rough in the beginning, I was homeless and didn't have any money, thats when I got the idea to sell Indian Tacos" .

Where did you learn to make bread, "I learned everything from my grandmother, shes a good cook" .

Rocky obviously loves what he does, he sets his own hours and makes just enough to get by. When I was hovering around his table I didn't see a sign saying how much his Navajo Tacos were, "its all by donation, people put what they want in my bucket" . When I looked in his bucket, there were 1's, 5's, and a few 10's.

A lady sitting at another table asked if his frybread was vegan friendly, "absolutely, I use nothing but the freshest ingredients, I make Pueblo beans with no meat" , which were really tasty by the way.

Rocky definitely sticks to the aesthetics of how to eat an Indian taco, a lady asked Rocky for a fork and he said, "no, thats why I folded it and wrapped it in foil, you're supposed to eat it like a taco" .

As Rocky was making my Navajo Taco, I really loved how he hand grated the cheese right in front of me for my taco, I have never seen anyone do that, anywhere. That was just a great example of Rocky's personal touch that he gives to all of his customers.

The El Rio must really love Rocky because they advertise Navajo Indian Tacos on their website, "Dawn (the owner) is really cool, shes let me set up and do my thing" .

Whats next for Rocky Yazzie, "I'm trying to get two of my other friends to join me on the Food Network for a food truck competition, we sent in our audition tape and they really liked us, my sell to them was Southwest Cuisine out of a Food Truck" .

Rocky's other aspirations include someday owning a restaurant like the Frybread House in Phoenix, Arizona., "I'm so proud of those guys, they recently won the James Beard award" , which gives accolades to gourmet American food.

Personally speaking, I would love to see Rocky on the Food Network because he has everything they're looking for, he has a professional cooking background, hes got tons of personality, and he wants it.

Interesting enough, Rocky is an accomplished cellist, "I studied cello all threw high school and college. I graduated from New Mexico State University with a degree in Music Theory" .

After spending 40 minutes chopping it out with Rocky, I clearly saw what the other patrons were seeing in this Mission foodie phenom.

As Rocky's night was coming to a close, he sold out of his frybread in typical form and graciously had to decline a patron who was visiting his college kids from Ohio. I felt bad for the guy so I offered my taco to him that Rocky made me for earlier, I was going to bring it home to my brother. The guy was very appreciative and offered me money, I politely said, "no thanks but you can throw some money in Rocky's donation bucket" .

And of course in parting fashion like the true gentlemen Rockey is, he said to me, "you're from Oakland right, I don't want to hold you up because I know the last BART train is coming soon" , and to be honest, I would of missed that last train just to hang out with Rocky for a few more minutes because hes an awesome guy just like his frybread.

Check out Rocky on Twitter to see when and where he sets up shop:

Rocky Yazzie

Here are some links to Rocky's fabulous write ups online, make sure you read the comments at the bottom of each link, Rocky is the real deal:


Food Anonymous Diet Day 28

I woke okay this morning, I haven't been getting my usual sleep because I've been getting home late and then having to wake up mid morning for work.

Heres what I ate so far:

- small chow mein from Chinese Deli
- Chipotle Salad with steak, pico, corn and their house dressing
- 3 small donuts from Starbuck
- 2 chocolate cookies from Starbucks
- brisket full meal plate from Original Joe's, brisket, mashed potatos & gravy, potato salad and slice bread, now before everyone thinks I totally ruined my diet, I only had bites from this meal, I had plenty left over which I took home for my bro.

Amazingly I was able to notch my belt in one more in, I was happy about. My goal is a coulple more notches. I feel like I lost weight this week, so I'm excited to get on the scale tomorrow!

Happy Dieting!


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 27

Even though I've been on the internet all day, I only have time right now to blog what I ate today, whats up with that?

- rice/beans/salsa from work
- Chipotle Salad
- 2 fudge & shortbread cookies from CoffeeBean
- Mc Double w/ cheese from Mickey D's

I really feel over the wagon by getting a cheeseburger but I couldn't help it. I just wanted to taste it so bad. Well really, thats the only cheeseburger I had all month.

Happy Dieting!


Monday, March 26, 2012

The Good News

The reason why I haven't been blogging lately is because my laptop was in the shop and its finally working, so everyone, its going to be double time for me. Not only will I finish blogging my 90 Day Food Anonymous Diet, I will also be blogging about shit that made you guys some of my faithful readers in the first place.

Big up's to the tech guys at Office Max for getting for getting the final bugs in my laptop working again!

See you guys soon!


Food Anonymous Diet Day 26

Omg you guys, I'm coming to the first 30 days of my diet and its definitely been something! And actually, I can tell you this, my skin has cleared up a lot. I usually have a lot of body acne but since I stopped eating fast food, I don't have as many body pimples anymore, it can't be a coincidence.

Today was good, I took a really good dump after eating my favorite salad, you guys would think I would getting of Chipotle salads by now but I'm not. But I have been mixing it up so I don't get finicky.

Heres what I ate today:

- rice/beans/salsa from work
- chipotle salad with steak, barbacoa, onions, corn, pico salsa, whole beans, and apple vinaigrette for dressing, yummo!
- chips and guac from Chipotle
- yogurt from Starbucks

I must've been really happy with my current weight even though it looks like I'm getting skinny, my old weight was my fat weight, if that makes sense. My old average weight was 260 and now thats starting to look skinny to me. I guess I must've been a fat and happy 275 for a long time.

Honestly, I love to be fat and happy 235, now those are college days.

Anyhoo, we'll see how it goes!

Happy Dieting!


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 25

Today started okay, I took a good poop in the morning, I think it was the Milky Way Candy Bar that got me going.

- Milky Way Candy Bar
- rice/beans/pico/cheese from work
- fruit/walnut salad
- sample foods from our new menu, napa quesadillas, flauta, deep fried brie cheese, potato chips with buffalo sauce
- lemonade with cherry flavor
- Coldstone Ice Cream with 3 toppings

I'm doing alright, I just have to not think or act over-compulsive when I eat!

Happy Dieting!


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 24

OMG, its Saturday and I'm doing better.

I started off great these past 3 days, I've been really good at starting my day with eating the same things:

- oatmeal w/ blueberries
- Chipotle Salad
- 3 pieces of chocolate
- cheese sticks and wings from Papa Johns

My day isn't over, hopefully I'll be able to keep my eating choices in check!

Happy Dieting!


Food Anonymous Diet Day 23

OMG, I'm pretty sure I repeated the same exact thing as the day before:

- oatmeal w/ blueberries
- Chipotle Salad
- Large Slurpee
- Nachos w/ extra cheese
- 4 pieces of fudge, *mama rosa's* yum!

Happy Dieting!


Food Anonymous Diet Day 22

Today's Weigh in: 271

Okay for one, I was up one 1 lb from last week, I was a little taken back it and almost gave up, but my eating leveled out.

I've been lagging on my diet blogs but here we go:

- oatmeal
- chipotle salad
- large popcorn
- large slurpee

I totally splurged at the movies when I saw, "Hunger Games" .

Happy Dieting!


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 21

Ah shit, its a good thing the girl at the Wingstop messed up order otherwise I probably would have fell off hard today.

Here's what I got by on:

- KFC Chicken Pot Pie
- medium Fruit Punch
- 1 biscuit with butter, yummo!
- 2 wings
- 2 sweet yeast rolls from Wingstop
- fruit and walnut snack from Micky D's!
- Navajo Indian Taco compliments of Rocky Yazzie aka Rocky's Frybread!

Tomorrow is the big weigh, I'm feeling pretty confident about it, I'm hoping to be down at least 2 lbs, we'll find out tomorrow morning!

Right now I'm chilling before I start another heavy work week, I had a couple days off so I'm pretty well rested!

Thats it for now!

Happy Dieting!


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 20

I have one more day off because I go back to work, when I'm not working its hard for me to stick my diet because I have this nasty habit of spluring, shit.

My day was good, heres what I ate!

- 2 instant oatmeals with raisen, 2 spoons of sugar to get the digestion track going
- peanut butter and raspberry sandwich
- BLT Salad from Burger King, Ranch Dressing
- snacks from tonights event, sparkling cider, cookies, california rolls, chips and salsa
- Banana Split from the Creamery on 18th Street in SF, I love how they glaze their banana's with sugar on top, they come out caramelized!

Around late afternoon is when I took a good deuce, that oatmeal and salad helped push that junk out out my stomach.

Tonight was great, I got to perform at the Native American AIDS Awareness Day and the whole event was a success, congrats to the Native American Health Center for sponsoring such a wonderful event!

The Rumsey Ohlone guy who opened the event with his handstick prayer songs was into my set threw my whole time on stage, so that made me feel good! The crowd was good but I always remember the best laughers in the audience!

I still have another couple days before I get on the scale. I want to lose this week so I have to make sure I stay within my eating habits!

Happy Dieting!


Monday, March 19, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 19

Today started off my much better because of how I let myself go yesterday.

- 2 leftover wings
- small instant oatmeal with 2 spoons of sugar and raisens

I'm starting to think I'm one of those persons who need to stay busy so I won't have idling hands.

Happy Dieting!


Food Anonymous Diet Day 18

I didnt' blog yesterday, so I have to back track.

It was my day off so I always have to try harder to keep my food bingeing at bay.

Here's what I ate:

- 2 peanut butter & honey sandwiches
- KFC Chicken Pot Pie
- large fruit punch
- 6 yeast rolls from Wingstop, there were really good. :(
- small potato salad from Wingstop
- 5 Crispy Wings from KFC with ranch and honeymustard
- Coldstone Creamery Icecream
- 6 chocolate easter eggs from Walgreens *they were on sale*
- half of Stax Prinlges from Walgrees, those were on sale too, damn, I'm beginning to see a pattern.

Really, my only postive for yesterday was that I ran. I'll be very lucky to lose any weight this week!

Happy Dieting!


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 17

Holy shit its been getting harder and harder to blog my daily eat habits. On some days I have to go back and be like, "oh yeah, I ate that too" .

Today is St. Patricks Day it my work day just dragged in the beggining but luckily it picked up and I was able to walk away with some money from work.

I know I ate something sweet this morning but I can't remember what, serioulsy, so for the sake of competent food blogging, I'm just going to say it was a candy bar.

- candy bar
- big salad from Chipotle, steak, barbacoa, onions, pico with apple chipotle dressing from my work
- chips and guac from Chipotle
- 2 cadburry easter eggs

I had a really good time at the Jody Watley concert lastnight, I really do feel like a changed person. I'll blog more about that later when I'm on the laptop again.

Until then,

Happy Dieting!


Friday, March 16, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 16

I did splurge a little bit last night but I got back on the wagon this afternoon.

I went to my doctor to fill a prescription and damned if his weight scale said I was fat. It didn't matter to me because I'm going by my weight scale at home. And plus my tummy looks smaller this week.

Here's what I ate so far today:

- small glass of cranberry juice.
- 2 peanut & honey sandwiches.
- small Apple and Chicken salad from Wendy's, it was good but I recommend the crispy. chicken instead of the grilled chicken next time.
- small cookies n cream from the Cold Stone Creamery with chocolate, caramel, and oreo's mixed in
- small portion of beef enchi's, which didn't turn out very good. :( I think the sauce was old.

Today is my day but I decided to relax because its raining out, surprisingly I got a lot down today.

Happy Dieting!


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 15

I just could not wait to get on the scale this morning because I knew I was down again from last week. I knew because I ate a lot better and I was taking dumps like crazy.

Seriously, yogurt, oatmeal, and salads having been making me take the #2 like nobodys business.

So without further adieu, drumroll please!

Todays Weigh In: 270

Yup, I lost 3 lbs from last week and I was so happy this morning.

I must be doing something right because the weight is coming off. I know I'm not suppossed to eat flour and sugar but I do allow myself so slide here and there but for the most part, I do stick to meal plans and portion control.

Also, I've been drinking nothing but water but again, if I do drink something other then water, its usually a Vitamin Zero Calorie flavored water or Zero Calorie flavored water drink from SOBE.

Even though these non sugar drinks are supposedly Zero calorie, I could tell my mouth was craving these water substitute sugar drinks, so I have to catch myself and say, "no, drink regular water, its better for you" .

Of course, like any sane person, I wish more weight would come off but I'm very happy with the way its coming off! Only because I'm doing it the healthy way and not crash dieting where it would hurt my body.

Here's what I ate today:

- small sweet/sour chicken from Chinese place
- chips with beans from work
- big salad from Chiptole, chicken, steak, fajita onions, whole beans, and mild salsa
- 2 small pieces of fancy fudge
- Big Cookie and Large Thai Ice Tea from Brainwash
- Crispy Beef Taco and Beef/Cheese/Bean Burrito from Carl's Jr.

I'm pretty sure I'm on an official dieting routine, because after work is when I eat, and by the time I check my email is when my salad is digested and I have to take a crap, which is about now.

Happy Dieting!


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 14

Yay, I can't wait to weigh in tomorrow!

Here's what I ate today:

- small house fried rice
- big salad from Chipotle, steak, barbacoa, onions, and salsa!
- parfait
- Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream
- Guac and Chips from Chipotle
- latenight instant oatmeal with raisens, milk, and 2 spoons of sugar

I love eating salads, oatmeal, and yogurt because they make me go poop!

Whoo Hoo!

Happy Dieting!


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 13

My diet is moving right along, I can't to weigh in this week, I think I've been doing pretty good. Today was supposed to be an excercise day but its raining in the bay today so forget that.

Heres what I ate so far:

- beans/rice/pico de gallo from work
- big Chipotle salad with fajita onions, whole beans, steak, corn salsa, & mild salsa
- small & big cookies from Hot Cookie

In other news I finally bought some new work pants, size 40 of course, and boy were they tight, fuck.

As of now I can wear my belt 4 nothes in, my goal is to get to wear it 7 nothes in comfortabley, I think thats a reasonable goal.

Anyhoo, haven't given up yet!

Happy Dieting!


Monday, March 12, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 12

Its Monday and my diet is going good, heres what I ate so far today:

- 2 cups of refried beans/rice/salsa from work
- big Chipotle salad with Barbacoa, steak, cheese, corn, salsa and Apple Chipotle vinaigrette from work.
- small guac and chips from Chipotle
- small ColdStone Creamery ice cream with pinapple, cherries, caramel, and yellow cake, my new absolute favorite personal creation!
- bag of honey roasted peanuts from Walgreens
- instand Oatmeal with raisen, 2 spoons of sugar, and milk

Earlier when I was on the library internet doing my daily's, omg, I was so overwhelmed with having to take a big poop and I did just that. I must be eating the right food combinations because the shit is coming right out of me, seriously.


Food Anonymous Diet Day 11

Sunday was a good day, I didn't have a chance to blog my diet that day, so here it is:

- grape juice
- peanut butter sandwich
- parfait from McDonald's
- small chow main from Fruitvale, I wasn't going to but I love fresh Chinese Food!
- baked Chicken, Zuni style with tons of salt
- 2 small chocolate eggs from Walgreens because its Easter
- Instant Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal with 2 table spoons of sugar, raisins, and milk. <---- That was da-bomb!

You know, I can tell my weight has been coming off because I've been shitting a lot and I do mean a lot, when I have to go, I have to go. With that being said, my last late night shit was in an empty car lot off Van Ness street in SF. I really didn't feel weird about taking a shit in public because I had done it before but I know I need to be really careful when I do this, after all, its not a pretty sight when a stranger catches you taking a dump on the sidewalk. And yes, I did look for a nearby indoor bathroom but there was nothing available. I don't want anyone to think I like taking a shit in public because I don't and for that matter, I was very classy about it too, fortunately this time I had some newspaper with me, when I was done, I balled it up, threw it in the garbage and no one knew the wiser. After that last experience I've been seriously thinking about carrying around those plastic popper bags dog owners carry around for their pets, except I don't have a pet, its for me.

Happy Dieting everyone!


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 10

Lastnight I ordered the Ribeye Steak from Tommy T's while we were watching George Lopez but they messed up my order so I ended up sending back.

Its probably a good thing they messed up my order because that meat probably would have been digesting in my stomach for days.

Amazingly, I can feel the weight coming off my body, I just have to try and stay on track!

Here's I started my day:

- peanut butter sandwich
- hot spicy peanuts
- small glass of grape juice
- ceasar chx salad with parm cheese, croutons
- horchata *yummmmm*

Friday, March 9, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 9

This was my last day of a heavy work week, so tomorrow I can finally relax and catch up on my rest.

This morning a police car was in pursuit of a stolen car, and whats funny about that, the bus that I usually catch in the morning was right behind the chase as it was happening and the driver almost missed my stop because she was too busy watching the chase and following it. Now thats just ridiculous. A guy stole a car thus having a cop car chase him, and then there was a bus chasing them because they were being a nosey ass, whatev's.

Anyhoo, heres what I ate today:

- 2 small cups of beans/rice/pico de gallo/pineapple salsa from work
- small salad from Lee's Deli, romaine lettuce, dried cranberries, crushed walnuts, and strawberries with oil and red vinegar. I remember that salad recipe from a fast food place, I think the salad was called "Strawberry Champagne Surprise" , or something, anyhow, it was really good.
- small Cold Stone Creamery ice cream with black cherries, pinapple, caramel, and yellow cake
- small order of spicy wings from Tommy T's
- chips and salsa from Tommy T's
- peanut butter sandwic
- 2 cups of grape juice
- 2 small portions of Hamburger Helper

Right now I'm on way to see George Lopez at Tommy T's in SF and I'm pretty sure I'll be eating a steak, I mean hello, its George Lopez so I'm going to live a little, not a lot but a little.

I also stopped by Old Navy to look at some clothes. I going to have to tell myself not to shop until I dropped my weight, I really feel like I should be wearing a smaller size, my body may not be up to speed yet but my mind is already starting to think skinny.

Anyhoo, happy dieting!


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 8

Todays weigh in: 273

Which means I lost 2 lbs from last week, I was super stoked when I got off the scale. I know I could have lost more but I was unsure if this diet was going to work, so I was like, I'm going to take small little breaks here and there.

Did I mention that I didn't eat any kind've cheeseburgers from a fastfood chain, thats kind of big for me considering Mickey Dee's and Jack in the Box are like my 2nd homes when it comes to eating.

And whats more amazing is how I was able to lose the weight with only running the lake once this week.

This whole past week I drank nothing but water, I only slipped with drinking flavored Vitamin water and the small Horchata fresca I had lastnight.

And considering all the ice cream, flour and sugarary foods I snuck in on the side, I'm really happy with the 2 lbs I got away with.

I was so juiced, my day started off great, heres what I ate so far!

- 1 packet of Cinnemon Apple Oatmeal
- small salad from Lee's Deli, romaine hearts, lettuce, spinich leaves, half eggs slice, croutons, and blu cheese dressing.
- flavored SOBE Water *O Calorie*
- small ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery *pinapple, caramel, cherries, yellow cake*
- small Greek salad from Extreme Pizza with Ranch Dressing
- assorted nuts with Chile Flavor
- Chicago Dog with all the trimmings
- leftover baked beans/potato salad from Orginal Joe's dinner

My goal for this week is to lose 5 lbs., eat less junk food in my diet and get my 3 physical activities in!

Happy Dieting!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 7

I started off good this morning!

- 2 banana's
- small cup of refried beans/rice with pico from work
- medium Chipotle Grill salad with barbacoa, steak, fajita onions, beans, pico, and corn, topped off with apple chipotle vinigerette from my work. The vinigerette from Chipotle sucks, thats why I bring my own.
- McDonald's Sundae with caramel & chocolate, nuts.
- small horchata with ice, it was soooooo good! My body missed the sugar, I could tell.
- Turkey dinner from Original Joe's, turkey, mash potato's, brown gravy, potato salad, & baked beans. Thankfully I did not eat everything, I had bites here and there, and then saved the rest.

Right now as I'm typing this, I feel like I have to take a big deuce.

Happy Dieting!


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 6

I have to work a double so my eating is going to be short today.

- small cup of McDonald's parfait with strawberries & blueberries
- small cup of black beans & pico de gallo from work
- medium Cobbs salad from 711 which I only ate half.
- medium Chipotle Grill salad with barboacoa & steak, fajita onions, beans, pico
- Mcdonalds Sundae with caramel and chocolate
- small Cold Stone Creamery sundae with pinapple, caramel, cake,
- 4 english muffins grilled in oil with peanut & jelly

Obviously I shouldn't of had the English muffins and the ice cream, but the ice cream did make go poop really good.

Hopefully I'll have enough energy to run around the lake tonight after my double shift!

Happy Dieting!


Monday, March 5, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 5

Today started off good. I did not have time to make my favorite instant oatmeal in the morning so I settled for lunch at work.

- Chicken & Steak Fajitas, refried beans, rice, onions, peppers and guacamole. Thankfully a co-worker took some food, our fajitas from work really are a lot.
- Deluxe Salad from Del Taco which completely and utterly disgusting. It looks like I'll have to stop by McDonalds or Jack in the Box for a fast food salad, theirs are better anyways
- 2 banana's
- small banana ice cream with chocoalte/caramel/banana/chopped walnuts mix in's from The ColdStone Creamery *This made me go poop good, I think I'm lactose intolerant*
- 2 cups of instand cream of wheat w/ 2 spoons of sugar and lots of, "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" , for flavor!

I know its only Day 5 but right now it feels like my diet is going to be a battle between me and my stubborn belly fat and trust me when I say its stubborn.

Happy Dieting!


For Dennis

This is an open letter to the Improv Comedy Club and to all the comedians who entered the comedy contest after the winners were announced, when you read this, you'll get an idea of what minority comedians have to go threw in comedy clubs all across america.


First, congrats to the finalist.

Secondly, I didn't enter this contest because legit comedy contest don't ask for a processing fee to enter their competitions.

Lastly, when I looked up the finalist, they were all white. That's great and all but its hard for me to believe that with all the talent out there Budd and his friend couldn't find one quality minority comedian.

I've been doing stand up comedy for 9 years and its never become more clear to me until now how jaded this industry is.

And I have absolutely no problem letting my feelings be known in fear of retaliation from any comedy club.

I made my own comedy career without the help of any club and wish continued success to all comedians regardless of their backgrounds!

Keep doing what you do because you'll make it on your own aspirations!


Charlie Ballard

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 4

Today was a good day. I've always noticed when I wasn't dieting, I've always managed to splurge on junk food one day in a work week and today was that day, but I did a lot better then I usually do because of my eating choices:

- leftover ceaser salad with carnitas, but didn't eat the pork, it just didn't seem that tantlizing the next day
- 2 packets of Maple Sugar Oatmeal with 2 chopped banana's, holy shit oatmeal is a good fiber item to induce a good shit
- 1 sugar cone of pralines n' cream
- nachos with extra cheese & jalepeno's from the Cal Womens Basketball Game consession, I ordered a bottle of water to drink but also got a SOBE flavored water drink
- caramel & chocolate sundae from Ben & Jerry's in Berkeley
- orange and apple from Walgreen's

Amazingly, I think all the dairy mixed with the oatmeal in my system made me take another big deuce when I got to SF. So all and all, I'm happy with what I ate today, I am so juiced for tomorrow and the next days after that because even though I've been backsliding on my diet a little, I still have so much more to look forward to and in turn, thats going to make me drink more water, eat more salads with protein, and enjoy fresh fruit in the long run!

Also, I noticed I lost a blog reader because of my recent diet blogs, thats cool.

I know I usually blog about stupid frivilous shit but for the remaining 85 days of my diet, I'm going to be blogging about what will be going in and out of my mouth, and for once it won't be cock.

Thats the whole reason why I'm dieting in the first place, so some guy will want to put his cock in my mouth in the first place.

So, if anyone can't deal with that, too bad.

See you guys in 30/40 lbs-ish.


Saturday, March 3, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 3

This morning I woke up, did my run, and ate:

- 2 pieces of grilled chicken from KFC, threw away the biscut
- walked over to the new Wingstop and had 12 wings plain with honey mustard and ranch dressing, the wings were good but I knew they were deep fried in grease :(
- small order of baked beans which weren't that great, the baked beans at Everett & Jones BBQ in Jack London Square are way better
- 2 bowls of instant Maple Sugar oatmeal which made me go shit
- small sorbet ice cream from the ColdStone Creamery, I got a lemon sorbet ice cream and added black cherries & strawberries, it was soooo good!
- ceaser salad with carnitas, parm cheese, croutons
- small horchata

I know its only day 3 but my food choices will get better!

My friend Yvette just gave me the low down on what other foods I can eat besides the standard Food Anonymous Diet plan which consists of two 4 oz salads, two portions of 8 oz of meat for protein and yogurt in the morning to get the intestinal track moving.

Yvette said I can also eat green vegatables and all fruits except for banana's and grapes, I guess because they're loaded with sugar.

I can also eat oatmeal in the mornings other then yogurt, which is good because I know at some point I'll get burnt out on McDonald's yougurt.

So, I have to work extra hard not to eat my instant Cream of Wheat or instand grits because those items aren't on the menu.

For now, I'm going to finish the boxes that I do have and not buy anymore.

Okay folks, I will say this, after I came home and ate the instant oatmeal, the KFC Chicken and wings whatever else that has been hiding up my ass came out with no problem. I was so happy, I know its still early to see any kind've results so I'll take what I can get, atleat for now.

Happy Dieting!


The War Called Pontiac's

For those of you who don't know, my name is Charlie Ballard and I'm a descendant of Chief Pontiac - Ottawa, one of our Great Native American chiefs from American history.

This blog is in response to a academic call for proposals on Chief Pontiac's War the French and the British.

My response is below:


Call for Proposal Announcement

Title: “The War Called Pontiac’s, 1763-2013”
Who: The McNeil Center for Early American Studies
Dates: April 4-6, 2013
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Deadline: April 16, 2012

The 250th anniversary of what has long been known as “Pontiac’s War”
offers scholars an opportunity to reexamine the conflict and its impact
on the history of North America. The ambiguous role of the Ottawa leader
Pontiac and widespread scope and the varying aims of other Native
participants in the conflicts of the mid-1760s defy easy categorization,
a problem well summed up by Francis Jennings’s phrase, “The War Called
‘Pontiac’s.’” Many contemporary British observers and combatants sought
some conceptual clarity by casting the blame on French-inspired
treachery. Many Native people located the treachery among the British.
In the mid-nineteenth-century, Francis Parkman constructed an epic tale
of a single charismatic Indian leader and the last gasp of a doomed
people. More recent work offers a much more complex interpretation of an
inter-Native movement grounded in Native spirituality and aiming to
regain status as well as land for its Native participants in the new
geopolitical world after the Seven Years War.

Accordingly, this conference encourages broad reexaminations. Possible
topics include—but are not limited to—discussions of any relevant
theater of war, the participation of particular Native groups or
individuals, colonial and imperial responses, immediate repercussions or
long-term effects, subsequent historiography and changing perceptions,
new attempts at synthesis, or fresh frameworks for understanding.


Proposals are welcome for papers of approximately thirty pages in
length, which will be pre-circulated to all conference participants.
Suggestions for complete panels will also be considered, but the
organizers reserve the right to accept, reject, or reassign individual

Please submit proposals of approximately 600 words, along with
curriculum vitae, to no later than 16 April
2012. Accepted panelists will be notified by mid-May 2012; papers will
be due for pre-circulation no later than 1 February 2013. Some support
for participants’ travel and lodging will be available.


Here's my response:

Currently, there is a college academic debate coming up called the, "The War Called Pontiac’s, 1763-2013" , in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania., to
to, reexamine the conflict and its impact on the history of North America" .

Why? I guess, "many contemporary British observers and combatants sought some conceptual clarity by casting the blame on French-inspired treachery. Many Native people located the treachery among the British" .

It sounds like these academic scholars are having a hard time pinning which European nation caused treacherous relations with the Indigenous tribes on the North American continent.

Seeing as how I have a B.A. degree in American Indian Studies and researched my Great Grandfather Chief Pontiac for a history class in school, here's my opnion.

At some and point in time upon European contact with the North American Indigenous tribes, all of the European Nations who migrated to the America's ie French, British, and Spanish, in some way, shape or form had treacherous relations with the Europeans because of there poor diplomacy skills.

For example, if you read in Francis Parker's account, "The Chief Pontiac Conspiracy" , you'll note that Chief Pontiac wanted peace with the European tribes but because the European negotiator insighted insults with his diplomacy, he negotiations caused war and a lot of uneccesary deaths on both sides.

These aggressive European characteristics and approaches are a commom theme in dealing with the American Indian tribes during the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.

If you read other historical accounts of other tribes, all of our old chiefs wanted to live in peace or come to a truce with the Whites but their leaders kept insighting brutality, war mongering, fear, and genocide with America's first original inhabitants.

Have White people learned anything from their past mistakes on having good diplomatic relations with Native American tribes, yes, but at what cost.


Charlie Ballard

Friday, March 2, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 2

Wow, my FA diet must be really working because I took a good shit this afternoon and my turd has never looked healthier. Seriously, I think all those leafy greens and vegatables gave it a great color. I just feel more juiced to keep going!

- cup of black beans with pineapple salsa
- Chipotle salad with steak/shredded beef/black beans/fajita onions/corn/pico and Apple Chipotle dressing from Chevy's, *one of my all time favorites"
- 2 small bags of honey roasted peanuts
- small can of macadamian nuts
- late night ceaser salad from Taqueria in the Castro, the ceaser dressing was da bomb

When I was ordering my salad at Chipotle, I asked if they put lard and bacon in their brown beans and they said yes so I passed but then I was like, "yeah, give me the steak and shredded beef on top of my salad" , looking back and considering my meat choices, I should have went with the brown beans.

Happy Dieting!


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 1

Food Anonymous Diet Day 1: for the next 90 days I'll be doing the FA diet, which means no sugar or flour! My weight has stayed the same for the past couple of weeks and still with the all the running I've been doing, it was time to take it a step further and change my daily diet because thats whats been kicking my butt! Wish me luck guys!

Starting Weight: 275

What I ate for today!

- cup of Black Beans with pico salsa
- small salad from Lee's Deli, cranberries, walnuts, romainse lettuce,
oil & vinegar,
- McDonald's Soutwest Salad with Paul Newman's Southest dressing
- McDonald's parfait *yummie*
- cream of wheat package with 2 tablespoons of sugar and a couple splashes of, "I can't believe it's not butter" !
- small bag of pistachio's

The FA Diet is supposed to consist of no sugar and no flour in my dieting, so even though I put 2 spoons of sugar, I'm not tripping because I wanted to enjoy my cream of wheat.