Wednesday, January 30, 2013

49ers Chris Culliver is a Douche Bag

A straight guy comedian friend asked me what I thought about the 49ers player Chris Culliver who recently made anti-gay remarks:

Q: in light of the 49ers player being reprimanded for saying he did not want gay players in the locker room, how should this be handled. Straight people do not share locker rooms with people of the opposite sex, should straight athletes have to share a locker room with gay athletes that are getting a free peep show every time they shower together? Is this ignorant thinking?

A: Thats ignorant thinking. When I'm in a gym working out and changing in the locker room, thats my personal & private time. I'm not there for anything else other then to shower & change just like the rest of the guys. Now, if guys can't handle that than they should wait till they get home to change. I've also had many straight guys shower naked with me to prove they weren't homophobic, which I thought spoke volumes about their character.

And really, what I got from his remarks was that he didn't want gay athletes on his team when in fact there have been past & present. ie Kwame Harris

Real talk, straight athletes hate losing to gay athletes in any game because it hurts their ego's, its very emasculating for them. For me personally, I love kicking some straight guys ass at any game, even comedy. In short, these insecure little boys need to grow the fuck up.


Monday, January 28, 2013

Patricia Michaels - Project Runway Season 11

Wow, we finally have a Native American designer on Project Runway Season 11!

Everyone meet Patricia Michaels - Taos Pueblo.

Below are some pics of her past work and her Native heritage is definitely a clear influence in her designs, love it !!!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Adam Levine - SNL

Adam Levine was recently on Saturday Night Live and yahoo posted some pics from the show, from looking at the pics I wish I would have recorded it.


Miley Cyrus - Cosmopolitan

Wow, its looks like the 80's power bitch look is back, go Miley!


Monday, January 21, 2013

Charlie Ballard Update

So far we're 20 days in 2013 and heres what I'm up to:

Money:  Saying I'm ass broke ass would be an understatement.  Due to the new Fiscal Cliff deal my unemployment extension was cut off by the Federal government so I had to refile. Fortunately they gave it to me last week and the mini-vacay continues.

Traveling: With the NDN money I received from the Cobell settlement I decided to take my ma down to L.A. for a couple days to get out of the Bay Area.  We'll be down there for a week and we got a lot of stuff planned.  We got tickets for the Price is Right and I'll probably take her on the Hollywood hiking trail, we use to be avid walkers so that should be fun.  I also scheduled some comedy shows while we're in the areaa so I'm looking forward to doing those.

Romance:  I haven't been fucked since my STD scare last month and I'm kind of scared to get back on the horse, no pun intended.  I suppose my fear of having relations with other men wouldn't be sequesterd if it wasn't always an anonymous encounter and if I actually did it with somebody who I knew and liked..

Dieting:  At my last weigh in I was 292, which is the heaviest I've been in a while.  I couldn't believe it because I've been doing a lot of running since August.  Its been a couple weeks since I got on the scale and I'm trying really hard to scale back on the junk food.  I'm hoping to drop 20lbs by the time I start shooting for the movie.

Future plans:  In April, I'm schedule to shoot a gay romantic comedy, "All The Others Were Practice" . I got the main lead which is why I've been trying to lose weight.  Regardless of how I look until then I'm so excited to be apart of this project.  I'm also getting my hair done this week and taking new headshots for 2013 with Andrew Moore.

????:  Other than that, I really don't know whats going to happen for this year, if anyone knows please message me.


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How I Came Out - Monologues

Hey everybody, I'm producing a new show series in San Francisco called the, "How I Came Out - Monologues" , which features many fabulous LGBT performers sharing their coming out stories.

All shows will happen January 29, February 12 & 26, March 12 & March 26.

1760 Market St.
SF, CA 94102
415 431 4202

10$ Cover, 21 & Over, Show @ 8:00pm, Doors open @ 7:00pm, No Drink Minimum.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Heart Happy

Recently my comedian friend Marty was diagnosed with heart disease and his condition forced to him to start eating right and taking care of himself.

Today he looks great and his heart doctor couldn't be more happy with him, heres how he did it!

#1 - Eat Whole barley. No sugar. No cheese. No white bread. No red meat.  Eat whole grains which means no white flour instead eat hole wheat, Quinoa, Flax seed, Oats. Eat lots of veggies, legumes, fruit.

#2 -Cook more at home, eat less take out.  Use broth rather than oil when cooking. Only use one tsp of oil in any dish.

#3 - No fried foods. 

#4 - Try to avoid refined sugar.

#5 - Tofu is good for you.

#6 - Exercise daily.

Thanks Marty, you're such an inspiration!

                                 Here are his before and after pic's.

                               and heres how he looks today, wow!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Feeling Better

Wow, what a week its been.

You never really know how much stress you carry with yourself until either you snap mentally or your body gives up from sheer exhaustion.

For me, my body couldn't maintain the amount of stressing I've been idling and it eventually gave in.

I suppose it all began with my sleeping patterns, which meant sleeping into the late afternoon and not going to bed until after midnight.  This is the life of a comedian because we stay out really late at the open mics trying to hone our jokes.

And then theres the ho-ing around on the side wasn't helping my cause either, and really, that was supposed to help relieve my stress when in fact it thats what put me over the top.

Last week when I visited with my doctor, I made a choice not to give into heavy stress medication.  I can see how some people would give into being medicated because its a quick way to relive your pain but I decided, thats not my path.

So what got me thru lastnights sleep was a simple prayer.  In my prayers I finally gave up the illusion of control I had over myself and others.  There are many things that are just beyond my will and I finally said to myself that alright with that.

And I wouldn't have thought about it praying unless I Googled, "stress & sleep deprivation" , and found an article from an online therapist. I'm so glad we live in an age where the information is available and accessible.

This morning I woke up feeling 90% better and went for a morning run, something of which I never do because I usually run in the evening.

I actually enjoyed running in daylight, it was refreshing and it actually gave me more energy to get thru the day.

If I start waking up everyday in the morning and end up going to bed early, I'll be alright with that.


Saturday, January 5, 2013


It sucks having High Blood Pressure aka Hypertension.

I guess I've been in denial about it for a long time and my symptoms are finally starting to surface.

Back in 1994, I had suffered a mild stroke and had Bell's Pausey.  I remember when the paramedics took my blood pressure, it was a whopping 240.  They asked me how I felt and I remember it carrying a lethargic feeling with it.

Last night I checked my blood pressure at one of those machines by the pharmacy and my numbers were still pretty high, I think I was 155 systolic.  I have to keep telling myself not to check my blood pressure after I work out.

I've been researching hypertension and theres a myriad of reasons why I could be having it, being overweight, sudden stress from a current life event and so on.

I really want to avoid having a heart attack or having a stroke at my age so for 2013 and beyond, I'm going to find better ways to manage my stresses and what I eat.

Tonight I started eating almonds, which are high in Omega 3 and are good for hypertension, I also read walnuts are good.  Some of the websites recommend fish oils but I'm not much of a fish eater.  The other stuff that caught my eye was to start eating fruits and vegetables.

Besides eating right, my other goal is to stay away from people who trigger my blood pressure.

The other day I found myself having usual thoughts about people who piss me off and I bet you guys anything thats how the stress has been manifesting into keeping my blood pressure up.

I usually do meditations to chill out but those haven't been working lately, I can't seem to focus on the task at hand and keep getting distracted with negative thoughts.

When I go to bed at night, I usually try to leave on the top 40 music channel to help me sleep and lately its been giving me stress.  I usually enjoy their playlist but this time it was really irritating, its like some of the songs I normally listen to are filled with rage and it sounds like they're venting.

So like the old fogey I'm turning into, I tuned into the soft rock channel and felt much more relaxed.

It amazing how much stress we have in our daily lives when we take a step back and can see them for what they really are and if you ask me, I'm done with it.

The best news I heard in this whole ordeal is that my doctor said this anxiety would pass and not soon enough but I suppose I need to go thru the motions.

Stay well everyone!


p.s. I won't tolerate stress on my facebook page, if anyone leaves any kind of stress related posts, you're gonna get blocked.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Its 2013 Bitches !!!

Yay, my poop has finally turned back to its original color and texture!

For the past couple of weeks it hasn't been the same because I've been getting over a cold and plus I've been stressed

Today is the first day of the year and I'm going to try really hard to stay on my diet, which means no eating fried foods, fast foods, or any kind of snack foods.

When I checked into the clinic last week, my weight was 292.

I'm only 10lbs away from being 300.  I was so devastated because I've been running 3x a week since August.

I finally have to realize that I'm getting older and my metabolism isn't what it use to be, which is why I haven't been able to burn off all those fatty foods I've been eating.

And it probably didn't help that I've been eating heavy foods right after I was running, so really, I haven't been jogging at all, I've been taking 2 mile runs Popeye's.

I'm just going to keep my chin up and stay working at it.  And by the way, when I told a friend I gained weight and they asked me to post a picture to see what I look like, thats not helping.

Happy New Years everyone!