Friday, June 28, 2013


15 years ago this weekend I put down the bottle and haven't looked back.  And every year this SF Pride weekend is my sobriety birthday.  Sometimes its very lonely being sober.  I always find myself passing up on hanging out with comedians because all they do to connect with each other is drink, smoke weed, or use some kind of drug to bond.  I know what you guys are thinking, "why don't you join a gay club like SF Cheer" ?   If you guys have never heard of SF Cheer, they're a gay cheerleading group.  And that sounds like a great idea but I had a friend who was on the squad and he said they're just a bunch of tweakers, for realz.

Do you know whats crazy.  I have a gay friend who had no social life when he was younger so his parents didn't know what to do with him and decided to take him to an at risk LGBT Youth group to meet people and he did,  the only problem, hanging out with these at risk LGBT youth is where he learned how to do drugs.  Isn't that crazy, so really his drug & alcohol problems stem from his parents just trying to get him out of the house.

Last night at the Castro Block Party celebrating the defeat of Prop 8 & DOMA. *Defense of Marriage Act* , I saw an old friend who I use to work with.  He was hanging out with this gay boy who I've been seeing around for years.  So when our mutual introduced us, I found out hes a Two Spirit.  Isn't that amazing, right under my nose all that time. After I learned of his background, I grabbed his hand and said, "honey, I've been seeing you around for years, I remember seeing you around when you were skinny" .  And he was like, "how come you never said hi" .  And I said, "because I don't like to bother people and let them be" .

I immediately asked him if he was involved with his culture and he said he was adopted out because of the physical abuse he endured from his Native family.  He said he was glad to move out because he got tired of eating government cheese. And he went on to say when he moved out, he got stuck with White people who ate government cheese too.

I don't know how I do it but I always manage to meet and find the cast outs from Indian reservations.  Many of these Natives who come to SF don't want anything to do their culture because of the bad experiences they grew up with from their homes and can you blame them?

For me, great friendships are about timing.  Its about meeting the right people at the right time, under the right circumstances and then just maybe, I might have a new friend for life.


Thursday, June 27, 2013

San Francisco Gay Pride Comedy Show 2013

This blog is a couple days late but I would like to thank all of our  performers from the, "San Francisco Gay Pride Comedy Show 2013" , at Club OMG this past Sunday.

Special props to Natasha Muse and Justin Lucas for stopping by and filling in. And special special props to Valerie Branch for helping coordinate traffic.  And of course thank you to Rakesh for hosting our show at the Club OMG!

Lately I've been a person of few words so with that, everyone was great and thanks!


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Still Here Muthaf*ckers ...

Wow, I'm looking at all my blog entries for 2013 and I really haven't written that many entries for this year.

This was mostly due to the fact that I was going thru a rough patch since last Fall, I was battling depression, a respiratory illness, anxiety attacks, high blood pressure and trying to make a movie all in the same time.

Sometime in late March my life began to get better when I received anti-biotics for my respiratory illness.   Getting better couldn't of happened at a better time because my illness didn't distract me from making the movie.  My bestie will tell you that a couple months ago that when we talked on the phone that I was taking long heavy breaths in our conversations because my breathing was off.

For a moment there I just thought my nerves were just getting the best of me because I was starring in my first feature film as a first time actor, with no previous actor experience whatsoever. And I began to think maybe the pressure began to manifest itself into depression, high blood pressure, & high anxiety.

Right now I can think of a certain stand up comedian who is on track to performing 1000 consecutive days of stand up comedy and lately hes been blogging about the high anxiety and the stress hes been going thru because of it.  So I guess that shit is real.

I bring this up because tonight I just saw the producer of our movie and since the beginning of this movie shoot, he broke in a severe case of facial acne.  How do I know this his acne is related to the movie, well because when I saw him tonight his face started to clear up.  Is this a coincidence that his face began to clear up after we finished the movie this past week, I don't think so.

For the past month, everyone related to this movie had to endure some sort of high level stress.  All I can say is that its nothing like anything I've ever experienced before and I'm glad its over.

Considering the conditions we were all under, I'm sure the movie will turn out great because all the actors gave great performances so I really can't wait to see how it turns out.


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Famous Enough

I have to come to the conclusion that I have reached the pinnacle of my stand up comedy success.  And I say this because it was the Native American population in the United States who made my career happen.

It wasn't the White population, it wasn't the Mexicans, it wasn't the Asians, and it certainly wasn't the Black people who made me famous, but it was the Red people who gave me my chance to live the dream.

Next month I'll be celebrating 10 years in comedy and the industry hasn't changed, they're still promoting the same mediocre white boy comedians from when I first started and minority comedians are lucky if they get thrown a bone.

This past week there was a new Cherrio's commercial that was considered controversial by mainstream America because it featured an inter-racial couple and Cherrio's received so much hate mail over it.

WTF?  Are you serious?

And these are the people I've been trying to champion for the past 10 years, fuck that.

I'm not here to represent haters, idiots, bigots, racists.  I'm here to represent the people who share my politics.

But come to think of it, its become pretty obvious why my career has stalled.  My glass ceiling turned out to be average middle America White people who don't want to identify with anybody else except for themselves.

The entertainment industry they kept telling us if we wanted to make it that we'd have to disregard our race, gender, sexuality and talk about non specific topics that would appeal to a broader audiences.


Why the fuck do we have to cut out our identify?  Is it to make our White counterparts feel better about their own lack of?

In some odd twisted way then I'm glad I didn't make it because that would have meant selling out the most funny and interesting parts about me because some fucking hee-haws don't get it.

I'm tired of trying to cow toe and relate to White people whose experiences I don't share, why does this have to be one way streak, why can't these muthafucka's try and relate to me?

In a way I'm glad they took away my ancestors language and made us learn English, so now they can perfectly understand me when I say to them, go fuck yourself.


Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hella Gay Comedy Show - Sacramento

We did our 2nd Hella Gay Comedy Show at the Sacramento Comedy Spot last night, big thanks to Brian Crall for hosting our shows, we had a terrific crowd and our comics were fabulous as always.

A special shout to our stellar performers - Karinda Dobbins, Jessica Sele, Carrie Avritt, Ariel Smith, Nick Leonard and Cassandra Gorgeous.