Thursday, May 28, 2015

Facebook Sucks

This upcoming Sunday I will be shutting down my Facebook account because my account has been targeted as a fake profile. Facebook has begun to enforce their, "authentic names policy" , and has been blocking accounts in the LGBT community namely drag queens, trans women, sex workers, furry's, and so on.  On Monday, I will be heading to the Facebook headquarters to protest along with several other hundred drag queens, performers, and other people to protest their name change policy.

 Heres an open letter I sent to Mark Suckerberg:

 Hi Mark, I am very unhappy with your "authentic names policy" on Facebook and how you've been attacking the LGBT community. I think its really superficial how you've been asking us to verify our identity and not everyone else. Whether I give my real name or not to Facebook, I would never submit my passport, Drviers License, or any other of my legal info to your website, let alone to any social media website.  I mean really, do you think you're some kind of government agency because you're not. I will be protesting Facebook this upcoming Monday with other drag queens, trans women, furry's, Native Americans, and other affected groups by the names policy. And then I be moving my social media page to