Friday, February 28, 2014

Charlie Ballard selfie art

heres a selfie that was inspired by Adam & Eve, #werk

Stefan Pinto - C Diet

Hey everybody, I'm kicking off March with a health & fitness blog.  Some of you may have started 2014 with a New Years Resolution to start eating right but you don't know quite how to get started!

There are many diet & exercise programs online, heres one of the best ones out right now, it by Actor/Model - Stefan Pinto called the C Diet.  The great thing about this diet program, its all about food choices and portions.  Heres what makes Stefan's diet so popular, his clients post their lunch/dinner/snack photos on his C Diet Facebook page and Stefan personally checks in with you and  guides you on what you should and shouldn't be eating.

Don't believe me just yet, heres one of his many success stories!

You can't control everything in your life, but you can control what you put in your mouth:

Here we go:
Did you know, a Facebook status update Thanksgiving morning started the Stefan Pinto C Diet®? He posted: Gobble! Gobble! Post a picture of your Thanksgiving meal on my wall! Since then, participants have submitted over 28,000 photos of their meal!

- The C in C Diet stands for “Choice”
- Participants submit photos and must indicate if their food choice was based on: calories, convenience, cost or a combination of all three
- Major brands send the participants incentives in the form of full-sized, healthy product. 
- Participants photograph every single meal for 90 days
- Powered by a camera phone and Facebook
- Since Stefan Pinto lost over 60lbs and became a male model, he provides the participants with an opportunity to be a “model for a day” following their graduation

Is this the Biggest Loser?!
Unlike the Biggest Loser (basically a freak show), where participants have to be hugely overweight to participate, then lose 80 to hundred or more pounds, through grueling, sometimes impossible torture, acts that no one can possibly relate to, let alone follow... i.e.: a circus, the C Diet® promotes attainable weight loss, that is practical, possible, empowering -- and a thrill 

About Stefan Pinto
Stefan Pinto used to be a fat guy, working on Wall Street -- with a three hour commute. Not obese, just fat enough to look older than he really was. Fat enough to have scary premature arthritis, early on-set diabetes, gastro refulx disease, migraines and all of the other ailments people suffer from that they think comes with “that’s life.” His weight loss not only changed how he looked, it changed his entire life. He became a male model... which is nice and “oooo la la” but the truth is, it opened his eyes to a simple fact: most of the things we suffer from, we suffer from because we eat poorly. And what we don’t know, will in fact, harm you.

Write-ups from other blogs:

Stefan is not only the President of his company but hes also a member:

and can you guys believe how he looks now?

Stefan wants you to know, if he can do it, so you can you!

Happy Weight Loss !!


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

HBO approves Season 2 of Looking, why?

I'm kidding, I like the show but it needs more grit to it!

I would advise the producer, writers, directors of Looking to watch, "Trueblood" , "Shameless" , "Big Bang Theory" , or even the new NBC sitcom, "About a Boy" , on how to write a good script.

Honestly, I really felt obligated to watch, "Looking" , because they're aren't any other quality gay shows on the tube.  Well, theres, "Downton Abbey" , but its a different kind of gay show.  Which brings up my point, the Gays watch Downton Abbey because the plots and character detailing are so juicy.  Plus it feeds our superfluous gay ego's with nonsense and inconsequential drama.

And oh, the current 30 minute format for, "Looking" , really blows.  Thats not enough time to get to know the characters.  And maybe the show needs more trans & lesbians characters so there could be more interesting sub-plots.

Because whatever bullshit they're doing now, its just not working.

Oh yeah, dear writers of the show, please make, "Patrick" , more likable.  I've only had to watch one episode of the new NBC series, "About a Boy" , to love the lead.   Why did it take 6 episodes of watching, "Looking" , to barely even warm any kind of audience connection with Patrick?

My last request, try to keep Scott Bakula on the show.  We all know Scott got picked up for another series but please please try to keep him.

Maybe the show could be more about Scott's character than Patrick.  And c'mon guys, Scott Bakula is fucking hot, hello, Scott's creepy cult following has just been waiting for a hot gay sex scene with Dom, I know I have.

Below is a vintage photo of Scott Bakula. #80'sheartthrob #silverdaddy #mustacheporn


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Fuck You Diabetes

Ever since the doctors diagnosed me as a pre-diabetic, I've decided I'm not going down without a fight so this month I put my ass in gear and managed to run 30 miles. The L's represent how many times I ran around Lake Merritt.  Fuck you #diabetes

Monday, February 24, 2014

Looking Season 1 Episode 6

Was anyone else craving Cheetos after watching this weeks episode?  No worries, if you didn't get this cheetos reference than that means you didn't watch this show.

All snarkiness aside, this episode, "Looking in the Mirror" , really wasn't that bad.  But is it too late?  Instead of warming the pot for the past 5 episodes with weak story lines, will Patrick's and Richies budding romance be enough to save this series for Season 2.  I'm going to say no.  I'm just hoping we all get see Richie nail Patrick before this season ends.

Okay, lets start with the unhappy lovebirds of Augustine & his boyfriend.  To be honest, I can't even remember his boyfriends name *jean shorts below* because he hasn't been that memorable.  What I will remember from this last episode is the threesome he and his boyfriend did with the gay hooker, that was hot.  But why is Augustine paying for a hooker, wasn't their last their threesome with one of his art assistants, seriously, talking about wasting 220.00$.

Moving on, what really got me juiced about his this episode was Richies display of Latino affection for Patrick.  Could anyone else feel the passion emanating from Richie?  A long time ago, I asked a Latino friend why they get so jealous of their lovers and he said, "because, we take care of our shit" , and Richie was definitely taking care of his shit in this episode.  Richie made it very clear that she will cut a bitch.

In this episode, Richie and Patrick officially declared themselves as boyfriends but what got me is why didn't Patrick introduce Richie as his boyfriend to Patrick's boss, who was at Dolores Park with his boyfriend.

You can already tell where this is going, eventually, if this series ever drags on, Patrick is going to eventually hook up with his cute gay white boss.  And Richie, will ultimately get kicked to the curb.

I really think Patrick should end up with his White boss, mostly they're both boring and they're both latent bottoms.

The cocktease of this show has turned out to be Scott Bakula.  Scott brings such a soft and lovable presence to his gay character that well, it just makes me want to fuck him.

Scott is single handedly making silver daddies hot again! Go Scott !!

you were saying?

Hey guys, I just had to blog this.

Next month, I'm producing a comedy show called, "Sausage Fest Comedy Show" , which features hunky straight comedians telling jokes with their shirts off.

Heres the promo pic for the show.

So anyhoo, I posted this photo on the Bay Area Comedy Board and this one comedian named F.C. Sierra posted this comment:

Hella Gay: 1
Dignity: 0

Okay now, this is what amazes me, heres the photo of the comedian who made that comment.

I disagree with his score:

Hella Gay: 2
Dignity: 0

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


This was my Halloween costume from last year. I was a GILF - Grandmother I'd Like to Fuck

Monday, February 17, 2014

Looking Season 1 Episode 5

Oh girl, finally an episode I could relate too.  And the scene I'm referring to was when Patrick was in the shower and did the reach around to scrub his hole.  Like wow, what gay man couldn't relate to that? (sarcasm)

Of all 5 episodes so far, this one has to be most daring, why, because in this episode Richie gives Patrick a blow job and takes his load.  Wow.

And when Richie said, "I don't do that very often" , did anyone believe him?  I didn't. Bitch please.

Patrick *Jonathan Groff* is definitely turning into the Lea Michele of Looking.  Heres why, so far Richie is obviously the bottom in the relationship and wants to top Patrick but Patrick doesn't want to give it up.  At the end of the episode, finally, Patrick is like, "yeah, I'll give it to you but not right now" .

Whatever bitch.

For me the viewer, this causes homophobic racial tension between Patrick & Richie.  I say this because Richie the minority, has been more than gracious about satisfying the sexual needs of his partner but his stuck up white puta boyfriend is still projecting his insecurities, like his needs are more important because hes white.  And by the way, they're not.

And when Richie & Patrick had their frank discussion about sex during brunch, was it me or did Patrick try to make him sound like hes less of ho because he gets tested regularly?  O'contraire seƱora puta, o'contraire.

Speaking from personal experience, I don't know why Gay White men think they're all tops, please.

The truth is, there just aren't enough real bottoms to go around so if needs going to get met, someone has to give it up.

I've actually known gay men who've hooked up with each and neither of them wanted to give it up so they ended up sucking each other off.

With all that being said, when Richie finally gets to fuck Patrick, I hope Richie fucks the shit out of Patrick, hard.  And not like sexy hard but like racial restitution hard.


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Looking Season 1 Episode 4

This week the crew visits the Folsom Street Fair and I was utterly disappointed again.

I thought for sure this episode would have captured the Spirit of San Francisco, meaning, what makes our city so unique is all the fun, adventurous, weird, bizarre, crazy street fairs that we have within the city, namely the Folsom Street Fair.

But before we get to that, lets get to the romance subplot of Dom and Scott Bakula.  These two have such chemistry on screen and whenever I seem together I find myself chanting like a gay Fraternity boy in heat .. fuck .. fuck .. fuck already !!!!

In episode 4 our local gay residents got to see one our new San Francisco drag icons - Honey Mahogany.  It was kind of sad too because they only showed her face.  This photo below is from behind the scenes so the world just missed out on her fabulous outfit.

The scene takes place at the Stud, SF's oldest Gay bar.  OMG, just watching the scene take me back to when I use to sneak into the Stud when I was 15, (circ 1990) I just remember seeing a bunch of gay white men, dressed all in white shirts and denim jeans, dancing to Madonna's, "Justify My Love" , under a neon light.

The guy, (far right) plays a hustler and you know what, hes not even that fine either.  Have any of you even been on  There are some serious hot gay prostitutes on there and he doesn't even come close. But in all fairness, his hustler rate on the show is 220$ an hour, so really, you do get what you pay for.

And Jonathon Groff, the lead of the show, (middle), his character needs to take the stick out of his ass.  Hes starting to come across as the Lea Michele of Looking. Bitch, nobody is watching this show to see you roll your eyes and act you better than everybody else, get over it.  Frankie, on the left is turning out to be fun.  I really thought Jonathon's character would be the one taking all the risks, guess not.

Unfortunately, at the end of the show Jonathan Groff's character gets back together with that Latin guy who dissed him for the Latin uncut cock remark.  Is that it?  We're halfway thru the series and nothing interesting has happened yet.

So thats my snarky review for this week, sorry guys, hated it.  But, I will continue to watch the remainder of the season only because I was an extra in Dom's birthday party scene at Dolores Park.


Michael Sam - Sports Illustrated Cover

Well, the big news this week came when Defensive lineman - Michael Sam who played for the Missouri Tigers came out of the closet and of course this courageous act landed him on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

The NFL draft for the 2014 - 2015 season is right around the corner so we'll see if they're are any teams willing to take a chance on Sam.  Presumably, if Sam would have stayed in the closet, there was a high probability that he was going to get drafted anyways but now with all this heat on him as being America's next big Gay athlete, the question everyone keeps asking themselves, will it hinder his chances of getting drafted.

I honestly hope no team picks him, then he could move on with his life and find other ways to fulfill his life, with that being said, sports isn't everything.


Friday, February 7, 2014

too blessed to be stressed

Well, my body is finally wearing down and taking a toll on my mental & physical health.

A couple weeks ago I admitted myself to the ER at Highland because I had a bad panic attack.  I was sitting at home thinking about all the people I know who've been having heart attacks at my age (39) and then all of a sudden my heart began beating really fast and the next thing you know, I got really dizzy and couldn't breathe.

That was a really scary moment for me because I could barely get off my sofa and get to the phone to call 911, let alone talk to the 911 dispatch, I was in such a daze.

When I got to the hospital, my blood pressure eventually came down.  They said there was nothing wrong with me and that it was probably built up stress & anxiety.

There was a nurse that helped pull out whatever sickness I was carrying, while I was sitting there crying, she said, "wheres the pain" , and I looked at her and said, "its in my head" .  After that, I could just feel all the stress come out with every tear drop.

I don't understand why I would have panicked over something like that, it really caught me off guard.

Last year I panicked over going to the Gay Sex Club which I don't get because I've been there before many times and it never bothered me.  And then around the same time, I discovered all the anxiety stemmed from having bronchitis and a sinus infection which was messing with my breathing.

So of course, this year had to start with pneumonia and anxiety.

I'm done with it, I really am.

This past month was just hell for me and I've been feeling a lot better.  The doctors wanted to prescribe some anxiety medication but I passed because I don't believe in that.

This whole panic attack thing is new to me because I've never use to have them before.

Do you know whats funny, a long time ago I had some psychics tell me that I had all this built up energy and I was going to pop.  That was many years ago but these past couple of weeks, I knew exactly what they were talking about because I could just feel it.

It was an odd feeling like I would be sitting there very quiet to myself but I could hear screaming in my head.  Looking back on it,  that must've the stress starting to manifest itself.

And then, I could feel this weird murmur in my lungs.  And you know what, since I had my cry at the hospital, I haven't felt that again since.  I mentioned this to the doctors and they said, "yep, that was stress related"  .

And oh, did I mention my blood work came back and the doctors told me I was pre-diabetic.

Wow, that really fucked me up.  They also said my insulin could be out of whack because of the recent pneumonia illness I was going thru.

Either way, they said its manageable and it would go away if I lose the weight.

So since the beginning of this February, I've been doing pretty good with my cardio work outs and not drinking soda.

So for the rest of this year, I'm staying away from any kind of stress, people, places, events and whatever, I'm just not having it anymore.

Life is too short to worry about anything trivial.


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Looking Episode 3 - is looking crappy so far ..

Now I hate being negative because being negative fucks with my blood pressure but so far, the first 3 episodes of HBO's new Gay series, "Looking" , has been looking pretty tragic lately.

For those of you who follow my blog, you guys probably noticed there isn't a Looking Episode 2 blog, thats because after watching episode 2 I was too pissed off to write about it, heres why, it was completely racist.

The lead character of the show, Patrick was going to hook up with Richie, a Latin character, and Patrick ended up being disappointed because Richie's dick wasn't uncut like his friends lead him on to believe about Latin men.

When I saw that, all I could think was wow, is this supposed to be funny and to who?

Could you guys imagine if Richie's character was Black, Asian, or some other ethnic group and the backlash they could have received from that.

Going forward, I did watch Episode 3 and my suspension of disbelief was again stretched by Scott Bakula's character.  Scotts character and Dom meet in Gay Sex Club and have a nice conversation, thats all great but the truth be known, the older gay white men that usually hang out in Gay Sex Clubs are never that hot, by any standard.

Scott Bakula is actually 59 years old and is friggin hot.  After seeing his scene in the sauna with Dom, I've never wanted to lick, ride, pulverize, ride an old mans hot sweaty bod more than seeing Scotts killer physique.  If I ever saw a man like Scott Bakula at the Gay Bath House, okay .. lets not even finish this thought because I wouldn't, those hot silver daddies just don't exist in the gay world.

Recently I was hired to blog for HBO but they want me to lie and tell everyone how good this show is, I can't lie.  If its good, I would say so.  So heres what I ended up writing about it.

I hate to bust everyones bubble but the first 3 episodes out of the gate have been pretty bad.  The main lead character, Patrick, is unlikeable as they come.  This show is no way to be compared to, "Queer as Folk" , because QAF was entertaining.  

I did have a problem with the blatant racism in episode 2 in Patricks dealing with Richie's character.  Was that supposed to be funny that Richie didn't end up having an Latin uncut dick?

So far, this show has been one big gay cliche right after another.  Tell us something we don't know.

Some of the high points on the show are the breath taking views of San Francisco.  Also, I've been secretly cheering for Dom.

If the writing doesn't change, drastically, this series won't last past Season 1.

Get it together HBO.