Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dear Margaret Cho

Hey guys, I was reading Margaret Cho's blog and she was reaching out to her fans, she was saying how much she enjoys the comments on her blog and encourages people to leave them, so, seeing as how shes one of my big comedy idols, heres the note I left her.


1/24/2012 at 3:08 pm

Hey Margaret,

do you know whats funny, I still find myself defending your comedy to other people. Lastnight a co-worker was all, “whose that large Asian comedian who goes for shock value” , and I was all, “oh no you didn’t” .

I think he saw one of your old comedy specials and even then I still wouldn’t have considered you large back then.

So, if you and your fans want to bombard his facebook page, telling him how much of a jerk he is, heres his facebook link:


A thank you is not necessary, just keep the funny coming.

On a more personal note, I really wish we could have been friends but seeing as how everything played out the way it did, its probably for the best on everyones account.

I hope you continue to live each day to the fullest and the happiest!


The Gay Native American Comedian a.k.a
Charlie Ballard

Friday, January 20, 2012

At Last - Etta James

Another one of Rock & Roll legends has passed away - Etta James.

Theres not enough that can be said about her soulful voice and wonderous songs.

One of my favorites from Etta is, "At Last" .

I was so moved by this song it inspired me to do a drag performance a couple years back, its such a classy song from a classy lady.

RIP Etta!


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Joel Osteen - Preacher

Tonight is the last night my Aunt Bev is in town and we spent our last evening together watching television.

At first, we tried watched Chelsea Lately on E but Bev was like, "who" ?

We watched the entire episode of Chelsea Lately and Bev ended up not liking her, that came as no surprise because my mom doesn't care for her comedy either.

Of course I had to be the one defending Chelsea Handlder. I was like, "hey, Chelsea Lately is a lot like Kathy Griffin, eventually if you keep watching her, you'll like her" . I know that sounds pretty back handed but its the truth. I really wasn't a big Kathy Griffin fan when, "My Life on the D List" , starting airing but after a while she begins to grow on you. And honestly, there really aren't that many good tv choices on cable so it's either watch Kathy Griffin or those guys who hunt aligators on the travel channel.

Before we started to watch Chelsea Lately, my mom wanted to get caught up on her Joel Osteen DVR episodes.

For those of you know who don't know, Joel Osteen is a Southern Baptist Preacher who has his sermons televised on National tv from Houston, Texas.

He's one of my moms favorite evangelical preachers and since shes a fan, of course I've tuned in a couple times to hear what he has to say.

His sermons are great because he always starts off with a joke.

Some of you may know his wife, shes a preacher too. She was in the news a couple years back for getting into an altercation with a flight attendent.

So, tonight Joel Olsteen was on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) being interviewed by Oprah herself. She asked him some good questions and the question I was most privy to was the one about he felt on gays.

Oprah flat out asked him what he thinks about the Gays and he said, "homosexuality is a sin" .

I bit my tongue until the end of the show and said, "well, I've been on board with everything he had to say until he called me a sinner" . There's just something about alienating your viewers that I find discomforting.

How dare he.

Of course my mom came to his defense by saying he was just quoting scripture and I was like, "that man is the head of a large congregation and hes just it reinforcing negative beliefs that people already have against us" .

And come to think of it, scripture was written by man, so really, a long time ago, some old religious fanatic who was in charge of religious interpretation, and who was probably a white man, wrote all these really hateful doctrines condemning gays, races, creeds, and whoever else went against their mantras.

Of course Oprah didn't have to ask Joel where he stood on gay marriage because that was a no brainer.

I have to say, even though I watched that program a couple of hours ago, I'm still heated with resentment and anger, being hated by strangers is not something I'm fond of.

This is whats wrong with the world. This is why theres hatred, violence, death, and ugliness geared towards innocent people. All this is, is a form of religious civil discrimination, its nothing new and has gone on for years.

Millions of millions of innocent people have died in religious crusades, inquisitions, bio-logical warfare, ethnic cleansings, and for why, because they're different?

I'm so sick of it.

Those religious fanatics have a popular saying, "hate the sin, love the sinner" .

Well I got news for them, they're the sinners for all the hate they preach.

I have met too many wonderful LGBT people who are great parents, community leaders, and productive citizens to believe they are anything less.

But I'm okay and would recommend everyone else not to get bent of shape over this issue. These religious fanatics people are only a small faction of whats wrong with the world. We have a our supporters and they know first hand what kind of people we truly are.

So I still have hope these people will someday be able to see through their close mindedness and find love and acceptence the people in the world who different from them.


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Super Exhausted

We left Monterey Bay today right after check out and then we made a short trip to Santa Cruz to show Bev the boardwalk and eat some corn dogs.

From now on, I will only eat fresh corn dogs. I hate eating corn dogs that have been sitting under the heat lamp for god knows how long.

My mom use to take us to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk when we younger and I have some great memories from that place.

We walked past the wooden roller coaster called the, "Big Dipper" , and my mom said, is that ride you made you cry and yes it was.

When I was kid, I feared that roller coaster so much. I remember when we were kids, I waiting in line 2 hours with my brother trying to convince myself that I was going to get on the coaster. I just conquered the, "Little Dipper" , roller coaster earlier and was still feeling pretty juiced. And as we got closer in the line I remember my heart beating fast and then trying to play it off with a tough bravodo like riding the Big Dipper wasn't going to be a big deal. I kept telling myself I could do it but when I saw everyone board the coaster and then watched it shoot off like a pistol into a big dark cavernous hole, I just couldn't do it and thats when I bolted.

Of course now that I'm older, riding the big coaster isn't a bid deal and I wasn't there for roller coaster closure because I did that many years after the fact but damn if that boardwalk doesn't always make me feel like I need to prove something to myself and to the people around me, hence the softball throw carnival game.

I'm sure most of you are familiar with this carnival game, you pay 3$ and get 2 softballs to try and knock out a plastic plate.

If anyone knew me from when I was younger, they would tell you that I use to throw like a limp wristed little bitch, with a non-aerodynamically correct behind the back wrist toss that use to hurt my shoulder from throwing like that. I mean, I could throw but it just didn't right the way I did it.

Who knew there was an art to throwing a baseball?

After years of watching guys throwing a ball, I finally got it down.

So the fact that I was standing there with the single minded task of trying to knock down a plastic plate really wasn't my goal.

I just finally wanted to show my mom and my aunt that I finally know how to throw like a boy.

And yes, I missed the plastic plate(s)completely but I didn't care because now I was so proud of my masculine semi-pro baseball pitch.

I suppose if I wanted to kill the whole experience, I could actually learn aim but then that would take all the fun out of it.


p.s. after re-reading this blog, there is some serious gay sub-text in this blog, haha.


Madonna has been in the news recently, I guess shes pissed that Lady Gaga has been sampling her music and she feels ripped off, whatev's Madge.

Madonna did the same thing to Gwen Stefani when Gwen was rocking blonde hair. Madonna basically said Gwen was ripping off her blonde image.

I love Madonna like the next person but I really think Madonna has gone too far with her claims, after all, Madonna ripped of Marylin Monroe's look for her Blond Ambition Tour.

But I guess thats Madonna's personality for you, somehow she has to make it about her.


Margaret Cho - Tattoo Lady

In recent news, Comedian Margaret Cho erupted on her twitter page because of some unruly comments from fans on her new tattoo's.

Oh girl, Margaret Cho is the last person you want to fuck with when it comes to body image and self esteem issues.

Did these fans not remember the name of her first one woman show, "I'm The One I Want" , that whole show was about Margaret coming to terms with self acceptance and finding resolution in show business and life.

Its because of these fucked up beauty standards that so many young adults have eating disorders like anorexia & bulimia, which breed bad self esteem and self hatred for the soul.

And through it all, Margaret has found a way to break free from the beauty status quo and love everything about herself, which really is to be commended.

And do you what the strange part is, when Margaret reacted her fans didn't like the language she used in the way she responded to these hater tweets.

Are you fucking serious, have these people who are supposedly her, "fans" , never seen Margaret perform live on concert, her liberal use of the English language is what her a star in the first place, duh.

If Margaret wants to tat her body up, thats her business. And if she wants to share her new tat pics with the world, they should be grateful shes even decided to share them in the first place.

Point being, if anyone can't say anything nice about anything then they should be keeping that shit to themselves.

Go Team Margaret!

On a personal note, I can identify with Margaret on these issues because I know I don't exactly have the prettiest face and I know I don't have the best body shape and right now I have these two fine ass guys in my life who like me for me, I'm just now realizing that they like me because of my confidence, and that makes me feel good about myself because I know I'm a good person and I'm glad they can see it too.


Project Runway All Stars Ep.2

"Couture in a Day" ...

is how this challenge began for Project Runway All Stars Episode 2.

The challenge was to design a ball gown for the opera, the designers were given a 350$ budget and commissioned to design the most fabulous ball gown of their dreams.

Let's start with who I thought should have went home this week, April.

April took a big gamble this week and dyed her fabric which in the end made it look worse. Her notion to color the fabric was a good idea but the execution was poor. The end result made her dress look like it was dipped in hamburger grease.

Although Micheal didn't win this week, I thought his dress was the most eye popping. As soon as I saw him lay the beaded feather neckpiece around his mannequin, I knew the rest of his dress was going to be a cake walk.

This weeks winner went to the resident ball gown designer on the show, Austin. Austin gave the best tv moment with his facial reaction after learned he had won. If anyone has never seen a queens head explode, this is what it looks like.

Jerell gets honorable mention from me when quite in fact, he and Austin worked in the same color palate this week and personally, I thought Jerell killed it but when it comes to competitive high fashion, it boils down to personal taste.

Other notes from the show:

1) Mondo got the best runway track music with his model.

2) Kinley is still happy that Joanna is there mentor this season and not Tim Gunn. And plus I really didn't like her pink/black polka dot dress but her design did fit her personality.

3) Rami made a nice dress this week but his trademark pleating was reminiscent of his earlier final PR collection, which we've already seen. He's going to have to pick up his game otherwise he called out for doing the same ole same ole.

4) I'm still waiting for Isaac Mizrahi to rip his face off and say, "surprise bitches, its really me Tyra Banks" , in which every queen in America will pass out from too much excitement.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dear LeeLee

In case anyone whose been reading my blogs lately, you'll notice a certain someone has been leaving hateful comments at the end of my blogs, and yes, I do know who it is, so watch as I try to handle this in a tactful manner, enjoy.


Dear LeeLee,

You are over doing it with your comments, again, as usual.

Even my own worst enemies don't leave comments like the ones you've been leaving.

Whats with the hostility girl, is it because the last time we hung out in Phoenix a certain somebody got too wasted at Club Charley's and had to find her own way back to the motel in the back of a police car, thats why you don't get out of it. But I will give you guys points for finding a clever way back to the room after spending all of your money at the bar.

And you wonder why I said if you come to Florida with us that you're going to have to pay for your own way out there.

Now, getting back to the comments.

I would tell you start your own blog so I can start leaving comments on your blogs but I know Craigslist doesn't do that, that's right girl, I know you've been trolling on Craigslist looking at dick pics, haha. *trying not to act surprised*

What tramp, what you got to say to that?

Love you girl!


Role Model

Last month I emailed this lady from Sherman Indian High School for a possible comedy show/motivational talk to give at my old high school and so far, I haven't heard back from her.

Usually when they don't email back, thats their polite way of saying, "we're not interested" . I'm use to rejection in show business because theres usually more demand then there is supply or plainly put, they just don't want me.

However, this is a gig that I really wanted. I have not been back to Sherman since I graduated back in 1992 and really theres no reason for me to go back. For a while, I did want to go back Sherman and be a Social Studies or Law teacher and maybe coach volleyball. Over the years I visited Sherman many times in my night dreams, being so familiar with the dormitory rooms, the swimming pool, the gymnasium, the palm trees, the cafeteria, the courtyard in front of Ramona Hall and always knowing that however distorted the campus was in my sleep, I always knew where I was.

Ironically, Sherman was the very first place that I saw a Native stand up comedian perform, I don't remember his name but his jokes were very Native.

From what I told, I guess the school is looking for alumni to comeback to share their success stories with the students. I'm pretty sure I have the right qualifications for the gig:

1) College Graduate
- I got my B.A. in American Indian Studies and Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts from Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas.

2) Clean & Sober
- I've been clean and sober since 1998. Drinking was never my thing, I only did it to see what the big deal was and got sucked into it. Its not as easy to walk away from as most people think.

3) STD Free
- I have managed to keep a clean bill of health and not contract any sexually transmitted diseases.

4) Accomplished Stand Up Comedian
- 9 years experience, has been on television, played colleges, comedy clubs and has done many comedy benefits for different organizations, has been written about in several publications with the last one being in, "The Vangardist" , which is a gay mens magazine in Germany. I was actually very honored be asked to be apart of the Vagardist because they promote avante-garde artists from their respective backgrounds and for an International gay mens magazine to think I'm on the forefront with my work, I can't begin to show enough enough gratitude and appreciation for that recognition.

5) Pro Family Values, Pro Marriage for everyone, Pro Happiness as long as you're not hurting yourself or anyone around you.

I do know first hand what it takes to pursue your dreams and all the hard work it takes into getting the leg work done.

Like my friends I went to school, I'm well aware of the decisions that we make today and how they can impact our lives and the people around us.

I've seen the early deaths of friends and how they could have been prevented from making better choices.

To make a long story short, I've been there and know what works and what doesn't work.

And if I never get a chance to speak to the youth at large, I'm not going to lose sleep over it because somehow the young people that need my guidance always seem to find me. I guess thats the benefit of being the only visible Gay Native American stand up comedian because now other young two spirits have somebody to identify with.

And I will continue to take time out of my schedule to answer any questions they have about life, just like the elders before me who took time out've their lives to help me with mine.

So if anyone thinks I don't know what it takes to be a good role model, fuck you.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I just got done cleaning and my hands are a mess. I can see why LeeLee's hands are the way they are because she never used gloves in all her years of cleaning, the harsh chemicals in those cleaners really are ferocious, so the point of this, use gloves when cleaning.

But I did get a certain satisfaction knowing I got something done today. I got the fridge, the bathroom, and some other light cleaning done. I still have the rest of the garage but thats turning into a project. We have so much old junk to throw out, the hard part is letting go of it.

Speaking of, guess whats on my mind today.

I finally got my current boy toy at work to admit that he wants me.

Last night I gave him an ultimatum, I said, "this is your last chance to get rid of me, just tell me one thing and you'll never have to worry about me ever again, admit to me that you don't want me and it'll all be over" .

haha.. I know .. I'm so dramatic but do you know what he said, "I do want you" .

That fucker.

That really was his chance to let me go but it sounds like hes not ready to.

So, like the dance hall diva I am, I just looked at him, waved my hair, walked away and said, "see you tomorrow" .

As I walked away, I quickly turned around to see if he was smiling and he was. I love making him smile because it brings a certain joy to my heart.

And amazingly, this isn't a sexual thing at all.

Okay well it is 50%, he is good looking and has everything I like but I'm so over getting played or playing myself.

Isn't there like a rap song about not playing yourself because that theme is starting to get old with me.

On that note, I hope I haven't become to old in this life to find real love.


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Project Runway All Stars Ep.1

I finally got caught up on the season premiere of Project Runway All Stars on Lifetime television. I could not and I repeat, I could not wait for this show to start already. I thought it was supposed to air earlier this Fall but I guess the show producers didn't want to overexpose the PR franchise.

They brought back so many wonderful designers from the previous seasons I'm sure it's going to tough week in and week out as to who stays and who goes.

Here's a quick list from the season premiere of what I liked and didn't like, their first competition was an innovation challenge from the 99 cent store.

The winner from the first weeks challenge is Rami. I have to admit, his construction was very eye catching. I like the use of the plaids, this dress looks very fun and futuristic. Did I tell everyone that I met Rami when he came to SF for Halloween a couple of years ago and couldn't remember his name to save my life, I was like, "yeah, I can't remember your name but you lost to Christian" . *ouch*

Coming in a close 2nd is one of my personal favorites - Mondo. His signatures are very present in his first design, like the bowtie headband and clever use of materials. Can you guys believe this dress is made completely out of trash bags, amazing. I also got to meet Mondo when he clubbing in the Castro at the Qbar during Juanita More's, "Booty Call Wednesdays" , Mondo was very sweet and completely gracious.

One of my favorites from the previous seasons was Kinely, she was known for ripping off other designers without ever knowing it. Her ideas are great but they've just been done before. What I like about this dress is the construction, you can just tell this model is wearing a shower mat, it probably wouldn't be so obvious if Kenly would have cut the excess off on the right hand side but whatev's, what do I know right?

Ms. Jerreal is back with her regal designs and does so without a skipping a beat. This look is completely made out of scarfs.

To my hearts dismay, Elisa was bounced from the first show. I really loved the print and hot pants she created in her first look.

Do you know who I thought should have went home was Gordanna, her outfit was all over the place.

Slow Weekend

I guess its been a slow weekend for everyone, I just got through checking some other blogs and nobodies really talking about anything, which means in the world of entertainment ain't shit going on.

You know when Perez Hilton is blogging about Pennsylvania hospitals not hiring smokers that Lindsay Lohan must be cooperating with the law and that Kim Kardashian is finally keep a low profile.

Personally, I'm great with this because I get tired of seeing of their names in the news.

Back to me.

I've been dealing with a head cold all weekend. I took NyQuil and that stuff really knocked me out. Its also been giving me some pretty lucid dreams because they have been so vivid and clear lately.

Here one I remember from last night.

I was walking through the Lake Merritt area in Oakland and saw Sonia Parsons come out of an apartment complex. Sonia is a friend I went to Sherman with. I was so happy to see her and was like, "hey Sonia, are you looking for a roommate" ? The next thing you know she escorted me over to this property right near the lake. I thought it was nice. She was trying to sell me on living there. She took me to the back patio which had a really cool view of the lake, and then she showed me this really cool feature, we were still standing inside the apartment looking out the back window when she pressed a button and then the patio slowly converted into a lawn chair and umbrella set up, with a nice grill that immediately lit up, as I looked closer and said, "omg, does that grill have a turkey on it" , and it did.

I was a little blown away by that. I was almost sold in getting the place until I asked Sonia where the washer/dryer room was. She told me to look to the left and the first thing I noticed was that it took 25 cents to operate the washer and dryer machines.

I was immediately turned off by the whole experience because I thought there was no way I was going to pay money to wash clothes in my own apartment, no thank you.

Looking back on the dream, I realized that I can have anything I want but I settled for a dingy apartment by the Lake Merritt area and on top of that, I had roommates. Nothing against Sonia, shes a sweet girl and but I want my own place.

And what was I doing dreaming small? I could of dreamt of living in a big house in the Hollywood Hills or a nice duplex apartment near Venice, California.

I guess my reality psyche is finally starting to settle in on what I want and what I can get, on which we all know is totally two different things. In order for me to make my bigger dreams happen, I guess I'm going to have to work harder and make a lot more cash, lets do this!


Saturday, January 7, 2012

Adele - Don't You Remember

This is one of my favorite Adele songs right now, I love it.

I know I'm torturing myself by listening to her, "I'm so not over it" , love songs but if you've ever been hurt or if your heart has ever been broken then you would understand all the feeling and emotions behind the lyrics.

And whats really fucked up is how we give certain people this power over us to make us feel like that in the first place, all we want is for them to love us back the way we love them.


Friday, January 6, 2012

Shit White Girls Say...to Black Girls

OMG, this vid was hilarious and so true, watch out white girls, you just been served.


Glenn Close Tribute

Did anyone watch the Kennedy Center Honors for 2011. The Barbara Cook tribute was the best. The Glenn Close, "Losing My Mind" , tribute to Barbara was very moving, she took those other young songstresses to school.

Anne Hathaway's emotion in the audience at the end of the performance pretty much sums up how I and the rest of the world felt after hearing Glenn's heartfelt performance, astonishing.


Karmin - Adele Cover

This Adele cover by Karmin is a little better. When you listen to covers by other artist, it makes you realize how talented and original the people are for whoever created the music in the first place.

The test will come when Karmin starts writing her own music and if its good.


Karmin - LMFAO Cover

This little lady has been getting a lot of buzz for covering other artist hits as well she should, her melodies are off the hook.

Watch out for her in 2012!


also follow her on twitter:


Thursday, January 5, 2012

She's Trippin

Guess whose been in the news lately, Tiger Woods divorcee Elin Nordegren who recently bought a 12 million dollar home in Florida only to have it bulldozed.

I guess she can do that from her 100 million dollar divorce settlement from Tiger.

Here's what the house looked like before she dozed it.

and now heres what the land looks like after its been bull dozed.

Wow, is she stupid or what.

Common sense says that she should have bought a piece of clear land and built from ground up.

This is definitely a trend for women with money. I have seen some of the Housewives of Atlanta pull the same shit.

They're like, "OMG, I just can't live a house where someone else has lived before" .

This is obviously an attitude they can afford because daily people don't pull shit like that, at least not on that scale.

Money is weird that way, it makes people do stupid stuff when you have more than enough or none at all.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Man Talk

This video is so funny, hats off to Dallas for making such funny video's!


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Gay Advice for Straight Men

Theres a lot of hot straight men who work in the Castro area in San Francisco, which is the Gay Capitol of the United States because they have managed to find their niche in our market, so listen closely hot straight guys, here are 5 money making schemes to find those gay dollars.

5) Find a nice waiter job in the Castro or an establishment that is frequented by the gays. Studies have shown that gay men are the best tippers and studies have also shown that hot straight men get the highest tips from gay men.

4) Find a gay pub/nightblub/bar to bartend at. 70% of the bartenders in the Castro bars are hot straight men and the gays love them. If you can handle get hit on, breaking up fights between two messy queens on meth then this is the job for you. Hot bartenders gay or straight make fat tip money in the clubs, but hot bartenders in gay establishments make the most, fact.

3) Hot Go Go dancers are always in demand in gay clubs, if you have enough confidence to wear a G-string and flash your junk to house music for some quick money, this might be your thing.

2) Gay Porn. You guys might have heard the expression gay for pay, a lot of straight men let other guys suck their dicks or only top other men. I know I know, you'd think that any kind sex between two men is gay but lots of straight men who have sex with other men have created these, "loop holes" , to justify their means, which also means no kissing because that's considered super-gay.

1) Gay Prostitution is the top money making scheme for the Gay Market. If you play your cards right, you can make 10,000$ in 2 weeks. Thats a lot of fucking & sucking but the money is there.

Good luck straights guys and we'll see you on the track.


Monday, January 2, 2012

Letter to Idol

Dear Idol,

I hope we never meet again because you ended up being such a personal disappointment to me. The energy and excitement I had during our first meet was genuinely real and I'll never forget it. But thats me I suppose, I have never been known not to wear my feelings on my sleeves because I'm like that to everyone.

I should have known we weren't going to be friends when I caught you rolling your eyes at me in the hallway all those years ago, not unless your eyeballs were really itchy at that precise moment.

I guess I am the sucker, for years I thought we'd have so much in common or so I thought.

I'm not sorry I didn't play the pretend game like the others around you and not act like I was too cool to meet you.

I'm not sorry I bought your stupid tshirts, cd's, and other commemorative junk with your name on it.

I'm not sorry for all the entertainment you gave me over the years, especially at times when I felt lonely and thought no other person understood me.

I guess I've just been really really naive so I thank you for opening my eyes.

Of course I'm sure our paths will cross again but the next time I see you, there won't be as much joy in my heart to see your face. I guess I'll have to act like the other people around you, I'll have to put on a fake smile, nod, then casually walk away from you as if nothing you said or did meant anything to me.

Oh yeah, is it tacky to ask you to reimburse me for all the concert money I paid to see you over the years because if it weren't for you, I could have bought 2 really good used cars by now.


Former #1 Fan

Madonna - Harper's Bazarr Photos

I really didn't want to start my 2012 blog with the penis beat boxing video but that shit was hella funny.

Getting back to what I wanted my first blog for 2012 to start with, I found this idea when I missed my latenight bus back to Oakland on New Year's, so while I had to wait another hour for the next bus to come, I went inside Deleaur's 24 hrs. News Stand and saw this fabulous magazine cover with Madonna on the pic.

My last blog for 2011 was about how Willow Smith and Lady Gaga are the future of pop music, that might be so but until they come into their legendary status, the Queen of Trash *Madonna* is still holding court and you can tell this by her very beautiful black & white pictures from Harper's Bizaar magazine. (Nov/Dec 2011)

Of all her photos, this one was my favorite, its amazing how young and beautiful Madonna still looks, in this pic shes reading a book which gives off the an innocent vibe and she almost looks likes exactly her daughter Lourdes, uncanny.

If any of you do get a chance to read this months Harper's Bizaar issue with Madonna's, "Director's Cut" , article you'll notice she does get annoyed that now a days when people mention her name, they always tag her age right next to it. I don't think thats a bad thing because most people are stunned on how amazing she looks for being 50.

For young straight men Madonna is a MILTF - "Mother I'd Like To Fuck" , for younger gay men such as myself, Madonna's a MILTPW - "Mother I'd Love To Party With" , go girl.

For me, my goal is take beautiful pics just like her. Maybe its Madonna's aura or energy but she translates really well onto film, when I take pics like this I always come off a little ridiculous. If any of you think I might be suggesting Madonna's photos are a little ridiculous, thats because I am suggesting that but the difference between her and me, shes got ridiculous down to an art form where on Madonna it looks classy, glamorous, sexy, larger than life and fun, here's another photo that illustrates my point:

This was my last favorite photo from the spread, here she modeling a cape that was priced at $2,100, wow.

Capes are nice if they're made well and modeled by the right people.

Her last photo was not one of my favorites but still, its definitely noteworthy. For those of you who don't know, Madonna's currently ventured into directing movies, here she posing with the the star of her new film, "W.E." with actress, Andrea Riseborough. It looks like she got bit by the directors bug while being married to her former husband Guy Ritchie.

Harper's Bizaar photos by Tom Munroe


Penis Beat Boxing

After watching this video, all I could think was, "oh know he didn't" .. haha