Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Blues... Still...

Hey ya'll. I hope everyone's having a pretty good Xmas!
I guess the holidays wouldn't be so bad if I had somebody to snuggle up with.

Speaking of which, a co-worker took a group picture wearing those really cute snuggle blankets. I guess those snuggle blankets are all the rage because the leopard print snuggles are all sold out but nonetheless I thought they looked really cute.

If anyone has a snuggle blanket, please take a picture of youself and post it to this blog! Seriously, they're so adorable.

Also, I started a new blog on google.

I'll still be dedicated to my myspace blog and most likely will reprint my blogs from myspace to Blogger.

Oh yeah, tonight on I'm on internet radio!
I should be on round 830pm Pacific Time

Alright ya'll, have a merry one!


p.s. I included a picture of my famous mini cupcakes because when I feel blue, they make me feel better by looking at them!

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