Thursday, May 26, 2011

Aaron Schock

OMG. I've saw this pic on a newstand and it totally caught my eye, right right...

When I looked closer to see the picture, omg, it's U.S. Congressmen Aaron Schock.

Okay, the Men's Health cover models are never disappointing but something about this one stood out.

Why can't my local Congressmen look like this?

I'm not detoured or suprised Aaron is a Republican, there's just something about moderate conversativism that makes their men look good. Maybe it's all that politically repressed tension they keep bottled inside that makes them want to work it out with a solo-flex barbell set, who knows?

Here's another one in his professional attire.
This one makes really hot under my panies because now I know what he's packing underneath. Yum!

I think I like Aaron with his shirt off much better. If he ever decides to move to California and run for Governor, he's got my vote. But not for President, I'm not stupid.

I should probably list his political accolades but I'm not because again he's Republican. That's the only fault I could find with him, for now atleast.


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