Monday, May 2, 2011

Celebrity Apprentice

I'm so addicted to Celebrity Apprentice this season. Here are the many reasons why I'm watching.

1) When Trump called Latoya back into the boardroom, that was the fiercest walk I've seen on tv since Dynasty.

2) Will Star Jones eventually get bitch slapped by Nene Leakes?

3) Donald Trump Jr. gets hotter with every episode.

4) When will the other celebrities finally stop talking to Marlee Matlin like she can hear them?

5) I'm waiting for Lil John to steal something.

6) I want Ivanka Trump's shoes. I've never seen them on tv but I know they're fabulous.

7) My favorite episode so far is when ASAP raised a million for Marlee's Charity, wow.

8) I want Trump to bring Gary Busey back so we can watch Gary give Meatloaf more headaches.

9) I'm still trying to figure out who Jon Rich is?

10) The funniest moment so far was when the gang voted Richard Hatch off the charity fundraising show because they were like, "who does he know with money" ? Exactly, I mean after all, wasn't he in jail for tax evasion. Who was he going to be calling for a donation, the IRS?

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