Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Kim Davis debacle

The hot gay news out right now is Kentucky Country Clerk - Kim Davis.

Kim has decided to be the martyr for the anti-gay marriage movement and refuse to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples in Kentucky, citing personal religious reasons.

This past week Yahoo has been posting many articles on this debacle, all the while, I've been leaving comments below those articles and wouldn't you know it, my comments are very well liked, so fuck you Facebook, you're not the only website with the "Like" button.

Here are all of my popular comments from all the Kim Davis articles on Yahoo:

As a Gay person, I think its nobel that Kim has decided to dedicate herself to the lord, great, nothing wrong with that BUT thats on her own personal time. The problem here is that shes reppin her Lord for a 3rd party (US Government) and the 3rd party has already made it clear what there stance is on Gay Marriage.  My advice to Kim, grow up and get over it, otherwise start a support group and work it out in therapy.
Yes Mrs. Davis, keep standing your ground, so when you go in front of the Federal judge this week, our entire Nation can watch you go down in flames for violating Federal law. #LOVEWINS #MARRIAGEEQUALITY
Kim Davis has been married 4x, the main reason why she doesn't want to issue marriage license certificates to Gay couples is because she used them all. 
OMG, Kim Davis has been divorced 3 times??? No wonder why she doesn't want to let the Gays marry, because she knows we'll do right where she went wrong! (3x as a matter of fact) #haha
Heres whats going to happen. Kim Davis will go to jail for disobeying the U.S. Supreme Court and then all her of anti-gay marriage friends will start an indigo campaign to raise money to bail her out.
If she worked for a church that dispensed marriage licenses and the gay couple were trying to get their marriage license there, its a no issue, but since shes an elected official working for the government, (where gay marriage is now legal in all 50 states) she needs to do the job that she was elected for otherwise quit, the courts have spoken and she is not above the law. 

For all gay marriage proponents, it will take you a couple generations for you guys to get use to the idea of gay marriage or maybe never at all and my best advice for you is to suck it up. Time heals all wounds. 

aka Mr. Gay

Heres a photo of Kim Davis from a Baptist Minister supporting her fight, just cute, now she has a decoration to hang in jail cell for violating Federal law. 

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