Friday, September 18, 2015

The Way You Want Him To Be & The Way He Is

The way I want him to be, attractive, funny, tall, blah blah blah ......

The way he is, he picked me up this morning at the gas station, he recognized me but I didn't recognize him.  Thats the way hook up's go sometimes, they're so random you may or may not ever see them again.  This time he remembered me.  As he gave me a ride down the street, we got reacquainted really fast.  When it was time to get out of the car, like a dumb ass I give him my number when he asked for it.  What really pissed me off about that, he said he wanted to send me photos of what hes into and I said not to send them and he sends them anyways.  Now I have to change my cell phone #.

I really want to put this part of my life behind me.  This just isn't my lifestyle anymore, random hook ups, I'm ready for something meaningful BUT reality keeps showing me different.

On a positive note, one of my straight guy comedian friends did a have a freudian slip and accidentally called me, "babe" .  I think he called me, "babe" , because last week we had a good comedy talk about show biz and I was still fresh in his head and when I called him out on it, he said, "I didn't call you babe but whatever" .

Sometimes I think I'm better off with the latter.


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