Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 62

Today is supposed to be the fabulous start of my last 30 days and I'm already fucking up. After I said I wasn't going to drink soda this month, I already went to the store and bought a 2 liter, I can't help it, it was on sale, huh!

But I did start the day off right with some oatmeal. Also, I'm still recovering my a skin infection so I'm finishing off with the antibiotics I got, I don't know how my antibiotics play into anything but I thought I'd just mention it anwyays, and yes, I'm still looking for an excuse.

- oatmeal
- peanut butter sandwich
- cranberry nut bread
- large coke
- large fries
- 1/4'er with Cheese from 1/4's.

Happy Dieting!


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