Monday, May 14, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 74

Today wasn't that bad, I got threw it!

- coke, as in the soda not the powder
- vegan carrot cake
- medium fried rice mixed with spicy beef
- 2 more cokes
- late night philly cheese steak sandwich

As you guys can see, I'm trying to watch my intake for the next 2 weeks, gotta try to look cute for Florida!

Happy Dieting!


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  1. Well, let's see....I've read from diet day 62 and beyond and one thing I see you mentioning is COKE or soda. That is a big no-no! Fast food is also a no-no..not only will you not lose weight for any length of time, but your cholesterol will be up. So the last time you went to a doctor, did they say anything about your cholesterol being high? Anyhoooo take care and choose wisely on the kinds of food you eat.....Aunt b