Monday, January 21, 2013

Charlie Ballard Update

So far we're 20 days in 2013 and heres what I'm up to:

Money:  Saying I'm ass broke ass would be an understatement.  Due to the new Fiscal Cliff deal my unemployment extension was cut off by the Federal government so I had to refile. Fortunately they gave it to me last week and the mini-vacay continues.

Traveling: With the NDN money I received from the Cobell settlement I decided to take my ma down to L.A. for a couple days to get out of the Bay Area.  We'll be down there for a week and we got a lot of stuff planned.  We got tickets for the Price is Right and I'll probably take her on the Hollywood hiking trail, we use to be avid walkers so that should be fun.  I also scheduled some comedy shows while we're in the areaa so I'm looking forward to doing those.

Romance:  I haven't been fucked since my STD scare last month and I'm kind of scared to get back on the horse, no pun intended.  I suppose my fear of having relations with other men wouldn't be sequesterd if it wasn't always an anonymous encounter and if I actually did it with somebody who I knew and liked..

Dieting:  At my last weigh in I was 292, which is the heaviest I've been in a while.  I couldn't believe it because I've been doing a lot of running since August.  Its been a couple weeks since I got on the scale and I'm trying really hard to scale back on the junk food.  I'm hoping to drop 20lbs by the time I start shooting for the movie.

Future plans:  In April, I'm schedule to shoot a gay romantic comedy, "All The Others Were Practice" . I got the main lead which is why I've been trying to lose weight.  Regardless of how I look until then I'm so excited to be apart of this project.  I'm also getting my hair done this week and taking new headshots for 2013 with Andrew Moore.

????:  Other than that, I really don't know whats going to happen for this year, if anyone knows please message me.


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