Wednesday, January 30, 2013

49ers Chris Culliver is a Douche Bag

A straight guy comedian friend asked me what I thought about the 49ers player Chris Culliver who recently made anti-gay remarks:

Q: in light of the 49ers player being reprimanded for saying he did not want gay players in the locker room, how should this be handled. Straight people do not share locker rooms with people of the opposite sex, should straight athletes have to share a locker room with gay athletes that are getting a free peep show every time they shower together? Is this ignorant thinking?

A: Thats ignorant thinking. When I'm in a gym working out and changing in the locker room, thats my personal & private time. I'm not there for anything else other then to shower & change just like the rest of the guys. Now, if guys can't handle that than they should wait till they get home to change. I've also had many straight guys shower naked with me to prove they weren't homophobic, which I thought spoke volumes about their character.

And really, what I got from his remarks was that he didn't want gay athletes on his team when in fact there have been past & present. ie Kwame Harris

Real talk, straight athletes hate losing to gay athletes in any game because it hurts their ego's, its very emasculating for them. For me personally, I love kicking some straight guys ass at any game, even comedy. In short, these insecure little boys need to grow the fuck up.


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