Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Feeling Better

Wow, what a week its been.

You never really know how much stress you carry with yourself until either you snap mentally or your body gives up from sheer exhaustion.

For me, my body couldn't maintain the amount of stressing I've been idling and it eventually gave in.

I suppose it all began with my sleeping patterns, which meant sleeping into the late afternoon and not going to bed until after midnight.  This is the life of a comedian because we stay out really late at the open mics trying to hone our jokes.

And then theres the ho-ing around on the side wasn't helping my cause either, and really, that was supposed to help relieve my stress when in fact it thats what put me over the top.

Last week when I visited with my doctor, I made a choice not to give into heavy stress medication.  I can see how some people would give into being medicated because its a quick way to relive your pain but I decided, thats not my path.

So what got me thru lastnights sleep was a simple prayer.  In my prayers I finally gave up the illusion of control I had over myself and others.  There are many things that are just beyond my will and I finally said to myself that alright with that.

And I wouldn't have thought about it praying unless I Googled, "stress & sleep deprivation" , and found an article from an online therapist. I'm so glad we live in an age where the information is available and accessible.

This morning I woke up feeling 90% better and went for a morning run, something of which I never do because I usually run in the evening.

I actually enjoyed running in daylight, it was refreshing and it actually gave me more energy to get thru the day.

If I start waking up everyday in the morning and end up going to bed early, I'll be alright with that.


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