Thursday, January 10, 2013

Heart Happy

Recently my comedian friend Marty was diagnosed with heart disease and his condition forced to him to start eating right and taking care of himself.

Today he looks great and his heart doctor couldn't be more happy with him, heres how he did it!

#1 - Eat Whole barley. No sugar. No cheese. No white bread. No red meat.  Eat whole grains which means no white flour instead eat hole wheat, Quinoa, Flax seed, Oats. Eat lots of veggies, legumes, fruit.

#2 -Cook more at home, eat less take out.  Use broth rather than oil when cooking. Only use one tsp of oil in any dish.

#3 - No fried foods. 

#4 - Try to avoid refined sugar.

#5 - Tofu is good for you.

#6 - Exercise daily.

Thanks Marty, you're such an inspiration!

                                 Here are his before and after pic's.

                               and heres how he looks today, wow!

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  1. I forgot to tell you:
    Only non-fat milk
    No corn syrup
    Special treat: small piece of dark chocolate
    Faves: nonfat Greek yogurt. Can sub for sour cream. Add to sauces to make them creamy.
    Never skip breakfast.
    Have a healthy snack mid-morning and afternoon to avoid eating like a goat later on.
    Read labels. So many products are labeled to look healthy and they aren't. Nature Valley can go to Hell.
    Limit of two drinks a day. Red wine is best. Mixed drinks are usually full of sugar and empty calories.
    I'm serious about legumes. I've got three kinds of lentils in my pantry, and a half dozen favorite lentil recipes.
    A small handful of nuts makes a good snack...but not if they're sugar coated.