Monday, March 10, 2014

Looking Season 1 Episode 8


On the season finale of HBO's, "Looking", Patrick pretty much did exactly what I said he was gonna do when I started blogging about this show back in January and it was that hes gonna kick his Mexican boyfriend to the curb and fuck his English boss.  And wasn't Patrick, the supposed top, saving his asshole for his Mexican boyfriend?  Did anyone else notice how easily Patrick gave it up after a silly argument with his boyfriend.  At the end of the series, Patrick cried because Richie said he wasn't ready to be in a relationship with him but I think Patrick was crying because his ass still hurt after getting fucked by his big wanker boss Kevin.  Ouch.

The writing on this show has improve.  I honestly think, "Looking" , was renewed for another season because it has potential and if that potential doesn't shine thru quick, well, what a complete fuckin waste of our time.

With that being said, I wanted to go over some key notes of this production:

1) cute gay actors don't necessarily mean this show was going to be a run-a-way hit.

2) I loved how this show incorporated San Francisco culture that is unique to our area such as, the communal table seating at Dom's restaurant which is very SF, the use of Uber, a ride sharing service that is replacing the modern day taxi in SF, and when Patrick got a ticket for not turning his wheels in when parked on a slope, thats very SF!

Speaking as a Bay Area resident, most of the tech industry thats been moving in and destroying our city's culture are boring and not doing anything to keep our community fun and vibrant.

3) The main thing I got from the first season is that gay white men can pretty much fuckin get away with anything they want.  I mean really, if our gay writers are going to keep perpetrating this stereotype, than why not take it further.  I'm sure theres more truly horrendous activities they could think of if their writing group is trying to attract more viewers.

Amazingly with all the ethnic culture out in SF, these 3 characters below are supposed to represent us the most, I don't fucking think so.

Until next season, I'll be patiently holding my breath waiting for the first episode to start, not.


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