Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Essence of the Hella Gay Comedy Show

Hey all, as some of you may or may not know, I produce a comedy series in the Bay Area called the, "Hella Gay Comedy Show" .  This show features LGBT and LGBT friendly stand up comedians in gay themed shows.

In short, I create whacky gay theme shows for everyone to take part in because, well its fun.  The word gay means happy and the last time I checked, that definition precludes into everyones lives.

The first big misconception about Hella Gay Comedy is that it strictly offers a gay sexual orientation comedy line up and it does not.  As I stated above, everyone is welcome to perform on the show.

We do get gay separatist audience members who come to our shows and expect to see an all gay line up and to that I say, not all the time. I have always said the Hella Gay Comedy Shows aren't separatist supported, we have done the occasional all Lesbian and all gay line ups but for the most part, I really do try to include everyone.  And plus, I always state in my show write ups whose going to be on the show!

Another main reason why I include hetero performers, the truth be known, there really aren't that many gay stand up comedians in the Bay Area, so to save our audiences from seeing the same ole people time and time again, I've had to fabricate many gay performers.

Last year we did the, "Gay for Pay Comedy Show" , which featured straight comedians doing gay comedy and it turned out brilliant.  The tough part about casting that line up, not every straight guy comedian I approached was down for the show.  A lot of them were hesitant because the show idea was too out there and no one really knew what to expect, not to mention any associated stigma from their peer groups for doing a gay themed comedy show.  Luckily, we had several straight guys in our comedy community who were willing to take the risk and try something new.  The end result was fabulous and it turned out to be one of our top 5 Hella Gay shows of all time.

For 2014, I wanted to do another stud show but what?

In the comedy world, straight men comedians rule the stages.  The ratio for male comedians to female comedians is 7/1.  So for whatever reason, more straight men are drawn to public speaking and making asses of themselves more than anybody else, so I thought, "how I could I use this fact to my advantage and viola" !!

And thats when the Sausage Fest Comedy Show was born!

If the people want Sausage, even at the sub conscience level, then lets fucking give them sausage but with a twist!

But I'm not just going to do any all straight male comedy show, so thats when the idea to have them tell jokes without theirs shirts came up!  I know, hot right?!

Now dig this, ever since I announced this show, their have been several straight guy comedians in the comedy community who have been dogging me out because they think its silly to see the hetero male objectified.  Please.  What fucking hypocrites.  These dick wads have the nerve to say I'm objectifying male hetero men when they're the main ones dogging out women, gays, disabled and whoever else in their acts for the sake of a joke.

I honestly think these muthaf*cka's are just mad because I didn't ask them to be on the show.

But whatev's, I digress.

Many years down the road, all of our Hella Gay performers will look back at these shows and smile because they know they did some really cool ass shit.

In the mean time, I hope to see everyone at our next show!


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