Saturday, June 30, 2012

14 Years Sober

Last weekend during SF Pride was my sobriety bday and I didn't realize until yesterday that its been 14 years since I stopped drinking alcohol.

To all my friends out there who are considering quitting alcohol, do it, your life will change for the better, you'll get your life back on track, and you'll make better decisions.

To everyone else who thinks they don't have a drinking problem because they consider themselves a, "social drinker" , stop lying to yourself. To anyone whose never drank, don't start, its a waste of time and money.

I will say this, I have to give mad props to Blanche Wahnee, my old mentor from Haskell Indian Nations University. She really did help buckle me down, give me the support and positive direction I needed to sober up.

I really didn't do the normal sobriety road like everyone else. In the beginning I did go to AA meetings but stopped because I quickly got tired of listening to assholes whine about their lives, bicker about their own personal prejudices, and just flat out be jerks to people they didn't know, thats when I decided to tap out of the AA process and do it for myself.

Ms. Wahnee was the first to call me a, "dry drunk" . A, "dry drunk" , is a person who doesn't drink but still has the same old habits as a drunk if they did drink. For many years I've struggled with this and have accepted certain parts of this behavior.

For instance, I still love hanging out with drunk people at clubs because they're fun. If church people & "Stiche n Bitch" , groups weren't so uptight, I'd probably hang out with them too.

When it comes to sobriety or drinking, I try not be critical of myself and others. Either way I know its a personal choice and I respect the choices of my friends, the only thing I can do is offer support as it was offered to me.

A lot of great things did happen when I sobered up, my mom sobered up 6 months after me, I finished college, I was able to find my calling as a stand up comedian, and I feel a lot wiser.

Okay ya'll, heres to making good choices in life!


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