Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Excuse My Beauty, pre-interview questions !!

Hey all, my VLOG interview with Stephanie Yellowhair aka Excuse My Beauty will be happening very soon! Stephanie is giving her fans a chance to ask her a question which she'll answer in our interview! Do you have a question you would like to ask her? Please list your question below and we'll be picking a lucky few people to get their questions answered!   

For those of you not familiar with Stephanie, a few years ago she was busted on the now defunct reality show, "Cops" , for allegedly stealing some balloons, her arresting altercation which was caught on flim made her a web-superstar, giving many memorable lines in her legendary viral video, "Excuse My Beauty" , which has garnered her over 1 million youtube hits.

Heres a note from Stephanie about our upcoming interview, is anyone else excited?

"Soon enough I'll be interviewed with, "The Charlie Ballard Blog" , I ask respectfully for questions that are kind. Submit your questions for Excuse my Beauty with Charlie. Ill shine light on some of the coveted hoax stories youve all heard side ways. Dont know exactly when but soon Daulins. I know the Excuse My Beauty show didnt exactly make me a, "sensation" , but Ive definitly embraced it and am having fun with it. Thank you Loves. -Stephanie-"

Be sure to follow, "The Charlie Ballard Blog" , to see this fabulous interview with Stephanie!

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