Saturday, January 10, 2015

2015 ????

I really don't know whats in store for me in 2015??

As far as love life is concerned, I do have two guys around me that I really love to flirt with.  Both of them are a lot younger than me and I keep wondering to myself how come I can't ever find someone that is my own fucking age? (40)

This evening I was watching the, "Looking" , marathon on HBO and couldn't help but think about Dom's character, who is a 40 something gay white professional waiter whose been trying to hook up with the ultimate Silver Daddy on the show - Scott Bakula.

Where is my Scott Bakula??  Why can't I ever end up with one of these hot older gay silver daddy types?  And then I came to my senses and realized, "its just television ... " .

If I ever did find a hot older guy type, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't last because more than likely he would be into younger men.   Right??  Why would he settle for an over weight, sassy attitude, Gay Native American Comedian Charlie Ballard when that muthafucker can fuck someone like Justin Beiber?

If I somehow I do manage to find a hot daddy, maybe he'll be a 40 year old pinsetter at a bowling alley, or an electrician, or a retired surfer, or do I dare even say - a professional waiter.

It doesn't matter what his title would be but I do know the sex would be good, short but good.  And I wouldn't even mind being the top in the relationship, after all, its about keep your partner happy right?


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