Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Caitlyn Jenner, shit starter.

One of my guilty pleasures from watching television this past year was, "I Am Cait" .  This show is about Bruce Jenner of Kardashian fame who transitions into her new life as a woman.

While watching the show, I secretly wished I was in her circle of friends so I could travel and meet fabulous people, namely Boy George, Candis Cayne and so on.  I really like this show, its great television, entertaining, informative, educational and most of all, fabulous!

So anyhoo, Miss Caitlyn Jenner was recently in the news again for making insensitive comments about Trans people who aren't passable. 

Because Caitlyn has an open door policy on her website, I took it upon myself to write an open letter to her, seeing as how I'm considered a leader in the LGBT community, I decided to weigh in, heres what I wrote. 

Hi love,
my name is Charlie and I'm a professional Gay comedian.  I'm also a part-time dragqueen so I'm sensitive to trans issues. 
I think you're doing a great job.  No one is perfect.  As far as your comments in Time Magazine, over the years I've heard other Trans community members make those same insensitive comments about other Trans community members for not being, " passable"  .  Its really not anyones call to make a judgement over anyone else's life, regardless if we're on the 
outside looking in or the inside looking out.  All we can do is offer our support and be happy for other people, which is what I'm sure anyone would ask for. 
I'm looking forward to your next, "I Am Cait" , season. 
Charlie Ballard

p.s From last season, I didn't like Jenny's comment when she said to you, "don't be a stupid woman" , for not wanting to date men. If you like women, fine.  If you like men, fine. If you like both, fine.  Whoever you like, fine.  For some Trans women who are attracted to men and who need men to make their lives feel fur filled, that doesn't make them stupid.  Not anymore than a Trans woman who needs a woman to make her life feel fur filled. 

I know, I'm so wise. 


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