Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Power of My Ta Ta's

Hey guys, I was working out material at the Rockit Room this past week and a friend caught me on his phone camera.

I really enjoy bringing audience members on stage because they really do enjoy being apart of the show.

Be warned audience members, I'm not one of those comedians who will bring you on stage to rub a ballon on your hair and make a stick.

Here I am meeting said audience member for the first time and whose name I've already forgotten.

As you guys can see, I like to give my participants a little reassurance before I hang them out to dry. You guys would be surprised how a little hug goes a long way.

You guys are probably starting to wonder how did I get this guy to lay beneath me so willingly? Well, all I did was ask the audience if there was a guy who wanted to come on stage so I could ride his cock and bam, there he was. That really wasn't my intention, it was meant as a joke but fuck me if there was really a guy in the audience who wanted to go threw with it. And I couldn't back down since I already put it out there and I mean hello, who am I to say no to a guy who wants me to ride his cock in front of everyone to see.

I found out over the years a good comedian will milk every moment for what it's worth, I mean I guess could've just sat on his cock and that would've been that but then think of all the fun we would've missed out on.

Right as I was taking off my shirt, I was thinking to myself, "Oh god, I love what I do" .

By this time, I said to myself, "you know what, I need to change it up, I need to do something other than ride this guy's cock that will send this crowd into hysteria but what" , and then guess what I thought of.

That's right kittens, it was time for, "a face full of my ta ta's" .

You know, reflecting back on it, for a split second, I kind've do remember feeling his tongue lick my ta ta's, can you blame him?

Thanks to Steve Lee and Lily Tan for capturing these fun moments.


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