Monday, September 26, 2011

Rachel Zoe

So can anyone guess who the new "It" girl is, that's right, Rachel Zoe.

I requested a promo pic from The Rachel Zoe camp and since I have no patience, I'm going a head and writing this piece anyways.

Rachel Zoe has made her name by styling celebrities. I first saw Rachel on Project Runway a few years ago where she was a guest judge for an innovation challenge, the designers had to construct a fashionable look made out've trash.

Flash forward to now, she's patiently built her Rachel Zoe empire to households everywhere threw smart marketing, having a savvy sense for fashion, and a plain know how to being succesful.

What makes Rachel unique is her impeccable taste. If anyone watches the show, you know that she loves Chanel and anything French.

Which is where this particular blog came to life.

I was watching this season's, "Rachel Zoe Project" , on Bravo when she unveiled her new collection.

Her whole line was beautiful but there was one piece that stood out, it was the Beaded Sequin Cardigan pictured below.

I love this top because it's very Chanel inspired, leave it to Rachel Zoe to reinvent the classic Chanel look with sequin.

I know I have a great eye for fashion because me and the Neiman Marcus head buyer picked the same top.

And you can't find that top anywhere else except on the Neiman Marcus website, trust me, I checked.

Rachel Zoe is slowing turning the world into cu tour de jour French one cardigan at a time.

Go Rachel.


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