Monday, April 23, 2012

Chelsea Handler - Gossip Queen

I just read an interview in More Magazine where Chelsea Handler completely bashes Angelina Jolie. I guess because Chelsea is BFF's with Jennifer Aniston that gives her the right to smear Angelina's name in the mud, whatever.

It amazes me what celebs will say about other celebs to keep their names in the press.

Hey Chelsea, how about giving an interview with some real substance like charitable work, giving back to the community, making a difference in peoples lives?

Who cares if Angelina took Brad away from Jennifer Anniston, you snooze you lose.

I suppose Chelsea is meriting her argument by calling Angelina a homewrecker, I don't think so, you can't really homewreck a relationship thats already been homewrecked. If it wasn't meant to be, it wasn't meant to be.

And it sounds like everyone has moved on except Chelsea.

I really love how Chelsea said, 'She can rescue as many babies from as many countries as she wants to. I don't f**king believe you … She gives interviews, 'I don't have a lot of female friends.' Cause you're a f**king c**t … you're a f**king b***h.' - (more magazine)

Wasn't it Jesus who said, "let ye who has not sinned, cast the first stone" ? (bible)

Sounds to me like Chelsea is casting stones like a mother fucker.

Oh but wait, as it turns out, Chelsea doesn't know the whole story, heres a comment I got from a reader:

"I wish I could post a link to the MANY years old interview with Rolling Stone that JFK Jr did. This was obviously pre-Brad and Jennifer. It described at one point how hard Jen Aniston tried while on a plane to flirt with a very married JFK Jr. She threw herself at him. So years later when her hubby left her, I had no sympathy. Still don't. Team Angelina!"

I am also going to have to take Angelina's side on this one. Fortunately for me, I do have many women friends and I know how they can be bully's if they don't get their way and thats when they bunch up with their gal pals, cast group judgement, and try to alienate their victims from everyone else. And if you ask me, thats some punk ass cowardly bitch shit.

Well you know what, fuck em.

If Jennifer lost out to Angelina, then she needs to get over that shit.

And the question I've been asking myself is how does this affects Chelsea in anyway, it doesn't.

If you read the article, Chelsea says, "You just know as a woman when you see another woman if that's a woman you can trust. She doesn't strike me as someone I would have a close friendship with."

I'm beginning to think this is Chelsea's odd fucked up way of reaching out to Angelina and actually wants to be her friend, otherwise why else would she care?

What I love about Angelina is how she hasn't used the press to respond back in any kind of way to Chelsea's public comments, now thats the mark of a true lady.

So really, all that matters is Angelina and Brad are doing just fine, everyone else can suck it.


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