Monday, April 23, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 54

I think its pretty safe to say I have completely fallen off my Food Anonymous Diet, what started out as eating salads and no sugar, I am currently eating fast food and drinking soda.

My body was craving it this past week and I decided to give in. My intentino was to run this week but I got called into work and work comes first for me, at least for right now.

- left over small pizza
- beef meximelt
- dorito taco with cheese
- medium pepsi
- ground beef sliders from work
- deep fried chips with melted cheese on top
- large sweet tea
- mcdouble
- 3 oatmeal cookies

Hopefully even though I've been back on the fast food, I can still manage my portions because thats what it boils down too!

Happy Dieting!


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