Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Banksy - San Francisco Residency 2010

I am a huge fan of Banksy and lately hes been tagging up NYC with his wonderful graffiti art.  His work isn't just graffiti, his pieces do have a message, which all great art work generally does.

I was hoping he would come to San Francisco but it looks like hes already been here.  So here are a couple pieces around SF that I want to share with everybody, if anyone knows his repertoire than they would tell you his personal space is covered in anonymity, no one knows who he is.

While working as a Tour Guide in SF, I did have a visitor tell me that hes from Bristol, England.  With that being said, I wonder if hes cute?


               This one is sits above Columbus and Broadway

This one is in Chinatown and has now been defaced by taggers, ironic if you ask me.  The defaced work of this piece is right below this one.

I haven't been to Alcatraz in a while but now I want to look for when I head over there!

I'm always in the Mission, I'm surprised I haven't seen this on Valencia St. anywhere.

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