Monday, November 4, 2013

World Coming to the End, not yet.

For the past couple weeks, this seems to be the theme on everyones mind.

Very recently dead starfish are popping up along the shores of the West Coast.  This could be viewed a sign to the end of the world.  However, I'm pretty sure the Western states are now feeling the affects of Japans last big earthquake in which one of their nuclear plants ended up dumping their waste into the water.

And now the milk in Hawaii is 10$ a gallon making people believe the end of the world is near.  For one, Hawaii has always been expensive, from their hookers, to their many tourist traps, and now there milk, thats nothing new.

This past week my mom visited with one our neighbors who is growing watermelons in his front yard.  Hes a good grower.  While explaining his crop growth, he said, "this is how you know the world is coming to an end because the leaves are turning brown too quickly"  .  But then again, isn't that the usual cycle life for plants?  But he was able to grow watermelons in his yard so that was pretty amazing in itself!

All the signs may point to the end of the world, as I'm sure they've been pointing for a while.  But one thing is for sure, the world will not be ending anytime soon, how do I know this, because I still yet to find a cute boyfriend.  If any of you know my personal dating life than yes, you could take that a sign too.


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