Sunday, November 10, 2013

How to Write a Popular Blog

I've been reading a lot of blogs lately and it seems like the only way any random person gets any press in the mainstream is if:

- they mention that their event/experience involves a cause, lets say I wanted to promote a comedy show, somewhere on the flyer it would mention, "a portion of the proceeds go to the endangered banana slugs of the Congo..."

- "Nobody likes a winner" , the best reading are uplifting stories about people who pulled themselves out of the gutter and somehow make 200k a year.  No one wants to read about some dick head whose always doing well.

- you're white.

- "The Freak Factor" , any special niche would do.  Are you a one armed Jewish, poly-religious zeno-morph whose been reincarnated into the worlds #1 Marilyn Monroe Female Impersonator?

-  Being at the right place and the right time ready with your camera phone.  I don't how many random events on youtube I've seen with a million hits from a person whose quick to record with their camera phone.

- Any topic that is sex related does very well.

- Gossip queens such Perez Hilton, TMZ, OMG Yahoo have the highest rated blogs, who doesn't love to read or make comments about celebrities.

- Start a blog about the basic necessities such as weather, food or the human condition.

- post a topic, event, picture before the rest of the world becomes in the know.  Being a head of the curve has it advantages.

- do it the old fashion way, suck the editors dick for whatever periodical you're trying to blog for.

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