Friday, July 2, 2010

So much negative out there

I was walking to the store earlier today and became overwhelmed with all the negative energy in the world. It was an ugly feeling, I became upset, frustrated, & helpless all at the same time.

Luckily I had some pringles on hand and was able to eat those bad feelings away. And in case any of my catty friends are reading this, no, I was not feeling upset, frustrated, & helpless because my pringle can was almost empty.

I wasn't planning on running tonight but I think might have to considering how crappy I feel. I could probably meditate but I usually do that late at night right before I go to sleep.

Tonight we were gonna head out to the 3 Lodge Powwow in Manteca but it's too hot, so instead we're going to stay in, order pizza, and watch the Gathering of Nations Powwow 2010 DVD we ordered a couple months back. I know huh, we're gonna get our powwow on somehow tonight.

Stay cool everyone!


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