Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tipsy Tuesday

use to have a boss nicknamed Tipsy. She was one of the first bosses I worked for at a small video store in Oakland. She was cool, she was way into Internet chatting before it came popular. I forgot the name of her group but they all pretty much didn't know each other until one of them threw a party, one of which was a Christmas party that she invited me to when I was 19.

Talk about delving into the past. That party was alright but I wasn't. At that time in my life, I was still coming out've my shell. No social skill, no style, no etiquette, and definitely no ballz or knowledge on how to talk to guys.

On that frightful night, Tipsy introduced me to her hot neighbor, where she left me alone with him in his apartment. I forgot his name but he was short, Latino, and hot. I'm pretty sure she introduced me and left me in his place on purpose because she knew he was gay, she knew I was gay, and she probably knew there was a good chance one of us was going to get boned.

Somehow I managed to leave that awkward situation and return to the party. But like the big scared sissy I was and still am, I drank some wine and stumbled back to his front door later on in the night. All I remember was knocking on his door, he opened it, and said he already had somebody with him. Talk about getting shot down huh.

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