Saturday, September 4, 2010

Week 19

Today's Weigh in 257
I'm up one 1lb, which isn't too bad for only running once this week. I ran 16 times last month and decided to gave myself a week break to get my knee's rested.

I'm going back to the F.A. diet, where you mostly eat yogurt, salads, and fruit. This past week I've been preparing myself for that and I'm ready to start September with a new attitude.

I always end strong in whatever I do so I'm predicting some good weight loss for the last two months. I just gotta stay away from the candy bars and the fast food. Instead of eating a butterfinger, I'm going to have an orange, instead of a having greasy hamburger, I'm going to ask for the Mc Salad.

Alright, happy dieting all!

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