Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Jesus Jokes

1) Today's technology has made it a lot easier going to church, now a days if people want to send God a prayer they just tweet him.

2) How do you know if the Creator has answered your prayer on the Internet? Because your prayer is trending.

3) A Christian approached me this afternoon and said, "Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior" and I said, "throw in a 3 piece meal from KFC and you got me" .

4) Jesus invented the first snuggie.

5) I just prayed to Jesus to see if he thought my Jesus jokes were funny and he pursed his lips.

6) If anyone has a sense of humor it's Jesus. The first day he was resurrected he said, "c'mon guys, were my sermon's really that bad" ?

7) The bible was originally a cookbook.

8) "Women shall inherit the earth" , was originally a term coined from Jesus's first divorce.

9) It's ironic that the one day of the week Jesus doesn't want to you work is his busiest.

10) Jesus loves every way how his gospel has spread but thinks the "Drive Thru Jesus" , idea was a bit over the top.

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