Saturday, March 9, 2013

All The Others Were Practice - Blog 2

Our reading and character development meetings are coming up very soon so before we get to that, I wanted to share some great photos from our first cast meeting. And don't forget to contribute to the film for perks:

I was really excited to meet everybody, its one thing to read a script and imagine the characters but its another to actually meet the people who are going to play those characters, so here, in no particular order are some of the people I'm going to be working with.

This is my bestie in the movie, "Tina" , played by Actress Kimberly MacLean.  For me, Kimberly has some of the best scenes in the movie and I told her that.  Upon meeting her, she was really sweet and super adorable which I'm sure that will translate very well on screen.

Actor Bennie Bell probably made the biggest impression on me.  His eye contact was really good and I immediately fell for his big smile and big arms.

I'm so lucky to be in movie where I have so many love interests, this is Actor Lawrence Radecker who plays one of my suitors, "George"  I have a feeling we're going to have some great scenes together.

This is Actor Monterey Morrissey who plays, "Mr. Abbott" .  Monterey plays an interesting character whose going to make this movie very charming.

Alright guys, we'll see you at the movies!  And yes, I just totally ripped off that tag line from Siskel & Ebert.


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