Sunday, March 17, 2013

All the Others Were Practice - Blog 3

Tonight I met with my movie Director Brian Tolle at the Muddy Waters Cafe in San Francisco.

It was a good meeting, we talked about my character and the logistics of making the film.  I'm pretty sure my inexperience as an actor showed when I was like, "I don't normally wake up till noon so can you schedule me when you really need me to be there" .

Our shooting schedule is roughly going to be 30 straight days with 6am to 6pm days and some days longer.

Everyone knows I'm not a morning person but I'll be ready.

The other thing I brought up to Brian during our meeting, I asked him if this is a Bear movie.  Meaning, there was a line in the script where my character meets one of his love interest off a Bear dating website and then I was like, if this is a Bear movie, then I don't need to lose weight for this movie, right?

Brian said this is going to be a multi-genre gay movie so that made me feel great because now theres no pressure for me to look fit and trim for the movie.

I've been running and doing stairs prepping for this movie and I'm not going to throw all of that away so I'm still going to try and lose 20lbs by next month before we start filming, if not for the movie at least for me.

It probably didn't help that I bought a dozen of Krispy Kreme donuts on my way home last night but I couldn't help it, theres no Krispy Kreme store near my area and I was like, "when am I ever over here" ?

Anyhoo, more pre-production blogs coming.


                                Director Brian Tolle

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