Friday, March 22, 2013

Project Runway Season 11 Episode 9

OMG, tonights episode had to be one of the most entertaining Project Runways I've seen in a while, the drama, the drama, omg girl, the drama!

I will have to admit, Nina Garcia and the judging crew called it on designer Daniel Esquivel when they said his taste was outdated and tonight, they were completely right.

The challenge for tonight was to create a Spring inspired ready to wear look for Lord & Taylor.  At first, Daniel was going to make this Flamingo Pink Blazer and then Tim Gunn called him out on it by saying it was very Joan Collins Circ 1980's, ouch.

And then there were Daniel's confessional moments in front of the camera where he was trying to keep it together and then started crying and then gave a straight face and then started crying again and then gave a straight face ... ooooooohh the drama !!!!

Fortunately Daniel was able to think fashion forward at the last minute with the help of his contemporary design partner Michelle, but just barely.  So instead of his blazer, he re-cut his design it into a basic silhouette, "that every woman in America has in her closet already" , unquote Heidi Klum.

Speaking of designer Michelle Lesniak Franklin, she knocked it out of the park with the Lime Green & Leather short mini dress, see for yourself.  I love the see thru neck line.

Now because I'm Native American, I'm extremely biased for Native American designer Patricia Michaels, who I thought killed it with her flowy, orange pastel spaghetti strap top with matching capri's.  Did anyone see the look on Patricia's face when her model completed her look with the leather fringe heels, you can tell Patricia was pumped about her look and so were we.  #teampatricia

Patricia was paired with West Hollywood designer Stanley Hudson and when these two worked out their differences, they actually worked very well together.  I thought if Stanley just made his dress a little shorter and gave it an a symmetry neck line, he could have easily won this challenge too.

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